The Brunchites

The Brunchites

Once a week a group of my friends gather at Charlie's on Broadway for brunch. We have similar interests in music, film and books, so often the conversation circles these subjects. These people are intelligent and generous with their opinions, so I have developed close friendships with each one of them. I am grateful to count them as my friends.

Carolyn Pietala

Carolyn is an avid reader, movie go-er, music enthusiast, Internet bulletin board maven, brunch hostess extraordinaire and all round good friend.

Mark Wirth

Known to most of the world by his color ("Purple"), Mark is a costumer and clothes designer of an extraordinary talent. If you've ever been to Capital Hill in the past ten years you've most likely said "hi" to him or seen him brightening up any of Seattle's various seasonal costume parades.

Ray Clark

Ray is a tall, dark, and handsome man I met at various community events, then discovered that we knew many of the same people. Almost immediately we became fast friends.

Nancy McCann

A consummate New Yorker ("you can take the girl out of New York, but you can't take New York out of the girl"), Nancy is a spiritual scholar of vast scholastic knowledge and quite handy with a needle and thread despite her physical difficulties.

Judy Blinder

Judy, along with her husband Billy, add the right balance of "je ne se qua" to our various gatherings. Judy is an avid Franco-phile and all round do-gooder.

William Affleck-Asch

William is quick to point out his joint Canadian/American citizenship, and yet he is very involved in local politics and raising his son, Ian.

John Pearce

Self-proclaimed pagan and practicing Unitarian, John's interests in music, books and spirituality manifests themselves as involvement in too many groups and organizations. His superpowers include his powerful singing voice and wearing leather hats.

Alex Harris

Hair designer extraordinaire, Alex always turns heads on Broadway with his androgynous good looks. His taste is for movies that aren't afraid to be trashy.

Jason Styles

Jason is a more itinerant participent at brunch because of his work schedule, but is someone who has attended from the start. He appreciates a wide range of books, movies and music.

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