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Do you see a man's image on this marker?

More images from sides of same marker

In Linwood Cemetery in Columbus There is a marker for the Moffett Family. Dr Moffett was known for a product called Teethina Powder. It was used to help teething babies. There is a building across the street from the old train station with his name and the products name in tile. It is a beautiful old brick building. I am so glad it is still there. I will try and post a picture of it too.

The strange thing about Dr Moffett's marker is that these images are nothing but black mildew that has formed over the years.I and several others have been able to make out a man's face in the largest image shown. When you are in front of the marker and walk off in either direction along the road the eyes appear to follow you. When you look at that image to the left of his head, kind of in the background, there appears to be an arm with a smoking pistol pointed towards the back of his head. Mom and I did some research, and found out that 2 duals played an important part in his life. Seeing the marker in person, makes the images clearer than these pictures.

The second and third pictures show the sides of the marker, they have images of their own but are not as plain as the largest image on the front. In the second picture the image appears to be a man with a thick beard and some kind of cap. Maybe a civil war type cap. The third picture's image appears to be a woman with a very full (out of porportion) head of dark hair. It looks as though she has a witches chin and nose. I can also make out a hoop or full skirt. I wish these picture could really do justice to these images, but I think you can make out most of what I described. I hope so anyway.

Here is a picture of Dr Moffett's old building , including Mom's arm hanging out of the jeep.


Sometimes Mine and Mom's biggest adventures are the ones we did'nt plan. This is a prime example of that. When I was a little girl we would vist my Aunt's Church quite often. It was First Christian Church on Tennessee Dr. Off Buena Vista Rd. It is now a Korean Baptist Church. All those times I was there, and I remember that Church very well, I never noticed the white old set of buildings just across the street. Well, tonight I did notice them, and I can't tell you how glad I am that I did. I knew there was something odd or stange about the group of buildings but was not sure until I got out of the car and Mom and I noticed the windows were slits with bars over them. There is even a white metal or cast iron door. I soon looked up and saw 1932 on the front of the first building to the left. At first I thought that it might be the street number, but the more I looked around, the more I realized that it could be the actual date of the building. About that time a van pulled up and I met Mr. Upshaw, who is the Pastor of the Church that is currently in the buildings. Mr. Upshaw is a warm kind man who was more than happy to give us info and later in the week a tour. He told us that it had once been a prison camp, and yes it did date back to 1932. A lot of misery and suffering took place there and believe me you can feel it. Mr Upshaw has on more than one occasion felt a pressence there. People did die in that prison. An older man told Mr. Upshaw that his Grandmother was put in there for gambling. It housed men and women,Blacks and whites. There are concrete blocks in the back where the old sweat boxes once stood. the kitchen and dining area are still there. So is the Wardens and Guards quarters. The Sanctuary is in one of the longer buildings, this was once the prison barracks, there were no individual cells.The prison has been several things during the years, including Douglas School. Mr Upshaw wants to turn it into a community center. I hope he does. There was so much darkness and unhappiness here, now thanks to Mr Upshaws Church there is light and joy.


If you were a ghost and wanted to get in touch with the living, you could not ask for a better contact than Heidi Wyrick. Heidi is a wonderful 16 year old girl. She is very pleasant,polite and respectful. Heidi's parents Lisa and Andy did something right when raising her. Lisa and Andy are two of the most open and gracious people you will ever want to meet. I met this family for the first time today and felt so welcome in their home, I dropped by to see if I could contact them to talk about Heidi's experiences at a convenient time. I was welcomed and invited in right away.

The Wyricks moved into their home in Ellerslie almost 15 years ago as a young couple with a young daughter, buying a house for the first time. The former owners of their house left almost abandoning the home. Shortly after the move in Heidi started to make friends with an older gentleman who would come into her yard. This alarmed Andy and Lisa the first time it happened. They thought someone was trying to abduct Heidi. After a while they thought Heidi had an imaginary playmate, as there were no other children in the area for her to play with.

This playmate turned out to be Mr. Gordy, a man who had died in 1974 and was a prominent land owner in the area. His house is near Heidi's. He is buried in Park Hill Cemetery. He would push Heidi on a swing in the backyard and even came into the house. Heidi would try and serve him lunch, she said he never ate though. She said they would talk and talk. Lisa said they finally figured out who Mr. Gordy was when they saw his name on a deed.

Mr. Gordy is not the only visitor the Wyrick family has had. Once a man in a Bloodied tee shirt showed up at the front door, his hand bandaged. This was Lon who lived in the area and died in 1952. He lost a hand in an accident at the sawmill in Ellerslie. He did not seem to have a friendly spirit like Mr. Gordy. The whole family has witnessed occurances in the home. Cabinets and doors opening and closing, items moved. Physical attacks have also occured. Andy was attacked 4 nights in a row. He was left with severe scratches and gouges. Heidi was scratched and has had her hair pulled also.

Heidi still sees spirits, different ones now. One has been of a little girl who reminded Heidi of someone from the tv show Little House on the Prairie. She has seen dark spirits with no faces. The ones she sees now she does not recognize.

