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Saturday, November 09, 2002


Her I am cheerleading myself because several members of my personal audience have quieted down this past week. Not without reason, either. Let me do some cheerleading for them. Yeah! Carolyn had a birthday Election day! I haven't heard what she did but I suspect it was fun. Purple looked fabulous All Saints Day, dressed as Gandalf the White and looking for all the world like a white wizard from OZ. The lace vest he wore with his hand-crafted pointy wizards hat had Old fashioned style Queen Anne's Lace around the collar. All he needs are some nice white suede boots with a thick sole in size ten men's, and he'd look like he stepped out of a recent production of "The Wiz".

Chris on the other hand remains in Tucson, AZ. I am anticipating his return next Thursday. I can't wait. I accidently woke him with a voice message last week that I'd sent six hours before. Tonight I just sent another one, only I deliberately sent it at Three in the morning so that he will get it later when he gets up. I'm hedging my bets here because there is just as good a chance that it will be delivered in a few minutes rather than waiting the six hours that the other messages took. My intention is not to keep him awake so he looses sleep. I just happen to be up at this hour. Bad Bad Nathan. Go to Bed...!

My friend Dennis has been emailing me chapters from his novel, which has been very enlightening and encouraging with the novel. If he can do it, well, he can...I don't know about myself. His novel's a ghost story and pretty damb good compared to mine.

Anyway, my word count. A measley 3,209 words so far at the end of the first week. I'm going to have to rededicate myself to this marathon and my novel. I'm thinking I need an audience for it.
My Idea of writing a novel...

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