The Burners

The Burners

This year was my third time at Burning Man and each year I've met new people who've enhanced my world and taught me better how to be myself. I am fortunate to call them all friend


Chris Crounse

Chris is an excellent photographer and the nicest guy to have stolen my heart. I've attended Burning Man with him in the Nevada desert thrice and he's always surprised me with his quick wits and creative solutions for camping in the wilderness.


Chriz walked into our camp and into our hearts. This beautiful man is quite a journalist.


Friend and business partner of Chris Crounse, with his wife Cheryl. Ron is something of a zen master.


I've known Jeff Hughes since way back. He came to Burning Man this year with his partner, Byron, and their fabulous friend, Jim Barker.

Christopher Weeks

Chris, along with his partner, Rick, created a wonderful camp environment for 2002. Their camp attracted friends and artists from diverse areas as Vancouver, B.C.; Seattle, WA; Tucson, AZ and Tulsa, OK.


Tara came with her wonderful partner Steve and fed both our hearts and stomachs with love and her unique version of effection.


Friend's with Chris Weeks, Nolan came this year with his verymusical partner Jon.

Kurt Feschuk

Kurt was great fun camping this year with his partner Astrid.

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