This section is for areas and communities other than Columbus. We have so many beautiful and interesting places around I feel like they deserve a special section all their own.


Cataula is a small town outside Columbus, just up the road really. Hamilton Rd that is. I have passed by the General store in Cataula all my life. Today for the first time, I went in. It is a two story red brick building built between 1892 and 1895. The stairs located on the outside have not always been there. Originally the second story was used to store coffins. They were hoisted up from the outside of the building using rope and a horse. Today the second floor is mostly empty or used for storage. On the other side of the General Store is the old train station. The old School is now a Church. If no one else was interested in my photography today the friendly chicken outside the store was. she's a real talker!


I Don't Know anything really about Nankipoo, except for something I read or heard a long time ago. If I am incorrect about this please let me know, but I thought I read that Nankipoo got it's name from a train engineer or conductor who named it after something from the play or musical The Mikado. Nankipoo is located out Hamilton Rd or Veterans Parkway, going towards Cataula. These pictures show the old school and a steakhouse. I love the old steakhouse building, color and all. Looks like a restaurant from the early Sixties.


Waverly Hall is also just up the road from Columbus. It has several old homes. A walking trail runs paralell with the main street. I read on a website not long ago, that the Waverly Hall Cemetery is a hotbed of paranormal activity. In other words it's supposed to be haunted. When Mom and I visited the only thing I felt was a headache. The site said a couple of the houses in Waverly Hall were haunted also.


Midland is a small area outside Columbus in Harris County. I was looking for something else when I saw these old buildings and wanted to photograph them. I was surprised to learn how old the area was. The Church,Midland United Methodist, was organized in 1891 and built the Sanctuary in 1919. The Lodge goes back to 1850. I wish I knew how old the School was. It appears the dead end road was not always a dead end. There is also evidence of railroad tracks running through the area.


Whoever said everything is bigger in Texas has obviously never been to Atlanta. Just take a look at these examples to see what I mean.


This is the United States Penitentiary in Atlanta. It is a huge, beautiful old building. I want to do more research on it, but I think this is where Al Capone stayed when he was a guest in Atlanta.


Several years ago I saw a mini series called the Murder of Mary Phagan. Mary Phagan was a 13 year old girl who worked in the Atlanta Pencil factory, she was found murdered in the basement of the building in 1913. Leo Frank, her boss was tried and convicted for her murder. He was taken from Milledgeville returned to Marietta and hung by a lynch mob. Years later he would be granted a pardon.

For years I wondered where the Pencil factory was. I finally found out recently. This information is what helped me decide to get really serious about starting a web site. I have always been fascinated to find out what stood on or what took place on the very places I stand on now or pass every day.

When I was growing up we went to Atlanta twice a year to buy school and Easter clothes. We always went to Rich's and Davison's Downtown. I don't know about Davison's, but the old rich's building has been torn down or remodled extensively and the Sam Nunn Federal Building now stands in it's place. it is a huge building with a catwalk stretching across Forsyth Street several stories tall.

In case you are wondering what in the world this all has to do with Mary Phagan, well the Atlanta Pencil factory beacame the Rich's dept. store, which became the Sam Nunn Building. All those years I wondered where this famous murder took place.I never knew I had been there several times. And just for the record, Leo Frank was lynched in the area that is now where the Big Chicken stands in Marietta.


Since I mentioned our now defunct Edgewood Drive In and showed pictures of it,I thought I would show what a still operating drive in looks like. In the third picture, the white panel on the left side is the back of one of the large screens. There is a whole generation coming up that will not have a clue about them.


This is a picture I took of the State Capitol Building with scaffolding around part of the dome.


Does anyone else remember when the blue bubble on top of the Regency Hyatt Hotel stuck out like a sore thumb? Well now it is dwarfed by all the newer and larger buildings. You can barely make it out in the picture. It is in the middle of the tall buildings. It is much lower than the rest.


Until recently Bibb City was a town onto itself. They had their own police Dept. and Government. The Bibb Mill was the mainstay of this community. The date on the main mill building says 1920, but the city is older. Here are a few pictures I took while driving around Bibb City.


