Adapted from a ritual found in the book Circle Round. Definitely a book I highly recommend for any pagan family!


Everyone sleeps in the same room on the floor in a circle with head together. In the middle place a small altar with a big bowl of water. Dream and sun images are placed on the altar as well as a candle in a glass container (for safety). Everyone should have a dream or question they want to put into the water. Once everyone is ready for bed, light the candle and say:

"Winter solstice is the celebration of the birth of the sun
the divine child of the goddess. In our own lives, this
longest night can be a time of dreams. A time to bring
forth a dream that can help us in the year to come"

Speak over the bowl of water:

"Sacred water, you who pass from the womb of the mother
into the rain and river and back, you who nourish us and
quench our thirst, help us now to dive in the night and ask
for a dream. We ask for a dream to show us where to go
in the coming year a dream to show us what we need to see.
So Mote It Be"

Everyone in the circle takes a turn at the water, speaking their question into the water and dipping fingers into it. Once everyone has had their turn, lie down and tell a yule story or talk about yule celebrations of the past.

In the morning when everyone awakes give thanks to the water.

"Blessed water, thank you for easing our journey in the
night and back again. Thank you for our dreams and
for the light that is born from the darkness. As we send
you on your way back to the mother, we bid you hail and

Pour water outside where it can be returned to the earth.