He dwells in the deep dark corridors of my soul
The beast will never let me go
His demeanor is as black as coal
Of this I trully know.

The beast within
Hidden from others
They never know of his sin
His trail he always covers.

The beast within called pain
He smiles at my loss
On me he surely makes his claim
He makes me play his dreadful game.

He wants to swallow me whole
Possess me mind,body, and soul
While he laughs from his horrid knoll
He thinks he is good at taking his dreadful toll.

The beast resides within me
Fight, I do try
I wish he would let me be
What possesses him to do this?
Please tell me why.

Copyright LANAIA LEE 2003

Come take my hand and I will take you away
To a land beyond sickness and pain
I will be your best friend, please let me stay
I will make you free as a horse's mane.
Come away with me
To the land beyond all logic
I promise you will be happy,just wait and see
Away from all the world's evil so thick.
Come with me estatic you will be
No more will you play life's devastating game
I will deliver you from life's bloody sea
You have everything to gain.
Come with me I offer you peace
You will never again have to play lif'e's confusing game
Don't be afraid I'm not a beast
I'm just a part of life for that me you can't blame.

Come with me and I shall set you free
Away for life's turmoil
Because, I death, will always be I will choke out your life, for that makes me royal.
Copyright LANAIA LEE 2003

By Damien Renaud

You'll never be without me
look around a corner and see that im always around
to me your soul is bound
you'll slip up, make a mistake and your soul will slip, for me to take
its mine forever, you'll never get it back
and i'll always be around to take what ever i lack

The House Of Pain
By Ravensyes

Welcome to the House of Pain
Enjoy your stay,
You have nothing to gain.

Endless screaming
No sweet dreaming
Nightmares forever and ever
Can't close your eyes,
not now, not ever.

Body so tired,
searching in the dark,
Can someone help me?
Someone with heart?

Theres no one there
So much to bare
God how I wish I just didn't care.

Death is all around me
I can smell it so clear,
The stench is so strong
My eyes begin to tear.

Ears ringing with horrible sounds,
grabbing my head as It begins to pound.
Tredging through liquid that burns my feet,
Stomach is aching but can never eat.

Wandering aimlessly
through this ayss of hell
No door to open
No one to tell.

Beautiful Sin
By Ravenseyes

Your lips are so wet and warm on my skin
As they linger here and there and within.
Our soft sighs and moans,
Bodies moving with every groan.
Slippery and wet from our glistening sweat.
I don't want this to end, no, not yet.
Teasing each other with every touch
Loving you , loving you, oh so much.
Soft whispers in my ear, telling me things I've been longing to hear.
Moving inside me at just the right pace I see the pleasure on your face.
Forming our bodies like sculptured art never ever coming apart.
Prolonging the pleasure for as long as we can,
can't take it anymore
how much can i stand.
Our bodies so hungry for each other Being here with you , my lover.
The nectar begins to flow
I feel the warmth inside
I breath, I smile, I cry.

Scream in the night...

She runs through brush and trees,
The forest envelops her- branches grasp at her dress.
Panting, breath comes out in gasps,
but she won't stop, she must keep on running.
He's close behind her now, she can hear his steps, smell the strong musk of his body -but she's almost there...
Safety is just beyond the gates, as she urges her legs to carry on, to make those final leaps to freedom.
Arriving at the gates, she enters, and collapses to the ground.
Strange noises emerge from her throat -it's her laughter at beating him at his own game.
She taunts him, and arrises to go on her way- but little does she know, or expects what happens next...
No one knows, exactly what happened to her, all they heard, was a scream in the night....

Copyright Shana (Moon Seeker) 3/13/03

Victims Of the Dark
walking through the dim alley,with nothing less then the glare of your eyes,the redness is the sight of fear. the slick street from the rain is healing your wounds from the end of day. you long for a drink of lust and fresh blood, as you search for a new victim you notice a dark shadow in the alley behind you. you leave your fairly new victim to die alone,wet on a dark dim path.
you find a lonely vampire fresh with blood of humans. you take her in your arms back to your chamber of hell.
you lie her down in the peacefull dark room light a candle,ask of her reason why she is so angiushed in fear of you. no reply . you blow out the candle,place the new creature over your body,to suck the blood. the choice is gone . the new life is dead.the end of her was a horrible scene.

darksoul- march\9\03

Lovers of the Night
By Ravenseyes
You look In my eyes You see my soul You feel my body You are so cold. My body shivers I have no will of my own, your lips are upon me I begin to moan. Our bodies intwined you whisper "You are mine" Wishing no end to this place in time. My heart begins to pound the blood begins to flow the passions inside us begins to grow.
A pleasure beyond my wildest dreams Bursting in ecstasy with loud hungry screams. I will want you forever, your are so clever, I can never leave you not now , not ever.
You are in my mind, You are in my soul, You've taken me places I could never go.
Your teasing and taunting drives me insane, Kiss me, touch me, relieve this pain.
Together we walk In the cool dark night, then spreading our wings and taking flight.
Dropping down from the midnight sky, Howling to the moon "We shall never die"
Title :

New Dark World

By Ravenseyes
You told me you loved me and I know its true, Blood drips down my neck from you.
I close my eyes, let the blood flow, a new life begins, with the death of my soul.
The coldness has come, the body dies as I call to the night with a loud hungry cry.
Crazy thoughts swim through my head, I need to feed this body of dead. I come to you in the midnight hour, to embrace your soul and your body devour.
You know I am there you've been longing for me, In the dark, under the moon where only I can see. The desire you feel will reach its peak, while I seduce your body with my long sharp teeth.
You beg me to stay, I say I must go Theres so much more I need to know.
Enjoy your gift as I will to, You will live forever in this world so new.


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