Upatoi is a small community about 15 or so miles from Columbus. It is located out Macon Rd. This community is about 100 years or more old. I was told by one of the residents that Upatoi Lane was once the main road to Macon. It is a beautiful Lane with tree tops almost meeting over the middle of the road. The sign over the Church reads 1895. The lake is just beautiful. The house with the black wrought iron on it is 100 years old.


Hamilton, Georgia is the County seat for Harris County. It is just past Cataula coming from Columbus. Hamilton has a charming little square with all kinds of Markers and monuments. One was for the Town's first real fire alarm, a large black bell that replaced the towns original warning system, which was three fired shots. There is a tree that is a living memorial to a former citizen. There are several beautiful homes here. I remember in the late sixties or early seventies, The small downtown was revitalized with shops and at least an ice cream parlor, I wish I could remember what all else it had. I also remember there were outside country fairs in the square. There was also a Female College located here. It burned down in 1870 after 17 years of service.

Today,December 29,2002 is a special day for Mom. She has been promoted from "partner in crime" to "Technical advisor of nostalgia." It was her idea to get the second shot of the old motel to show us 'Young'uns" what a real, old motel looked like. We passed an odd little structure close to the ground today and while Leebo and I pondered whether it could be a storm cellar or fall out shelter, Mom nonchallantly replied it looked like a dog house to her. She grew up in the fifties, so I guess she would know. About fall out shelters any way.


Ellerslie is a small community between Columbus and Waverly Hall. It was established in 1828. The Gordy house pictured below is where Mr Gordy,the ghost seen by Heidi Wyrick,lived. The Bethesda Church burned about 3 years ago. A resident said they thought rats had chewed at the wiring. As bad as that is, I'm glad it was not an act of arson. The old train station is beautiful with it's gingerbread trimming.



The small town of Andersonville has been around since the 1850's. It is located about 60 miles from Columbus and about 10 miles from Americus. The small main street is lined with antique shops, gift shops, museums and a snack bar. This is where the trains brought in the prisoners bound for the prison camp down the road.


It is hard to believe that this peaceful looking area was once one of the most, if not the most, notorious prison camps of the Civil War. At one time this camp held 30,000 Northern prisoners within it's walls. There are small white posts showing the boundaries of this camp. Death and disease ran rampant here. The stench from this camp traveled ten miles to Americus. Providence Spring was said to have sprung when a bolt of lightning hit the ground. It was considered an act of God. There are small fences around trees and small concrete markers on the ground showing where holes were dug for escape tunnels or for locating water. 300 escapes were made from the prison. It was so over crowded that digging was not easily noticed by the guards. The only shelter for the prisoners were small tents they made themselves using sticks and pieces of cloth. The Commander or Commandant, a man by the name of Wirz, was hung in 1865.

A sad footnote to all of this is that many of the survivors of this prison did not make it home. Many were carried North on a ship or boat named the Sultana. The Sultana's boiler exploded and about 1,700 people were either burned to death or drowned in the Mississippi River.


The cemetery section of Andersonville has several large monuments representing some of the Northern states. If you look at the second picture you will see 6 markers set apart from the rest. They are in the middle of the bottom of the picture. These men were prisoners who robbed and murdered fellow prisoners. They were hung for their crimes.


Earlier this week I received an E mail from Vernon Allen, a County Commissioner in Talbot County. He suggested I visit Talbotton and pointed out some things I might be interested in. Today, 3-22-03, I decided to visit Talbotton. This small town had quite a few surprises for me. After looking through a tour book once I got home I realized I missed a few interesting things. I will be back as soon as I can. I met Sheree, the branch manager of the Talbot County Library. She went out of her way to show me a couple of sites and promises to give me a tour real soon. Sheree, I will be holding you to this now!

I had read this story a while ago but had forgotten about it until Mr. Allen reminded me of it. Add my memory to the Gone and almost forgotten list! Lazrus Strauss moved to Talbotton with his family in 1854. He sold goods from a wagon around the county. He later opened a store on the square. His home was where the Talbot County Library sits now. For a while they also owned a store in Columbus. They later moved to New York. They opened a store there that would later become Macy's. Isadore one of Lazrus's sons help make Macy's one of the most well known department stores in the Country. Isadore, along with his wife died in 1912 aboard the Titanic.

