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WITH GRATITUDE, the editors at MARGIN would like to thank the following donors, paid sponsors and traffic referrals for their assistance in making the world's only continuous survey of magical realism a growing success. We recommend that readers visit their websites (when available) to see what marvelous things they are up to.

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~ friends of Margin celebrating our efforts ~
      Naomi Ayala
      Rajeev Balasubramanyam
      Ellen Behrens
      Stephen Benz
      Jason Lee Brown
      Joan Crooks
      Lawrence Dunning
      Margarita Engle
      Stephen Gibson
      Shelley Gillespie
      Anna Harrington
      Sondra Kelly-Green
      Monica Kilian
      Dorothy Laurence
      A.J. LeFlahec
      Maria Lemus
      Sandra Maddux-Creech
      Kelly Madigan Erlandson
      Devona Mallory
      Karen McelMurray
      Carolyn Moore
      Paul Nelson
      Dorene O'Brien
      Carol D. O'Dell
      Daniel Olivas
      Richard Peabody
      Amy Ratto
      James Miller Robinson
      Alicita Rodriguez
      Susan Roney-O'Brien
      Jodee Stanley
      Carine Topal
      Wayne Ude
      Jane E. Zimmermann

(donating $21-50 cash or in-kind donation receives this acknowledgment plus a free copy of the current Periphery)
~ friends of Margin assisting with resource generation ~
      Kathleen Alcala
      John Briggs
      Ewing Campbell
      Paola Corso
      Paulo da Costa
      Adelaida de Lower
      Erin Fristad
      Catherine Hammond
      Marge Manwaring
      Jay Miskowiecz/The Aliform Group
      Sheila Nickerson
      Simon Perchik
      Marjorie Rommel
      Garrett Rowlan
      Ruth Knafo Setton

Miracle Workers
(donating $51+ cash or in-kind donation receives this acknowledgment, plus a free copy of the current Periphery, plus a complimentary copy of any future printed "Best of" edition of Margin (our goal is for 2010 ~ please inquire for details)
~ friends of Margin investing in our vision ~
      Pauline Holdstock
      George O. Jackson, Jr.
      Hermine Meinhard
      Bruce Holland Rogers
      Maureen Tolman Flannery

There are also some specific projects toward which donors can dedicate funds. These project "adoptions" are one way to help us to meet our goals.

[Click here to find out how to donate, to learn about specific project "adoptions," to purchase our limited edition print zine, Periphery (which is produced as a fundraising effort) and to learn more about Margin's Contributor's Fund and general mission.]


August 2003 ~ The Aliform Group, publisher and distributor of Latin American and world literature, business communications and commercial production

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