Heidi and her family's story has been featured on Unsolved Mysteries. There is also a special about her on the Discovery channel. It has been on several times recently. Since it is getting close to Halloween it might be shown again soon.

Meeting Heidi and her family is an experience I will never forget. I am glad they are Christians. This is a gift I think that will follow Heidi the rest of her life. And I am glad she has God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit to watch over her and her family.


I just found out yesterday that they are moving the Gordy home. This is the house Mr Gordy lived in. The same Mr Gordy who visited Heidi. It is being moved to another location in Ellerslie. I was told the Church next door will be using the land for a parking lot. Soon a whole generation will be unaware of what once stood there! Below are some pictures of the house being readied for the move.


There are several places in Columbus where Graves or Small cemeteries pop up. At busy intersections, shopping areas and even subdivisions. Some even have historic markers. This will also include smaller cemeteries with odd or interesting things about them. Not only the location.


This small cemetery is near the entrance of Liberty Hall subdivison in Harris County. It is beautiful and well kept, mostly by neighborhood residents and an occasional Boy Scout.


This small cemetery is located on Whitesville Rd. It is near where all the new development is going on. The name on the wrought iron fence or gate says Mealling or Mealing. If you look behind the graves you will see the back of the new River Town Ford dealership. These graves sit almost right on the road.


These graves are at the busy intersection of Warm Springs Rd and Miller Rd. They are for the Samuel Cooper family.

17th and SHERWOOD

This unmarked cemetery lies between 17th St and Sherwood Ave. The strange thing is that it looks like an old cemetery that a residential area has grown around. That is not the case. The houses are older than most of the graves. The oldest one we saw was dated 1939 and the most recent was 2001. There is no fence or any kind of sign. Many of the graves are sunken in and some of the markers appear to be hand written. Not professionally done.


Behind a strip mall next to Walmart on Buena Vista rd there is a house, it appears to be apartments, maybe. Between the back of the strip mall and the front of the house there is a small burial area. I don't know if a house or Church one stood there. There are different names on the markers. The dates of death we saw were 1908, 1913, and 1929. Some of the markers looked to be hand written. One marker listed a man named Nix as being in the Civil War, he died in 1913. A co worker told me about this place. She and her family lived in the house years ago. They did not live there for long. The place was kind of overgrown when they moved in. Shortly after when one of her sons told her there was a cemetery in their front yard they moved out. Thanks for the lead, Willie.


William Anderson Nix was in fact a private in the Confederate Service; he was a Free Mason, and his lodge was strangely based in Cataula?he died of paralysis (stroke)?he lived on 197 acres of land at the intersection of what is now Amber Drive at Buena Vista Road (deeds list him as owning land just west of Walter Kendrick?where Kendrick High School now lies.) He was married to Miriam Elizabeth Holliday (family lore has it that she was somehow hooked up with the famous ?Doc? Holliday of Tombstone fame, but I?ve been unable to verify this?strange side-note?.the family cemetery is on land once owned by a family with the last name of ?Elder? -- Doc?s infamous girlfriend was a Hungarian immigrant who took the last name ?Elder? ? ?Big Nose Kate? Elder?.coincidence? I?m not so sure?..

Perhaps the most infamous person buried in this cemetery is of Bartow Grover Nix (marked ?Bo Nix? on his tombstone); he was a bootlegger and was hung. My father told me as a boy that he was hung for stealing horses; it was only after I did some ?digging? (pardon my pun) that I found out that Bo was hung for double murder?it?s well documented in microfilm of the Ledger Enquirer and the local library?here, read for yourself, I?ve included some notes for you to browse through (these are from my genealogy program) I have to be extremely careful when discussing Bartow, as there are still descendants who are extremely sensitive about him and what happened and as a rule do not discuss him?for whatever reason.

I hope this helps?.enjoy!

Jeff Nix


The compiled Confederate Service records on William Anderson Nix (last name incorrectly listed as "Knix") furnished by the Georgia Department of Archives & History (Retrieval/Refile Information # 255/19) indicate that he enlisted as a private in Company F, 5th Regiment, Georgia Reserves (Volunteers) on May 25, 1864 in Columbus, Muscogee County Georgia by Capt. W. Davis. He served as a volunteer a total of two times. [Note: This information conflicts with his application for confederate soldier's pension, in which he states he enlisted in June, 1863 and served until the close of the war, April 1865.]

In the first enlistment, he served from May 25th-30th, 1864. He was listed as present. The second time he served he is listed as being present and serving from June 8th to August 31, 1864. The final card indicates William Nix (last name now spelled correctly) was a patient in Floyd House and Ocmulgee Hospitals; Macon Georgia, on November 9th, 1864. Under the heading "Disease" it states: "Disability from Feb. Remit and ulcer upon right leg." The card is signed by M. Pallads (?) [typewritten at the bottom is "Record of Medical Examining Board." (Confederate Archive, Chap 6, File No. 753, page 135)] He is listed as living in Columbus, Georgia.

