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What other people are saying about Margin: Exploring Modern Magical Realism:
"I read your Letter from the Editor and I found it illuminating.
I haven't been using the name 'Magical Realism,' but I really
identify with these ideas."

~ Van Calvez, poet

"I'm Web editor for a corporation that's moving from print to
electronic publications, so I am well aware of the challenges
of launching words into the new dimension of cyberspace.
Courageous Margin is out there, where few original literary
words have gone before, and writers everywhere are eager to
hear what signals such enterprises relay back to printed earth.
Margin is a fine, good-looking site with engaging stories and
fascinating authors' versions of the meaning of modern
magical realism."

~ Joe Nigg, via the Internet

"I am doing my thesis on magical realism (MFA), and also
preparing a workshop for school children teaching them
magical realism in Latin America. I was so excited about
your site!"

~ Claudia Olivos, via the Internet

"Your website looks quite valuable."
~ Daniel Pearlman, The Council for the Literature of the Fantastic

"I came across your site on Netscape. It's so refreshing to see
something of real depth in the literary listings there."

~ Brent Robison, via the Internet

"Ever since founding Macondo, I have been inundated with letters
from people asking me about magical realism. I am overjoyed
to be able to finally answer their questions -- by sending them to
MARGIN. Easily the Web's most authoritative site on the many faces
of realismo-mágico, MARGIN has evolved from a series of well-
annotated links to a thriving world of reviews, essays, and
original fiction. Filled with wonder, delighting in complexity,
and rich in creativity, MARGIN has made the Web a brighter and
more mysterious place."

~ Allen Ruch, The Great Quail,

"Looks like you're onto something good."
~ Shoshauna Shy, writer

"Terrific pages. Great design. Great contribution to the World
Wide Web. I am much impressed."

~ Ernest Slyman, Reverie

"I visited this evening and found it an interesting site.
I especially like (and agree with) your rather flexible
definition of magic realism."

~ Harvey Stanbrough, editor of Raintown Review
and 1999 Pulitzer Prize nominee

"I happened to visit Margin today... I was impressed
by the short stories that I read in it, and wondered if I could
use one of them ('Eclipse') for my course on Reading Fiction."

~ Dr. Sudha Shastri, Department of Humanities and Social
Sciences, I.I.T.B., Bombay, India

"I'm not aware of another magazine in the world that's
devoted to magical realism."

~ Adrian Tan, editor, Winedark Sea

"Margin... is nicely laid out and includes some interesting
theoretical writings."

~ Alice Whittenburg and G.S. Evans, editors, Cafe Irreal

The following organizations have given Margin: Exploring Modern Magical Realism their seal of approval:

Poets Award  E-Sweet Award  The Aloha Award   Arete Wave Award/Site Worth Surfing
Point of Life Gold Medal  Lavin's Best Site Award Twilight Creative Site Award Mythos & Logos Award

Lavin's Poet's Corner Award  Reflections Award

Rising Star Award  Artistry Award

Many heartfelt thanks to the folks listed below for their continued patience, interest, faith, advice, references, support and other assistance in the creation and maintenance of this website:

Rosendo and Delaney Agodon
Amador Publishers
Our website host, Angelfire
Glenda Bailey-Mershon, Wild Dove Studio & Press
Peter Damian Bellis
Benét's Reader's Encyclopedia, Fourth Edition
Russell Bradbury-Carlin
Ernie Brill
Victorino Briones
The Cafe Utne magical realism discussion group
Russell Bradbury-Carlin
Katherine M. Carlman
William P. Coyle
John Cutrone
Duke University Press/Magical Realism: Theory, History, Community
Eagle Harbor Book Company
Utahna Faith
Wendy B. Faris, editor/Magical Realism: Theory, History, Community
The Fiction Dictionary, Laurie Henry/Story Press
Len Fulton/Dustbooks
Monelle Boyett Holley
Trevor J. Houser
IDG Books/HTML 4 For Dummies
Ariele Huff
Carolyn Hulse, Columbia College Journalism Department
Tim Jones
Shannon Knight
Vicki Kosaya
Evelyn C. Leeper/The Magic Realism Page
Marianne Mears and The Poulsbohemian book discussion group
Joe Meno
Merriam-Webster's Encyclopedia of Literature
Steve Metro and family
Kevin James Miller
Molotkov, A.
Tom Nagy
Mary Natwick
Oberlin College
Nnedi Okorafor
Poets & Writers/Speakeasy forum magical realism discussion group
Gregory Rabassa
David Rachlin
River Boat Books
Jay Cooper Rochelle
Brent Dean Robbins
Allen Ruch, The Great Quail/The Libyrinth
Shawn Shiflett, Columbia College Story Workshop Program
Paul Matthew St. Pierre
The Mike Sellman Family
Jeanne Shannon
Adrian Tan/Winedark Sea
Sheila Traviss
Corinna Underwood
Katherine Vaz
Webster's New World Dictionary
Alice Whittenburg and G.S. Evans/Cafe Irreal
Gwen Williams
Martin Wilson
Franz Wright
Trace Edward Zaber, web genius

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