The Maxwell House shown below was the site of a terrible tragedy in 1896. Miss Sally Owen was visiting a friend in this house and was accidently shot and killed by Dr. W.L. Ryder. Dr. Ryder tried to kill himself and was stopped only to be killed by a vigilante group. There are still blood stains on the wood floor of the parlor. Strange occurances have been noticed. Footsteps have been heard in the hallways along with furniture being moved mysteriously.

My Dad, Carlton H Doolittle, was related to Col Jimmy Doolittle. They were cousins. A former resident of Talbotton, John Birch, met Col Doolittle during WWII. The tour booklet I read said this meeting changed his life. John Birch was a Missionary who later became Captain in the intelligence liason of the China Air Task Force. He was killed by Communists in 1945. What is known as the John Birch Society is named after him.

Sheree told me at one time there were several hotels in Talbotton and it was once larger than Columbus. Mr. Allen also said there was quite a bit of money in Talbotton at one time. There are several large beautiful homes there. The picture where Mom is standing alone in the left hand corner is where the Strauss home was. The large two story white house was once a women's college. I can't wait to return and take more pictures of the things I missed this time. I owe a great big Thanks to Sheree and Vernon Allen.


For me and Leebo Savannah is Heaven on Earth. We went there for our honeymoon almost 16 years ago, and spend most of our time trying to figure out how to get back there. There is something for everyone there. I will be adding more to this site with each trip. Here are a few things to get this section started.


Originally Bonaventure Cemetery was a plantation that was destroyed by fire. The story goes the owners were having a dinner party and were told the house was on fire. The table, food, dishes and all were carried out side where the party continued as the house burned to the ground. It is said on some nights party sounds and the clinking of glasses can still be heard.

Bonaventure is the final resting place of many famous Savannah residents, here are just a few.


Johnny Mercer was an award winning composer from Savannah. His hits included Moon River, Jeepers Creepers, Hooray for Hollywood and many, many more. Johnny Mercer's Grandfather was Hugh Mercer, A Confederate Soldier who had Mercer House built. Mercer House is on Monterrey Square and was the site of the Shooting of Danny Hanson by Jim Williams(Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil). Johnny Mercer died in 1974 and is buried next to his wife Ginger.

Leebo and I have a rosebush in our yard namd Johnny. About four years ago we went looking for something to plant in the front yard. Everytime we turned around it seems like something was named for Savannah, glassware, cookware, bedspreads and just about everything else. It was a popular pattern name. Well, we went to this large landscaping place outside Montgomery and they had recently received a large shipment of rose trees, bushes and groundcover roses. There were so many different kinds and they all had names. We laughed and said surely to goodness there is a Savannah rose. There wasn't. But, there were 2 kinds of Roses that were named for Johnny Mercer songs, Jeepers Creepers and Moon River.We bought a Jeepers Creepers and named it Johnny in honor of Johnny Mercer.


Conrad Aiken was a well known poet who was born in Savannah. He lived in Savannah until he was around 11 years old. He came back in 1962 and spent winters here until he died in 1973. I accidently took a picture of his parents marker. But it's just as well, they have an interesting story themselves. If you notice their dates of death are the same. That is because his dad who was a Doctor, killed his Mom then commited suicide.


The Pirates House Restarant has a very colorful history. Originally it was an inn. There are tunnels under this building that lead to the Savannah River. It is said that many an unsuspecting patron was drugged or made so drunk that when he woke or sobered up he was on a ship in the middle of the ocean. It is now one of the most well known restaurants in Savannah.


This is just a shot of the main street in Downtown Savannah. Savannah has a very active downtown area with restaurants, antique shops, museums, clothing shops, galleries and much, much more.