After William Anderson Nix was discharged from the military, he returned to home life and possibly became engaged to be married to Miriam Elizabeth Holliday on December 25, 1866. After a short time, they became husband and wife on February 16, 1867. The 1870 Census of Muscogee County on page 706 shows a then 26 year old William Nix living with his wife Miriam (22), sons Jerry (2), and Berry (2 months) in household #688. William is listed as a farmhand in this census, couldn't read or write, and shows personal property value of one hundred dollars. This was probably the land that he lived on as a tenant (referred to in the deed between William Nix and Filmore Emery, listed below.

The 1870 Census further indicates that household #690 is the home of a John Nix (24, male), (farmhand), Lockhart Corlan (44, female), keeps house, and a Sarah Vincent (16, female), at home (Alabama). Strong possibility exists that John Nix is one brother of William.

Obviously, William Anderson Nix then turned his thoughts to farming, as he made agreements to purchase several parcels of land. This land is located in the southeastern part of what is now the City of Columbus, Muscogee County, Georgia, between the roads which are now Sturkie Drive and Amber Drive, west of the land upon which now Kendrick High School and the Georgetown Subdivision exist.

Land Transactions are listed below in sucessive order. [Note: All deeds are given individual references.

The Deed Records of Muscogee County, Book W, Page 133, William Nix bargained with Elizabeth E. Vinson (through her attorney) on July 22, 1871 for Fifty (50) acres of land in Land Lot 21, 8th District, paying One Hundred Dollars cash for twenty five (25) acres outright, and agreeing to pay for the other twenty five acres on terms set up by Vinson's attorney, Ingram Crawford. This land bordered the northern side of Mrs. Vinson's 140.5 acres. This transaction was witnessed by R. M. Mulford, Notary Public, and R. L. Mott. (Deed was recorded December 15, 1882 by George Y. Pond, Clerk.)

The Deed Records of Muscogee County, Probate Court; Book W, Page 132, shows he purchased an additional eighteen (18) acres of land in the southern part of Land lot 22, 9th District, from Louisa Holliday on March 5th, 1872, for the sum of One Hundred and Fifty Dollars Cash ($150.00). The transaction was witnessed by John Peabody, and William H. Brannan, Notary Public. (Deed was recorded on December 15, 1882 by George Y. Pond, Clerk.)

The Deed Records of Muscogee County, Book W, Page 135, indicates that William Nix purchased another One-Hundred and Forty (140) acres of land located in the east side of Land Lot 21, 9th District, from Francis M. Comer on April 7th, 1877, apparently securing the land as collateral against the loan. This deed was finalized on October 30th, 1882 after Francis Comer's death by Davis A. Andrews, Administrator for The Estate of Francis M. Comer. It was "signed, sealed and delivered" in the presence of F.A. Jackson and Liniel C. Levy, Notary Public. (Recorded by George Y. Pond, Clerk of Ordinary on December 16, 1882.)

[Note: The above deed doesn't indicate how much money was paid for the land. It will have to be researched. Author's rough estimate, based upon the averages of all other transactions listed is approximately $420.00, [about $3.00 per acre]. (I'm assuming this was rich land, suitable for farming.)]

The Deed Records of Muscogee County, Book W, Page 134, reflects that On December 13th, 1878, William Nix purchased fifty (50) acres of land located in Land Lot 22, 9th District from Filmore Emery, for the sum of Twenty-Five Dollars ($25.00). This deed indicates that William Nix had lived on this property as a tenant. Furthermore, it also indicates that the land previously belonged to Mary S. Emery. The transaction was witnessed by A. W. McMichael and Carey J. Thornton, Notary Public. (Deed was recorded on December 15, 1882 by George Y. Pond, Clerk.)

On January 7th, 1881 William Nix purchased thirteen and one-half (13.5) acres of land from Zilpha Dancer, for the sum of Thirteen Dollars and Fifty Cents ($13.50). This land was located in the Northeast corner of Land Lot 20, 9th District. This transaction was witnessed by W.R. Britt and F.M. Brooks, Ordinary. Recorded in Deed Records of Muscogee County, Book W, Page 134. (Deed recorded on December 15, 1882 by George Y. Pond, Clerk.)

[Author's Note: According to his application for Confederate Pension in 1910, William Anderson Nix owned a total of 197 acres of land, which was approximately equal to one land lot.] Umder the old way of measuring land, One acre of land was equal to forty-five (45) chains, squared. One chain was equal to sixty-six (66) Feet. Therefore, one land lot at that time was equal to Two hundred-two and One-half (202.5) acres. [Figures based upon information supplied by Bart Colbert, former city engineer friend of the Author.]

(The following information is derived from the Thirteenth Official Census of the United States, Taken by George R. Lillie on May 9th & 10th, 1910.) In said Census, taken just three years before William Nix's death, it showed the following individuals living on the Nix Property in Muscogee County, Militia District; 921- Bozeman (Part of). William A. Nix, age 68; born in Georgia. He was listed in this census as knowing how to read and write. His occupation was general farming, working on his "own account." His wife, Miriam was listed as age 63, no occupation listed, although we know that keeping a house was and still is a full time profession. She was also listed as being able to read and write. Next in the household was their son, Jerry Monroe Nix, age 42. His marital status was listed as single. Like other members of his family, he was able to read and write. His occupation was also listed as general farming, listed as working, possibly helping his father farm the land he owned.

