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Thursday, November 14, 2002

The Skate Man returns...


My mum was in town with her husband, Ron, to attend my Uncle Joe's funeral. They picked me up this morning and we drove down to Burien and had breakfast at a Denny's and visited. Then they drove me to the Sea-Tac Terminal and dropped me off so I could retrieve Chris. We rode back to my place on the bus. Boy! It is good to see him again.

Then I had to go to work. But he called me and I called back. He already has figured out that "The Crystal Method" is playing in town and arranged for us to go with his friends, Ron and Cheryl. He came by and picked me up from work. We went over to visit with Jeff and Byron at their apartment. They've been doing some interesting lattice-work between their living room and kitchen using bamboo.

Then Chris and I visited with my landlord to pick up some keys for Chris to use while he is here. So here I am...Chris is chilling on the bed listening to tunes before he goes to sleep. I'm just word processing here.


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