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Thursday, March 21, 2002

I've been trying to avoid wasting time on my computer. Having to look for work in this economic climate is bad enough without my wasting valuable time on an activity that won't pay for itself. At least it hasn't yet. I find myself playing the online games at MSN, especially Bejeweled. I also recently downloaded RealArcade, a new application from RealAudio which manages and sells downloadable "online" games. Basically these are video games without the packaging. Macromedia has a similar application that saves shockwave games on your computer.

When that isn't enough I play my single player version of Vampire:The Redemption, a 3-D role-playing type adventure game. Very cool. I've reached a part of the game where I can't advance very quickly. All my vampires are no match for the "boss" monster at the end of the level. I found earlier in the game that it took a bit of luck with some resources planning. I will conquer it eventually.