After the death of William Anderson Nix, his wife and surviving children decided between themselves to appoint Miriam E. Nix as overseer of her late husband's estate. William died intestate, and the children apparently did not want to put their mother through any uneccesary hardship. The following document is recorded in the Deed Record Book #16, pp. 210-212 of Muscogee County Clerk of Superior Court's Records:

R. A. Nix, Edgar C. Nix, B. G. Nix, "Whereas, W. A. Nix died of December 1, 1913

J. W. Nix, Mrs. W. M. Taff, Cora J. Nix, intestate and leaving an estate consisting of Mrs. E. M. Howell, Jerry Nix, Edwin C. Nix. realty and personalty in Muscogee County, Georgia and as his heirs at law his widow, Mrs. M. E. Nix, and nine children, to-wit: Jerry Nix and E. C. Nix of Dennison, Texas; J. W. Nix, Mrs. W. M. Taff, Cora J. Nix, Mrs. E. M. Howell and B. G. Nix of Muscogee County, Georgia; and E. C. Nix and R. A. Nix of Bibb County, Georgia; and Whereas the said W. A. Nix was at the time of his death indebted to R. A. Nix in the sum of One Hundred ($100.00) Dollars, E. C. Nix in the sum of One Hundred ($100.00) Dollars, and B. G. Nix in the sum of Sixty ($60.00) Dollars, and Whereas it is the desire of all of the heirs at law of the said W. A. Nix that the said widow, Mrs. M. E. Nix, do take possession of and control of all of the real estate


Hung for murdering L.C. Alexander and Jesse Everidge on December 20, 1917 over a matter of the sale of 400 gallons of liquor. As reported in the article, Bartow along with his seventeen year old nephew, Albert Nix, used a hammer and pistol to commit the murders, then buried the bodies in a crude shallow grave. The apparent motive was robbery, as one of the men had $450.00 in currency on him. Jesse Everidge was the brother of City Alderman J.B. Everidge. According to the article, Bartow's brother, John Wilbur Nix [Albert Nix's father] (referred to as J.W. Nix in said article) witnessed the execution. Refer to the article Nix Pays The Death Penalty, published in the Columbus Ledger, Vol. 33, No. 251, Friday, November 7th, 1919.

He had been paroled after serving just three years of a 20 year sentence at the age of 17 for the June 6, 1903 murders of J.T.Edwards, a farmer, and his son, Jefferson Edwards in a dispute over the ownership of land. Refer to the article Double Murder Stirs City, as published in the Columbus Ledger, Vol. 31, No. 313, on Sunday, December 23, 1917.


Off Veterans Parkway near the Hughston Clinic there is a road called Ogletree St. At the end of Ogletree St. there is an impressive sized water tank off to the left. This was my main landmark in finding this location. I am sorry to say I could not find the actual graves, but where this street dead ends there was once a plantaion owned by a Revolutionary Soldier named Col Livingston. Col Livingston, his family and some of his slaves are supposed to be buried in the area past the house that is now on the road just beyond the fence. I talked to 2 men who live right near the house and both had heard that graves were on the property but they said they have not seen them. One resident said he thought the road once led to the cemetery,and was now cut off by the fence, the other said no, the road was once dirt and only was paved up to the fence. The graves are believed to be back in the trees and covered by grass. I wish the kitty in the picture could talk, I'll bet she knows where those graves are.


The Patrick Memorial Cemetery is located off Buena Vista Rd on Mcbride St or Dr, behind the day old bakery. This maybe haunted cemetery is something else. The marker at the entrance says it dates back to 1779. There are several intersting things about this cemetery. There are odd shaped markers, 35 blank headstones and walkways or sidewalks running throughout. It is across the street from houses and a ceramics shop. This is probably my favorite on the list. I love the odd things about it. And the moss on the trees across the street make me think of my favorite place in the world, Savannah. We saw graves dating back to the mid 1840's. Most of the names are Patrick, but there are others too. The older markers are lined up with 35 blank headstones or markers, that was strange. The odd shaped structures or arches are quite tall, and look strange in the cemetery. This cemetery is well worth a visit, Thanks Patricia Cantrell for telling me about this place!UPDATE!!!The first comment is about Patrick Cemetary. The cemetary is my family cemetary. The arches were built in the 30's-40's by my Uncle. The family has some history of masonry, as even my grandmother could build you an outdoor cement and brick grill. As for the 1779 date you found. There is no evidence the cemetary existed at that time but I always found it interesting that they had put it there. One of the houses you have in the Boogerville section, The blue one behind the fence, belonged to Verna and Dock LIpsey, Verna being Verna Patrick whose family is buried at Patrick Cememtary. Verna and Dock are buried at Riverdale. Dock ran a grocery store there on 10th avenue a few doors down from the house. I spent most of my childhood in the house as did my mother. Most of the Patrick family lived in Boogerville.


The only really strange thing about this family cemetery is that I had passed it a million times and never noticed it. It sits right on the side of Warm Springs Rd, across the street from Pop's Tv Repair. I read about it on a Geneaology site. It is really surprising how almost well hidden this place is.


