This lovely, yet simple ritual is from The Real Witches' Coven by Kate West


In advance of this Ritual you will need to prepare a Yule Log, or get someone in the Coven to do it for you. Find a log which rests firmly on a flat surface; you may need to get someone to saw off the lower surface to ensure this. Then either drill a number of holes, large enough to each take a small candle, in the top, or hammer in a number of nails in a pattern which allows candles to be wedged between them. The log will need to be large enough to accommodate sufficient candles for everyone attending the Ritual to have one. If you have space the log is best placed on its own small table, or stand, in the center of the Circle, otherwise place it at the center front of the Altar.


After the Sabbat Explanation everyone joins hands and walks Deosil around the Circle, chanting verses to honor the season. When the chants are finished the High Priestess stands before the Altar facing the group, and says:

“Here in the darkest part of the year we are in the midst of winters, but even in the depths of darkness there is the promise of light to come. At Yule the spark of light is born, and from that spark the Sun will grow in strength and beauty through the seasons. Blessed Be.”

She then lights a taper from the Altar candle and holds it up before the rest of the group, before lighting the first candle on the Yule Log and speaking of her hopes. When she has finished, she passes the candle on to the person on her left who then lights a candle and speaks of their hopes. This goes on all around the Circle until everyone has had their turn. (Note: When lighting a series of candles it is best to start at the back of the clusters, so that following Coveners do not have to try and reach over the flames to light their candles.)

When everyone has finished the High Priestess turns to the group and says:

“Behold the candles burn brightly, just as the Sun will burn brighter and brighter in the coming days. May the Sun God bring life and vitality to the land. May the Goddess and the God bring fertility and prosperity to the land and to each and every one of us. Blessed Be”

If you wish you can have more chanting and dancing here, but make sure that the dance do not either extinguish the flames, or set fire to their hair or robes as they pass! The Rite of Wine and Cakes is then performed.


Some other ideas to further adapt and personalize your Yule rituals are:

  • Rise to Greet the Reborn Sun. Some groups will rise before dawn and go out to a high point where they can wait to see the Sun rise. Before Sunrise they will sing, dance and drum to "call the Sun up." During the Sunrise they will express hopes and wishes for the Season. Afterwards there will be more chanting and drumming to welcome the newly reborn Sun. This is not as arduous as it first appears as Sunrise at Yule, in the UK at least, does not take place until around 8 am. However it is worth mentioning that you will need to find a fairly isolated spot, as your neighbors may not take kindly to the noise at that time of day! It is also worth taking the time to practice the drumming. I know I'm not the only person to wonder if an unpracticed, out of time cacophony produced by out of tune drums isn't more likely to frighten the Sun, not to mention the wildlife, away.
  • Enacting the battle of the Oak and Holly Kings. The part of the year where the days decrease in length (from Litha to Yule) is presided over by the Holly King. The other half is presided over by the Oak King. These two brothers who are but different aspects of the whole, fight at Yule and at Litha for dominion over the forthcoming half-year. Some Covens enact this fight, having two combatants taking the roles of Holly and Oak King. If you plan to do this, it is a good idea to ensure that the two ‘Kings’ rehearse well, not only so that the ‘right’ King wins, but also so that they do not do any real injury to one another.