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  • FUNDRAISING PROJECT: Southern Revival: Deep South Magic for Hurricane Relief [Now Available; Ordering Information]       
  • Letter from the Editor       
  • Extensive links to related websites       
  • A recommended reading list       
  • A recommended children's literature reading list       
  • MR 101: Magical realism's educators       
  • Latino Forum: Celebrating the Latin American vanguard       
  • Travels with Bruce: a personal account of appearances, events and experiences       
  • For Writers Only: markets       
  • Practical Magic: narrative strategies       
  • Deus ex Machina: industry news             
  • Spotlight: notable but underexposed magical realists       
  • Emerging Authors series       
  • Film List: magical realism themes       
  • Favorite Links: a link exchange with other publishers       
  • Wish List: for potential book reviewers       
  • Retrospective: looking back       
  • Magical Realism News (BLOG)       
  • Two-Way Mirror: an interactive magical realist readers' journal (BLOG)
  • Feature: Contemporary Magical Realists ~ stories, bibliographies, interviews       
  • Stories of Magical Realism ~ short fiction and excerpts       
  • Definitions of "magical realism" from all contributors
  • The Art and Craft of Magical Realism ~ articles, essays, commentary       
  • Creative Nonfiction       
  • Magical Realism in review ~ books, film, television       
  • Definitions of "magical realism" from all contributors
  • Feature: Contemporary Poets and Magical Realism ~ voice and vision       
  • Poems of Marvel ~ the poetry collection       
  • Definitions of "magical realism" from all contributors       
  • Emerging Poets Series
  • A magical realism survey ~ annual poll questions       
  • Marginalia ~ a glossary of literary terms       
  • Contributors' information       
  • Staff information       
  • Writers' guidelines and the current Call For Submissions       
  • Contest guidelines       
  • Archives       
  • Sponsorship, donations, writer "adoptions"       
  • A "brag" page       
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  • Free, private, automated subscription service       
  • A feedback page       
  • Translations, as they are made available Please visit individual pages for more information about each of these features.

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