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Thursday, September 06, 2001

Warner Bros. : Hearts In Atlantis

Another day off, this time because I worked Monday a week ago for another City People’s employee. So far today I walked to Queen Anne to meet my werewolf for coffee. It was very enjoyable. He just celebrated his birthday and I gave him his first Tarot deck. He seemed pleased by the gift then put it under his elbow, just like a wolf.

I had hoped to meet another new friend this afternoon, but he was not able to meet me at the Frye, so I went by myself. They currently are presenting three particular exhibitions besides their standard exhibition of the Frye collection of realist artwork. More on these under “watch” in my vices section.

Now I am off to see a screening with my friend Carolyn of a movie called Hearts in Atlantis. It looks like it stars Anthony Hopkins and a couple kids, in a fantasy. Who knows if it will be anything. I’ll talk about it in my “watch” section, eventually…promise.


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