On University Ave, across from the College, there sits an apartment complex called College Woods Apartments. Behind those apts. There is a small cemetery. It is enclosed by a black wrought iron fence and several feet from that a tall chain link fence with barbed wire across the top. This place is more secure than Fort Knox. I couldn't get close enough to take decent pictures much less see any names or dates. Some of these pictures were taken with me holding the camera up above my head with my wrists in between the barbed wire. Who knows who these graves belong to. Probably my own family since they owned land right there in the early 1900's. Thanks to Jimbo Willis for clueing me in on this.


On Warm Springs Rd, across the street from the new Shell Station there is Flat Rock Sand and Gravel Co. This is a very busy place. Near the road and the entrance to or driveway of Flat Rock Sand and Gravel the is a black chain link fence. Behind this fence are some graves. The graves were discovered and cleaned out by Rick who works there. He said there was once headstones with names and dates but they have been stolen. I will try to find out more. For now here are some pictures. Thanks again to Jimbo.


This old almost abandoned looking cemetery is off Victory Dr and Esquiline Dr. It is at the end of Kent Court. I had to park and walk a little ways through trees and bushes to find this one. There are houses around it in this heavily populated neighborhood, but it is still in a somewhat wooded area. I was told by two separate sources that this was an old jewish cemetery. I could not get close enough to see names or dates, but it is still interesting. I am not sure, but one of the markers appears to be a statue with the head and arms missing. When I started this section I wondered if I could find enough places to make it worth while, but these graves and cemeteries just keep popping up all over the place. Again, Jimbo was one of my sources for this one.


On Williams Rd there is a Shell Station, to the right is an empty field. Next to the field there is a fenced area with A LOT of trees and over and under growth. Many new pine seedlings are there also. I looked and looked and all I saw was one grave. It appeared to be the above ground type. I had a real time just finding that. The bent fence reminded me of an old joke or riddle. Instead of someone dying to get in it looks like someone was dead set to get out!


Willett Road is off Double Churches Rd. This cemetery was a real find. One of the dates of death is 1862. One looked like 1960 something but most looked like between 1862 and the 1920's. There is a chain link fence around it and also a section surrounded by a black wrought iron fence. There appeared to be several graves that were for children. The writing on most was hard to read. Some of the names I saw were Shippey, Johnson and Cummings or Cummins.


Grey Rock Road is a beautiful stretch of road that runs from Warm Springs rd all the way to Veterans Parkway or the old Hamilton Rd. as some of us still call it. This cemetery has a beautiful stone wall with graves inside and outside of it. They appeared to be quite old. It looked like some may have gone back to the 1800's. There were no trespassing signs posted all over, it looked like they were for beyond the cemetery. At least I hope so. Two of the names I saw were Mccullough (sp) and Barnett.


Cordova Road is off Floyd Road. This small cemetery sits in the back yard of a house in the middle of a subdivision like area. The only grave I could make out was the headstone that said Oscar Ratliff. I believe he died in 1920. The cemetery is surrounded by fencing with red slats in it.


This cemetery is also in the backyard of a house. It is in a sudivision off Moon Circle. some of the markers look quite old. It is beautiful and well taken care of. It is for the Moon-David families.I believe some of the markers go back to the late 1800's.


This cemetery is not in a strange place, it is just laid out strange. These graves are almost built into the sides of this large hill. The view is fabulous. It looks like the graves are terraced and all the brick and concrete or cement foundations appear to keep the graves from sliding down this tremendous hill. I felt like I was among old ruins, like the Inca's or something. Until I saw the graffitti on the walls of one of the graves, then I was jolted back to reality to a world where people can't even leave a graveyard alone. The graffitti is a skull with one red eye and says "You are now entering the crossroads". The name of this cemetery is Pine Grove and it is located in Phenix City, AL.


This small cemetery is located on St Mary's Road. It is next to Providence Baptist Church. The Church does not look old, but the small cemetery next to it is. I saw graves dating back to 1856. Some Confederate graves too. In the one picture with writing, there are 6 small slabs. each has 2 letters on it. Well, 5 have 2 letters and 1 has 1 letter on it. At first Mom and my niece thought they were initials or something. one letter would have another letter under it. When I walked up and viewed these slabs from behind them I noticed the slabs spelled out HUGHES BABYS. Some of the names I saw were Hughes, McBride, Driver, and Broadnax(sp?). The grave with the white wrought fence around it belongs to a baby who died at 1 year and 26 days old.


Shiloh Cemetery is located behind a gas station on Double Churches Road. The names I remember most were Strickland, Lavender, and Cason. There was one Confederate marker and a marker from a Revolutinary War soldier. The oldest grave I saw was 1913.


Today, 2-9-03, a small group met to tour the old Clapp Factory village cemetery. This is located at the end of the River Walk, within view of Oliver Dam. Many people were buried in this cemetery from slaves to Confederate soldiers. Probably most of the graves belong to people who lived in the village and worked at Clapp's factory.

The whole area is overgrown and not recognizable as a cemetery. It has not been cleaned out since the 1970's. At one time the Cemetery had a wrought iron fence around it and was well taken care of. Today only a handful of broken markers that are practically unreadable exsist. Had it not been for John Land a visitor, who has worked so hard on this cemetery, I would not have even known that those slabs of rock lying around were markers.