Tybee Island is just a few miles from Savannah and has a rich history all it's own. Pirates are thought to have buried treasure here. It was also used as a quarantine area in the 1700's. Fort Pulaski, an important part of the Civil War is here. Fort Screven was very active during the time of WW1. There were also resorts and bath houses here earlier in the century. Up until the last several years there has almost always been an amusement park on the Island also.


Forsyth Park is a large beautiful park in the old section of Savannah. It was once the cities parade grounds. There is a huge Confederate marker here that was commissioned to be made by a company in Canada and shipped by boat to Savannah so that the marker never touched Yankee soil. There are 2 white buildings in the park. They were dummy forts used for training in WW1. The one that is open now serves as a fragrant garden for the blind. The other which appears to be boarded up is what covers the exit end of the tunnels that ran from Candler Hospital which is across the street. There is more on that story on the stange link!


Savannah is a wonderful town for food too! Here are just a few I am familiar with. This list will be an ongoing project as will this whole part of the site. I can never get enough of Savannah and coastal Georgia. I may end up having to devote a whole link just to it. 1. CAREY HILLIARDS: Local favorite with seven locations. Great menu and opened late with curb service too! We love the T-bones and Mom says the Oyster stew is delicious. 2. JOHNNY HARRIS: Nice swanky restaurant. 1940'2 feel. When we went years ago they had a dance floor with tables around it. A live band played music from the 1940's. The dance floor had a huge dome over it. the inside of the dome was painted dark blue or black and had small white lights in it. It made you feel you were dancing under the stars! Great place for dinner and dancing. 3. BOAR'S HEAD: The Boar's head is located on River Street in an old warehouse. Many of these buildings on River Street go back to the 1700's and were old cotton warehouses. These buildings are now clubs, restaurants, shops, galleries and museums. A whole day can be spent on River Street. The best french onion soup in the world can be found here. 4. TUBBY'S TANK HOUSE: Located in Thunderbolt, which is right on the River and right outside Savannah. An old house with inside and outside eating. Good hushpuppies and buffalo shrimp. 5. TEEPLES: Don't let the outside fool you! This is in Thunderbolt too. Fantastic seafood and the childs plate had as much on it as most adult plates do everywhere else! Both face the intracoastal waterway and have views of the ships coming and going. 6. WILLIAM'S SEAFOOD: Located on the road going to Tybee. Large white building always full parking lot. One of the most popular places around. They even had a restaurant near Atlanta once.




The town of Jonesboro has two major points of interest. One is it is the home to the Road To Tara Museum. Many parts of the book Gone With the Wind were patterned after this town. There never was an actual Tara, But Clayton County was where the story was supposed to have taken place. One tour guide said a woman died in a wagon on the street in front of one of the houses while giving birth. The character of Melanie was supposed to have been based on an elderly woman Margaret Mitchell visited in a nursing home in Atlanta. The woman helped MM with info for the book and MM said she wanted to name a character after her. The woman agreed only if the character was a a good or kind person. Margaret Mitchell went to the Court House pictured below to research stories and information for the book.

There are many old beautiful homes in Jonesboro, and several served as Confederate and Union (Yankee) Hospitals. The Johnson Blalock House is one of them. It served as a hospital for the Union side and a commissary for the Cofederate side. It has been owned by the same family for 6 or 7 generations. The Warren House was used as a hospital by both sides. The signatures of convalescing Union soldiers can still be found on the walls of the downstairs parlor.

The Battle of Jonesboro is the second point of interest. There is a small Confederate cemetery here where the remains of about 1,000 soldiers lie. Most are unmarked. Many died in the area hospitals, and many more died on the battlefield and were originally buried where they fell. Their remains were moved to this cemetery in 1872. If you enjoy ghost stories or pictures visit the strange link on this site. This cemetery is said to be haunted, and I believe it! I got pictures of 3 orbs taken in the daytime. on two separate occasions. I have pictures of several of them at night. But the daytime ones are really something.


St Simons Island is less than 100 miles from Savannah. It is part of Georgia's Golden Isles. This Island is steeped in history. There are battle sites, forts, Churches, ruins, parts of plantations and also a haunted cemetery and light house! There are beautiful condos resorts and hotels. Plenty of restaurants for all budgets and apetites.

