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Tuesday, October 02, 2001

Bumblepuppy . S o n g - Self-Effacing Deity

I feel a balancing influence in the world. Words mumbled under the breath, give reassurance sometimes. The world has survived and believes it can relax a bit. I need to save my resources for the holiday onslaught. I donít want to be caught holding onto negativity when I need to be effective and productive. I cannot let the little minds around me drag me down to their level.

Still, I am realizing more limitations to this electronic experiment. For moral reasons I cannot post my feelings frankly, I cannot even tell the people who need my opinions the truth because I sit in a room with only a few possible windows of escape and shutting them might send me in a wrong direction. I need to have breathing room but I have inadvertently left myself with only a tight space to work things out.

I will be much better in a few more months, so please check back with me in the late winter when the holidays have passed, I am bound to be in a happier mood.


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