Volpane In Love

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Monday, August 20, 2001


Since the Seattle Public Library has moved into their temporary Annex at the new Convention Center Expansion, I've been making regular visits to loan CDs. The selection is limited, but I've managed to come up with one or two gems: a recording of Carmina Burana, the debut of Girl with 100 Heads (personally knew Scott, the lead singer several years ago when he recorded the album), Mozart piano concertos.

I've also been hanging out on Aimster downloading new music that I want to own. Recently my attention was brought to Alison Goldfrapp, a young woman with an exquisite vocal range and style who recorded Human with collaborator Will Gregory. While online a short while ago, a person who was downloading some Elliott Smith started up a chat with me and raved about Rufus Wainwright. They listed off a handful of songs that they felt epitomized his talent, �Chocolate milk and Cigarettes�, being one of them. I was hooked the instant I heard these lyrics: ��Everything it seems I like�s a little bit stronger/ A little bit thicker, a little bit harmful for me��

Rufus, Rufus, Rufus...I think I am in love. His lyrics speak to an identity that I've been attempting to create for myself and now, seeing him casually write songs to that end I am convinced that the only way I can claim that for myself is to go out and buy a guitar and become a pop singer. It helps that he is Canadian, queer and a "One Man Guy", which is to say that he's his own person. You have to love a man who can craft a lyric like "And you will believe in love / And all that it�s supposed to be / But just until the fish start to smell / And you�re struck down by a hammer..." Shades of my idol Joe Orton's death. I wonder if it is intentional. Rufus's lyrics make me want to believe..."clap your hands if you believe in fairies." *clap, clap*

Bumbershoot is coming up and Mr. Wainwright will be playing in the Opera House Sunday night...I am thinking of attending just so I can play out my sycophant fantasy. He also is opening for Tori Amos in September, I am told by a friend. It would be sensible to attend that and be assured a seat�hmmmm.