While on my favorite subject, let me tell you about this restaurant that has been around since 1949. It is called Bennie's Red Barn. It is just as it says it is, a red barn. With me on this weekend's excursion were Mom, Leebo and my 8 year old Neice Delaney. The bill was $80.00. I hate to sound chincy, but, If I am going to pay $80.00 for a meal, I want white linen tablecloths and polished hard wood floors! Not red and white checkered plastic tablecloths and a concrete floor! There is no menu here, the waiter tells you what they serve and looks at you like you're stupid if you ask about prices or to see a menu. They don't even have them. He found a menu on the back of a tourist magazine. I may be a podunk, but, I certainly did not expect this from a BARN! Maybe this is where the rich come to slum. I don't know. I was in such a state of shock I forgot to get a picture, I certainly will on my next trip.I will say this for them, the food was delicious and there was plenty of it. When we left the place was starting to get packed. I should have just left, but I figured this would be an experience for my neice. To say she ate in a swanky barn! I guess that guarantees the freshness of the beef anyway.

Epworth By The Sea is a Methodist retreat center. It is absolutely gorgeous. I visited there years ago with the St Paul Methodist Church Youth Group. There is so much to see, do and eat on this island I hope everyone who reads this will get a chance to visit!


Today I went to Talbotton and attended their Fall line Festival. It was great. There were antique cars, rides for the kids, food, arts and crafts, live music and an antique car show. It looked like everyone was having a really good time. Talbotton is a really neat old historic town. I was really worried about the weather this morning, but it held out and everyone was able to enjoy the fair. We met some really nice locals who are so proud of their 1892 courthouse and town. A million Thanks to Vernon Allen a County Commissioner who told me about this and a lot on the history of the county.


How may times have you passed these beautiful old court houses on the way to somewhere and wondered what they looked like on the inside? Well, I have many times. Today I got a chance to see what one looks like on the inside. This Court House in Talbotton, Georgia was built in 1892. It is also said to be haunted. The bell tower was said to have been used as a gallows. The inside area near where Mom is seen talking originally opened up to the outside and that area has been closed in and made part of the inside of the Court House.


Upatoi Primitive Baptist Church is located in Talbot County. I think that is still the name of the Church, but I am not sure. The Church goes back to 1832, this is the original building, but not the original site. The Church was moved to this site around 1894. It was originally located in Geneva, Georgia. If you will notice, the seats look like movie theater seats. They are movie theater seats. They came from the old movie theater in Warm Springs,Georgia. They are the seats that were there when President Roosevelt went to the theater in Warm Springs. That was a nice little tid bit of info provided by Vernon Allen.


Jekyll Island was purchased in 1886 to be used as a hunting lodge for some of the wealthiest men of that time. These wealthy men included J.P. Morgan, Joseph Pulitzer, Marshall Field, John J Hill, Everett Macy, William Rockefeller, Cornelius Vanderbilt and Richard Teller Crane. In 1978 the 240 acre club was designated a National Historic Landmark. There is the large and beautiful Jekyll Island Club hotel and several "cottages". Some of these "cottages" are manisons themselves. Some of the buildings that belonged to the club have been turned into shops. There is a museum that shows a film on the history of the Island. there are several chain hotels on the island along with a large convention center and water park. Oh yeah, the beach is not too bad either!



Mom really out did herself today. It was one of those mornings when we woke up without a clue on where the day would take us. We started out at the Library, I went and looked up old stories from the 1915 newspaper and she hit the research room. She found a goldmine of information on Shiloh and the Pierce Chapel Cemetery.