John has printed a news letter with alot of information on the factory and inhabitants of the cemetery. Vandalism has claimed so much of this once beautiful and peaceful cemetery. It really is a shame.

GHOST STORIES OK, I have lived here all my life and these are news to me. I just ran across a site on haunted places in Georgia, and there were several entries for Columbus. I had heard of the Springer Ghost, but I had never heard of ghost activity on the Riverwalk.


This small section will be devoted to areas that have been called haunted. I would love to hear from anyone who has something to share for this area.


Hamilton house is a Nursing Home located off Veterans Parkway. It is rumored that right before a resident dies a lady known as the White Lady appears. Some of the employees have also heard the voices of children playing in the halls when there are no children there.


Behind Linwood School thre was once a house that went back to the Civil War era. It was a two story house. My Aunt Nina (Waldrop) who is in her seventies and has lived in England for more than 30 years read my site and remembered this house and thought it might be something I would be interested in for this site.

She told me that when she was a child, in the thirties probably, There was this old house located behind the school and they heard a Yankee(Northerner) was killed in the house during the war. On the wall going up the staircase there was still a visible bloodied hand print. After all those years the print was still on the wall and it was still evident the print was made of blood. After hearing this I put out a request on the Roots web asking if anyone else had heard this. I received replies from two folks that also remembered this house. Thanks to The Coulters in Fl who told me the house was a colonial and that kids living there at the time suggested it was haunted. Mr Coulter helped me pinpoint the location of the house.Thanks also to the Fullers. Mr Fuller's wife wrote and told me her husband was around about the same time as my Aunt and He saw the bloodied handprint and remembered it too. He also had heard a Confederate soldier had killed his wife.

The only pictures I could are of what is there now. They can only show the area , not the house itself. This is a fascinating story. Again My thanks to the Coulters and the Fullers. And Thanks to Aunt Nina for getting this thing started. I love you!


Salem, Alabama lies between Columbus and Opelika, Alabama. If you are on 280 headed toward Opelika you will see a sign on the right that says Shotwell Covered Bridge. The bridge is a short distance from the turn. I do not know any real info on the bridge, but I would love to. Please let me know if any of you have any. The bridge is rumored to be haunted. One story goes that 2 children were killed there and if you leave candy there it will disappear. Another rumor is that a woman was raped and killed on this bridge. I do not know if any of this is true, but it is local folklore.


Today April 11, 2003 Mom and I visited a real haunted house. This is not just from Heresay or local legend, but straight from the mouth of the current owner of this house. This home is located in Citronelle, Alabama about 40 miles from Mobile. The house was once a plantation house. Mr. Campbell the current owner of the house is quite knowlegeable of it's history and hauntings.

The house was built in the early part of the 1800's and has been added on to several times through the years.He is in the process of renovating it right now. During the Civil War this home served as a Confederate hospital. The Ghost who haunts this home is thought to be the ghost of a man named George Atkinson, a Confederate soldier who died in 1863 who might have died in the house when it was a hospital. His grave was found in the family cemetery behind the house. No one knows of any ties he might have had to the family. For many years one of the upstairs bedrooms were left closed up with a Confederate uniform laying across the bed. Mr. Campbell is at least the third owner of the house to admit that it is haunted. He says he has heard heavy footsteps coming from the upstairs. He has also had items disappear only to turn up right where he left them, the next day.

There are blood stains on the stairs where a former occupant died shortly after childbirth.Her children were playing too close to the fireplace and an ember caught fire and she tried to help her children and ran either up or down the stairs and died from the loss of blood.

I don't know anything about ghost photography, but I have heard of small circle like objects being referred to as orbs and meaning there is a ghostly pressence there. If this is true, then the first room to the left on the lower floor is a hotbed of ghostly activity. There are several orbs in this room. When I viewed my pictures there were small orbs on the stairs and several other places.

I am grateful for the tour Mr Campbell gave us. He took so much time with us. One odd thing did happen to me while at the house. I locked my Jeep When I got out. When I got into the Jeep when getting ready to leave I sat in the seat turned to say something to Mom and fell back. Somehow my seat was in the fully reclined position. It was certainly not left that way by me.


Yesterday, May 5th 2003, Mom and I had the pleasure of meeting the Adams Family. Sarah, the oldest daughter, and I have swapped several e mails about Waverly Hall. She told me her family lived in the old Stagecoach Inn. The Inn was builtin 1822, the original owner was unknown. The house's second owner was Mr. Farley and then Mr Camp. Mr. Camp's daughter married Dr. B.N. Bussey and the house was sold to him. It was a Doctor's office and his home for several years. Sarah's family bought the house in 1995.

The house has seen many changes and remodelings. The house originally was 2 log cabins that had a space or driveway between them for the horses and coaches to pass through. In the right cabin on the bottom floor there was a parlor and above it there was the ladies sleeping area. In the left cabin there was a kitchen on the bottom floor and a men's sleeping area above it. The driveway area was enclosed by Mr Camp and the home turned into a boy's dormitory.

