Witch's Broom

Well, here we are at the Samhain Rituals section.  These are just a few of the ones I've come across in my travels through the web and books, and experience as well!

These are some ideas for Samhain celebrations that I picked up from Dorothy Morrison's The Craft: A Witch's Book of Shadows. Good book!

Samhain Circle Notes:

  • Use an orange or black altar cloth, orange and black candles, and decorate the altar with apples, pomegranates, chrysanthemums, and marigolds. Burn Samhain incense (check the ones listed in my recipes section). Use small jack-o'-lanterns to mark the quarters, placing an Element appropriate colored candle in each pumpkin.

  • Cast the circle using the athamé. After the Circle is cast, go to the Western Quarter and make an Invoking pentagram with the athamé to open the gate. Then evoke the Dead by saying:

    • "Spirits walking on this night - 
      Harken! Harken to my call!
      Gather in this Circle Light,
      Enter! Enter! One and all!
      Whether you are plant or pet
      or Human spirit roaming free
      into this Circle you are let.
      Blessings we bestow on thee
      please say to us what you must say,
      and give us all your worries deep.
      And we will guide you on the way,
      to peace and rest and gentle sleep.
      Spirits walking on this night -
      Harken! Harken to my call!
      Gather in this Circle Light,
      Enter! Enter! One and all!"


Then invoke Pan, the Guardian of the Summerland, and bestow blessing upon the Dead by saying:

  • "O Mighty Pan of the Summerland:
    Guardian of the Beloved Dead,
    we pour forth love on those you keep
    safely in Your peaceful stead
    We bless those who have walked the path.
    That someday, we as well, shall rove
    we offer peace unto their souls,
    while resting in Your arms, below."

  • Perform any divinatory measures that you wish, then return to the Western Quarter with the athamé. Say:

    • "Blessing be upon you, O wondrous Spirits of the Dead.
      We thank you for your presence in our circle 
      and honor you on this sacred night.
      We beseech you, O Pan,
      Keeper of the Sacred Dead,
      embrace once again those souls within your keep
      and hold tightly to your breast 
      those that might have been lost and wandering
      Grant them safe passage to the Summerland,
      where they may rest peacefully in your strength
      until they are refreshed and reborn again in perfect love.
      We bid you each a fond farewell.
      So Mote it Be!"

  • Using the athamé, draw a banishing pentagram at the Western Quarter to close the cirlcle gate.

Using the athamé, draw a banishing pentagram at the Western Quarter to close the Circle gate.

(Note: Closing the gate is of extreme importance here! Left open, the spirits cannot find their way to the Summerland, and will continue to roam the Earthly plane. They will be very confused and can actually wreak havoc in your personal life.)

Samhain Celebration Ideas:

  • Place a white seven-day candle in the window to guide the Dead to the Spirit World. Light the candle and say:
    • "O little flame that burns so bright 
      be a beacon on this night. 
      Light the path for all the Dead, 
      that they may see now what's ahead. 
      And lead them to the Summerland 
      and shine until Pan takes their hands. 
      And with Your light, 
      please bring them peace, 
      that they may rest and sleep with ease."
  • Because this is a time of endings, magick is often performed to get rid of unsavory personal characteristics or break bad habits. Just write the characteristic trait or habit on a piece of paper, light it, and toss it into the cauldron or fireproof dish, saying:
    • "I burn this trait now from my life 
      Upon this sacred Samhain night. 
      It is gone from me at last, 
      Just a memory from the past."
  • Since this is the beginning of the dark time of the year, say goodbye to the Sun and wish Him well as He rests now until the time of His rebirth on Yule. At the end of ritual, include a farewell by saying:
    • "Farewell, Dear Sun, Who warms the Earth, 
      Who, with Your Light, brings joy and mirth, 
      Close your eyes now - go to sleep. 
      Rest peacefully in Darkness, 
      deep Until the Yuletide fest begins. 
      And You are born to us again."
  • Then extinguish all candles to signify His absence.

  • To feed the Dead on their journey and gain their blessings, either leave or bury a few apples and a pomegranate outdoors after libation. As you leave the fruit say:

    • "O Fruit of Death and Fruit of Life, 
      Fruit that eases mortal strife. 
      Ease the hunger of the Dead. 
      Until They reach Their final stead, 
      Be food enough for everyone. 
      Until Their journey's fully done."