The Writers

The Writers

Many of my friends write, but not all of my friendships with writer-friends have developed because of my relationship to writing. Each of the following friends I admire for their writing prowess, and I recommend them to you.

Jon Macy

Jon writes fabulously pornographic stories featuring his own exquisite art...he is a cartoonist of a high caliber.

John Fall

The last time I exchanged e-mails with John he mentioned that he had a couple of novels on back burners...he will one day publish each one of these to great fanfare.

Josh Ellis

Avery talented writer I met while he was on an extended visit from Las Vegas. He is so talented, and has been a great inspiration to me. His novel about the forces of good and evil in our worlds will probably be published long before he's finished is that good.

David Hovland

A charming man who looks to all the great David's in the world for inspiration: Michelangelo's David, David Foster Wallace, David Sedaris...

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