It's funny how you pass these little towns and never realize the history or the interesting things about them. If this site has taught me one thing it is every town, no matter how small or deserted it might be today, has a story to tell! I cannot tell you how many times I have passed this small town and never knew that President Franklin Roosevelt stopped at what was once Slaughter's General store for a Coke on the way to Warm Springs! I also never knew That there was a tunnel that ran through Pine Mountain to Warm Springs! The old train tunnel was prone to collapsing because of rotting timbers so workmen caved it in. Highway 116 to Manchester now goes over where the old tunnel once was. The old Trammel House was once referred to as Shiloh's haunted house. It was said to be a large 2 story house near the Methodist Church. The picture below of the large old 2 story house is catty corner to the Old Methodist Church, so maybe that is it. There is also the story about the Rebel House whose owner was said to have gold. The Yankees hung him but he did not die, instead his eyes popped out of his head and he was known as Blind Billy ever since. There were several businesses , stores and Churches here. There was also a depot, school and hotel. It was once an active community.



Today, June 12,2004, Mom and I visited a Country Fair in Hamilton, Georgia. The proceeeds were to benefit the fire Department. They had rides and games for the kids food and music.


A couple of weeks ago I received an e mail from Will Rollins telling me I should mention Whitesville, Georgia on the site. I was supposed to have met with him and toured the area. Mom was sick and I was not sure how she was going to be the day we were supposed to meet, so I told Will I would have to reschedule. I felt so bad about this, but I did not want to tie up his weekend. As it was Mom felt better and we decided to run by Whitesville for just a minute to check it out on our way somewhere else. I had to turn the Jeep around in the driveway of the old school that is now the Volunteer Fire Department. As I was pulling in I saw the no trespassing sign and a man standing in front of the building. I told him I did not mean to trespass, I was just trying to turn around. While I was at it I asked if he would mind if I took some pictures of the old School. I told him who I was and about the site. He said it would be fine. I told him how I was supposed to meet a man named Will who was going to show us around. The man I was talking to ended up being Will's Dad! He is the head of the Volunteer Fire Department there. Ron, Will's dad took us down the street and showed us an old house and mill which are pictured below. We deciced to meet the next week, July 5th, and take a grand tour of the area. We picked Ron up around 12:00 and dropped him off about 10:00 that evening. We had the time of our lives! I cannot believe how fast the day went by. We laughed and played from the time we picked him up until the time we dropped him off. I cannot begin to thank Will enough for e mailing me and telling me about Whitesville. If it had not been for Will Mom and I would have never had the chance to spend the day learning all the things we did and having a ball with his crazy/wonderful Dad!

There are so many interesting and historical things about Whitesville, I don't know where to begin. Whitesville is not far from here, a little past the Hamilton exit on 185. It is the oldest or first community in Harris County. It dates back to the 1830's. The old school in Whitesville is now the Volunteer Fire Department Station. The original old one room school house was originally located almost right next door. We visited New Hope Cemetery, which included the grave of a Revolutionary War soldier. The yellow house shown below is known as the Billings House, it dates back to around the 1830's. One of our stops was the Hutchinson family cemetery. It sits in the middle of a wooded area and cannot be seen from the dirt road. A short walk is well worth the small effort. The centerpiece of this small cemetery is the 30 or so foot monument. It is so beautiful and ornate. There are several open and vandalized graves in this cemetery. All that can be seen is dirt and trash when you look down into them. Mr Huthinson was said to have had two wives at the same time. We also visited an abandoned stone house. There were the bones of dead animals that had wandered in there scattered all over the floor. Ron also pointed out where an old amusement park for blacks had been in the fifties or so. It was called Jackson Park and it included a lake, swimming pool, and small train ride. Pictured below is a small building that replaces an old well house. There was a small underground room that could be reached by going down into the well, it was used as one of the stops on the Ungerground Railroad. The site of the first Cotton Gin in Georgia is shown below. It is on the old Hutchinson property. These are just a few of the things we were able to visit. I will be writing more later.



Barnesville is a charming little town not far from Thomaston or Atlanta. It was founded in 1826 by Gideon Barnes. At one time Barnesville was well known for it's Buggy manufacturing. It was the largest manufacturer of buggies south of Cincinnati. A large fire destroyed most of the downtown area of Barnesville in 1884. It was quickly rebuilt. One of the buildings shown below is the old Armory building. It was the first building to be built after the fire. It took only 21 days to build!

Some of the beautiful homes in Barnesville

The charming downtown area



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