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Tuesday, March 12, 2002

RLStevenson pose

Panic Room

Yesterday was a busy Monday. It started by my helping a friend do an upgrade for his laptop. Then I met my friend Ronnie to get his approval on flyers I've designed for him. Then Carolyn came by with a pass to see Jodi Foster's new movie. I ate a small dinner and took myself to see the movie, which was entertaining (a bit viseral in the chopped off appendages department). I was chatting online, first on PNO then alone with my friend Tweek. Then my friend Jason called asking if I'd join him for a midnight breakfast. I figured I could stay up a few more hours, so I visited with him at the Thirteen Coins. Although the service is usually always excellent, I find the atmosphere and the food has faltered over the years, especially considering the prices they charge. All in all, my visit with Jason was enjoyable and the ice cream, although I didn't order it was very tasty. Next time I think I will order soup and salad.

Today my phone "land" line was hooked up. Qwest is very difficult to work with. I placed the order last Tuesday and was told the line would be working Thursday. Thursday there was no phone. Friday I spent all day trying to figure out why there was no dial tone. I was eventually told that I couldn't expect service until Monday. Monday there was no dial tone. I called today and requested a visit from a repairman as well as requesting a maintenance package that they'd not offered me at first (in the past it was always packaged automatically with general phone service and you often had to request it taken off). About an hour later, my phone rings and I pick up the handset to discover a dial tone. Yeah! And as I am calling Qwest to tell them to cancel the repairman, they call me on my cel phone! Well, hell...they could have just called me on the land line.

Anyway, this just reminds me that I need to update my resume with the new phone number. And I will eventually need to locate my old 56K modem, if I still have it, and sign up for dial-up service. Less convenient, I know, but necessary with the finances and all. Looks like I am busy for the rest of the day.


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