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AMERICAN LITERATURE owes a debt of gratitude to the rich cultural traditions of the Gulf Coast. The literary dynamism of the region truly captures a jambalaya of cultures, voices and ideas. Sadly, the 2005 hurricane season has destroyed or severely impaired the libraries, literacy programs, and lives of writers and publishers in the region.

We at Periphery wish to aid in the restoration of this treasured cultural region by devoting our 2006 edition of Periphery, entitled Southern Revival: Deep magic for hurricane relief, to library recovery efforts.

The editor pledges to absorb all production costs and to forward all individual donations and sales of Southern Revival to Book Relief, First Book's comprehensive effort to provide millions of new books to the victims of hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma. Please click on the links above to learn more about the award-winning nonprofit organization and its national campaign.

Southern Revival is now available! Thanks to writers, readers and supporters, we've already collected $1600 to donate to library restoration. We're not finished, however. Our goal is to collect $2,500. This amount will enable First Book to distribute 5,000 books to those greatest in need. That's almost an entire library! Your purchase of Southern Revival, or a simple donation of $10 or more, is all it takes to make this happen.

To get your copy of Periphery IV ~ SOUTHERN REVIVAL: Deep magic for hurricane relief, consider the following options:

Direct Mail: Send check or money order (US Funds), payable to First Book, to: Southern Revival, c/o Periphery, 321 High School Road NE, Ste. D3 #204, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110. Enclose $10+ and your shipping address.

Eagle Harbor Books, Bainbridge Island, WA: Southern Revival is now available for sale at this top-notch local bookseller:

PayPal: This option is currently unavailable.

Publisher Direct: Buy directly from our agents at special events and appearances. (How do I find a Southern Revival agent? Visit Tamara Sellman's event calendar to determine upcoming events in your region.)

Donations may be contributed using any of the three options above.

See who's already helped out. All donors will be acknowledged at the website.

Verify our commitment: Please contact Theresa Harnisch, director of Corporate Strategy for First Book, if you would like to verify our agreement with First Book to donate Southern Revival's proceeds to them over the year 2006

Registering with BookRelief and FirstBook: If you would like to speak with someone at First Book about receiving books or registering a group with them due to the hurricanes, please contact: Kit Lunney Senior Advisor, First Book (202)393-1222 ext. 120

Rev'd 2006/08/22