Dr. Bussey used the bottom room of the right side of the house for his office. Behind that were his living quarters. Later a kitchen dinnig room and a double sided fireplace were added. Upstairs the original logs of the old cabin are still there. Many of the features of this house are original. The Adams have not had any kind of strange experiences, but Sarah does have a friend who refuses to go upstairs. Maybe the most interesting feature of the house is the well.Right behind the house is an old well. Not only are the Adams the proud owners of possibly the oldest House in Harris County, but they also are the proud owners of possibly the only well in Harris County said to have a dead Yankee in it! As the story goes, A Yankee either was drowned in the well or killed and thrown in.


Savannah is mine and Leebo's favorite place in the world! We honeymooned there almost 16 years ago and are still in love with this town. Our dream is to retire there some day. For now we have to make ourselves happy with 2 or 3 times a year visits. If you have never visited Savannah, you are missing out on one of the most beautiful places on earth. It is truly a paradise. It is loaded with charm and history. It is close to beaches, Florida and South Carolina, so no matter how many times you visit you will never run out of things to see and do.

When I loaded these pictures the orbs in them were amazing. I wish they had transfered better for the site. I will be glad to e mail larger versions of these pictures to any one who wants to see these orbs more clearly. I will show them anyway, and if and when you go to Savannah you will know about these places and can see what shows up for you.


Little Gracie lived at the Pulaski hotel. Her Daddy was the Manager there. She died at age 6 from Pnuemonia. She was a bright little girl who was loved by the staff and guests. It has been said she has haunted the Old Pulaski Hotel that was later either demolished or turned into a Morrison's and later Piccadilly Restaurant. She is buried in Bonaventure Cemetery. The pictures show her grave site and the building or location of the building she haunted/haunts.


I found this building while looking for Candler Hospital. I do not know anything about it, but several orbs showed up in the pictures I took, so I am including this Old building that is now condominiums.


This house was one of the houses Jim Williams, main character in the book and movie Midnight in The Garden Of Good And Evil, restored. It is also said to be the most haunted house in Savannah. It certainly lived up to it's reputation the night I visited. Lots of orbs in these pictures. Again I will send larger copies if anyone wants to see them.


Candler Hospital is located on Drayton Street across from Forsyth Park, the oldest section is anyway. It was Georgia's first Hospital and the second oldest in the Country with continuous operation. The original hospital opened was founded in 1803 as a hospital for seamen and also became the poor house. The hospital was moved to this site in 1819. During the Civil War it was used as a hospital for Confederate soldiers and after Sherman's occupation until 1866 it was used as a hospital for Union soldiers. In 1864 a stockade was built around the large oak tree to house Union prisoners. From 1871 to 1888 it served as a medical college. In 1931 it was acquired by the Methodist Church and renamed to honor Bishop Warren A Candler.

There are tunnels that run from the hospital under Drayton Street and let out into Forsyth Park. Where the white dummy fort is. There are several theories for these old tunnels. One is that this was used as the Morgue at one time. Another is that the medical colleg used the tunnels for experiments and secret autopsies. The most persistent theory however, is the one that says the tunnels were used during one of the yellow fever epidemics. Patients were kept in the tunnels and the bodies were carried out of the hopital through the tunnels and into the park. That way people could not see how many people were dying from this epidemic.They were trying to avoid throwing the whole town into a panic. When these tunnels were opened one man told me bunks that were fastened to the walls were found along with an old table and basin.



Jonesboro is outside Atlanta. It is located in Clayton County and is where Gone With The Wind was supposed to have taken place. Near the old Depot there is a Confederate Cemetery. An important battle of the Civil War took place here. In the small cemetery there are around 1,000 graves, mostly unmarked, many of these died in the area hospitals. Many were moved from mass graves and brought here. The cemetery is said to be very haunted, as is the whole town. When I got to the cemetery, within minutes I snapped this shot. I sent it to someone on a paranormal site and they said it was "very cool". Another told me it appeared to be in motion. This is the first time I ever captured one outside in broad daylight. We went back after dark and got several more orb shots. The next two daytime orbs were taken a week later. These men will show for you day or night.


These pictures are taken at an abandoned Grist mill in Salem, Alabama. There are orbs in many of the pictures we took here. Does anyone know anything about this place? More pictures on the Odds and Ends Link.


Spring Villa is an old plantaion house in Opelika Alabama. It was built by William Penn Yonge around 1850. He is buried near his house. I read on an official Opelika site that his house is supposed to be haunted. The story they told was that Yonge was a supposedly harsh slave owner who unjustly punished one of his slaves. The slave hid under the Spiral staircase and stabbed younge to death. It was said there was blood stains on the thirteenth step That could not be gotten rid of until the step was repaired years later. He is the one said to haunt the house. Another site said that moans and chains could also be heard.



Last year I received an e mail from a woman telling me about an experience she had on Old Whitesville Road as a teenager. I lost my old e mails and am sick about this. I am almost certain this woman told me that in the 1960's she and a friend of hers were riding down Old Whitesville Road and saw a man leaning against a tree,his back was against the tree and it appeared he had one leg drawn up with his foot against the tree. She said she thought she saw bloody rags on him. He nodded as they passed. After they passed him or sometime later the woman was thinking about him and realized he was wearing what appeared to be a Confederate uniform and that his leg was not behind him, but was missing. I remembered her story and just this week I received an email from Christie. She knew nothing about the above story.Below is Christie's story.

