The Meaning Of Life

We are born and we die...... It sucks.

I have no clue why. Personally I would like a clue. Any clue. I'm not too picky, but just nothing like "Jesus loves you!" Yeah right. Sell that to some one else; perhaps on of those weak minded in-breeders that might believe that some long dead guy gives a rat's ass about me.

.......enough ranting!

I have spent time since I was 12 pondering what it is all about. When I was 12-ish I denounced Christ. I went up to my favourite spot in the woods and called Jesus everything from "poopy-head" to "mo-fo"(all the bad words I knew then..I have expanded my vocab since;>). I then waited for the lightning I knew was gonna get me. I waited. And waited... finally I got tired of sitting in a tree and went home. I figured if Jesus wanted to kill me he knew where I lived..well obviously he never I am still a happy little blasphemer!

The question of why life exists at all is an important one with many seemingly possible answers..and they all might be right in some way.. or all sent by the devil and Happy Evil Jesus. I won't know till I die and then it won't matter.

Possible answers from interested parties?
Not mine(those are elsewhere), but any who, here they are!

Zen anyone?
I find my answer in the enigma, and await what I am coming towards. I am not afraid to die; I certainly wasn't afraid to be born. I did not ask to undergo either birth or death, but I will. Life is not for ponderance upon whence we came or go, but to just go.

Life is a pause before death.

All right, who let the Goth out?
I was born dead and died alive, still not knowing why I was put here. I would die to know. Spending all my life living, when I was really dying. Now I've gone to find my destiny - where it has always lied, beneath my tombstone.

Religious Righty
To live is to suffer. God has created men; men defied His wishes (and now) He's out to mop the human race. Frankly speaking, I'm looking forward to the judgment day, when there'll be peace forever!!!!!!

We are here to reproduce.

I lied.

Run screaming to yer she Cares!

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