Witch's Broom

I found this one online somewhere awhile back. Enjoy. If you know where it comes from originally, please email me to let me know so that I may give proper credit where credit is due.

Start off with a ritual bath in salt water to cleanse your body and soul of any impurities and negative energy, and prepare yourself for ritual.

Begin by casting the Circle in the usual manner. Place thirteen black and orange candles around the circle, and as you light each one say:

     "Samhain candle of fire so bright
    Consecrate this circle with light." 

In the center of the circle, erect an altar facing north. 

On the center of the altar, place three candles (white, red and black) to represent each phase of the Triple Goddess. 

To the left (west) of the candles, place a chalice filled with apple cider and a dish containing sea salt. 

To the right (east) of the candles, place a censer of herb incense and a small bowl of water. 

Before the candles (south), place a brass altar bell, a consecrated athamé, and a red apple.

Ring the altar bell thrice and say:

     "In the sacred name of the Goddess
    and under her protection
    is this Sabbat Rite now begun." 

Sprinkle a bit of salt and water at each compass point around the circle to cleanse the space of any negativity or evil influences.  Take the athamé in your right hand, and say:

     "Harken well ye elements
    Air, fire, water, earth
    By bell and blade I summon thee
    On this sacred night of mirth." 

Dip the blade of the athamé into the chalice of apple cider and say:

     "I offer to Thee, O Goddess
    This nectar of the season." 

Return the athamé to the altar.  Light the incense and the three altar candles, and say:      

     "Three candles I do light
    in honor of Thee, O Goddess:
    White for the Maiden,
    Red for the Mother,
    Black for the Crone.
    O Goddess of all things wild and free,
    Strong and loving, fair and just,
    This sacred temple I raise to Thee
    In Perfect Love,
    In Perfect Trust." 

Pick up the chalice with both hands and pour a few drops of the cider onto the apple and say:

     "To the Womb of the Mother Goddess
    The Horned God now returns
    Until the day when he is reborn again.
    The great solar wheel
    Once again turns.
    The cycle of the seasons never ends.
    Blessed be the souls of those 
    who have journeyed beyond
    To the dark world of the dead.
    I pour this nectar
    in honor of their memory.
    May the Goddess bless them
    With Light, Beauty and Joy. Blessed Be!
    Blessed Be!" 

Drink the remaining cider, and then return the chalice to its place on the altar.  Ring the bell thrice, and then uncast the circle by extinguishing the orange and black candles, starting at the east and moving in a counterclockwise direction. Take the apple from the altar and bury it outside in the earth to nourish the souls of those who have died in the past year. 

The Samhain ritual is now complete and should be followed by meditation, divination by crystal ball, the reciting of mystical Goddess-inspired poetry, and a Witches' prayer for the souls of all family members and friends who have passed on to the Spiritual Plane.