I've also been driving with a friend down Old Whitesville Road toward town (from her house in Mulberry Creek) and saw a guy hobbling aross the road. We thought that he was a real person until we got closer to him. I could tell that he was dressed in gray and he seemed to be missing a leg. He stopped at the other side and when we got up to where we should have been able to pull up near him, there was no one there. We think maybe he was a Civil War soldier.




Shotwell Covered Bridge : the first time I went to this bridge it was in the daytime. My friend and I and my daughters went . I got out of the truck and walked up to the bridge and every thing was fine . I was just looking around and then decided to step up on the bridge there was no smell around there what so ever , but when I stepped up on the bridge all of a sudden you could smell somthing like a decaying body but there was no smell till I stepped up on the bridge . I went and looked all around the bridge and nothing was there . My friend also smelled it adn I got back in the truck and my little girl who was 3 at the time told me to hurry and leave that there was a lady and two kids on the bridge . She didn't even know why we was there but there was a woman and two kids who got killed on that bridge . Also back in 1920 there was a lady who was raped and killed on this bridge also . The second time I went here . It was night around 10 some friends and I went out to Shotwell Covered Bridge . Some other people also showed up while we ws out there and they had a digital camera with them . They took some pics under the bridge and you could see 2 orbs on the pic and they took 6 pics on right after the other and on 4 out of the 6 pics had orbs on them. they also told me that they had went out there the night before and said the used a oujia board on the bridge and the lady that got killed and raped they saw her come around the corner of the bridge in a hooded cape . also if you stand at the end of this bridge at night and look down through the bridge if you stand on the planks it will go total dark and you won't be able to see anything . This place is really creepy at night . But I to also like to take pics but my camera will never work here but when I get home it does camera does the same thing at this other place I am fixing to tell you about .

SOME STORIES FROM KELLY J 1.You know where the Salem Shotwell Bridge is, instead of turning to go down the dead end road the bridge is on, stay straight and it turns in to a dirt road, not too far down the dirt road it forks in a Y shape, take the left fork ( I can get better directions too, this is just to give a general idea ) half way down the dirt road in a sharp bend is a cemetary and I couldn't make out much of the writing on the head stones but they were real old.It's like an old family cemetary.If you didn't know it was there, you'd pass it and not see it.We have had car problems when we go past there, my cross member on my lost a screw and drug the ground, I get strange sensations I can't explain myself anf my husband saw a transparent/whitish something float over the road but he could not make out what it was.I try to avaiod the area as much as possible but I wish I knew more about it.It is maybe 3 to 4 miles from the covered bridge. 2.There is also a grave in Lanett Alabama, of a little girl, 4 year old Nadine Earle, who died in 1933, she had been sick and I believe died just before christmas.On top of her grave is a little girl's brick doll house. It has toys in it and locals take care of it and continue to place items and flowers there in the little girls memory.It is in Oakwood Cemetary. 3.There is a place on Pine Mountain called Dowdell's Knob, it's a picnic area made famous because FDR liked to picnic there, the story among the locals is that there was an old man that lived there for years until around the time the south was invaded.It was told to me by my grandpa that the old man had gotten half blind and pretty much a hermit and lived in that spot all his life til the yankee carpetbaggers killed him and threw his body off the cliff. Also some years back a boy 20's or so was found gruesomely murdered and decapated there so the park close it off to the public at nite.Local teenagers have always talked about strange things going on up there as it used to be a favorite place to go park.


Back in the 1950's President Carter and his family lived in this old house. It is said to be haunted by Union Soldiers that had taken over the house and were killed there. Mrs Carter saw flashing lights in the attic when no one was supposed to have been in the house. She also said she had heard there was a bedroom where covers would be snatched from the bed. She said that room was converted to a living room and none of them slept in there. Both she and President Carter heard noises in the attic. One of the Carter children found some loose bricks in the attic fireplace. When they picked up the bricks a 4 feet deep and 6 feet wide room was discovered beneath the fire place. In the room there was only a chair. Mrs Carter said she thought that maybe some of the Union Soldiers had hid in that room. A Park Ranger also said that it also could have been used as a stop on the Underground Railroad. It was also said there was a ghost of a white dog that was known to hang around. The dog would appear and then disappear when an attempt was made to pet it. These are just a few of the incidents that have happened in this house. This house has been known to be haunted by residents before and after the Carters. I will be going back when the foilage dies down and the house can be seen better.


Gray Columns is a former plantaion house located right outside of Tuskegee University. It is now the home of the president of the University. The front gates of this home were used in the movie Gone With The Wind. It is also said theis home is haunted. Legend has it a young slave girl was made pregnant by the master. She killed herself and is said to haunt the home and/or grounds.

I have a new forum on Columbus Georgia on line. Please check it out when you can. People will be able to post topics and ask questions. I do a mystery picture for that site every Saturday

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