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T-Whisper Award

Come rest awhile....this is my realm and altho' it undergoes changes from time to time......Please take a peek at the links you see here....You may find something that will enlighten your path...

I am a certified Flower Essence therapist....I am a spiritual counselor..I speak freely with spirit and use their energy to heal... I am me...I am Talied...

Wondering how to pronounce Talied?

This name was given to me from a past life and from research -Welsh in origin. There was a Welsh bard called Taliesin(sometimes thought of as Merlin)whose name means "Rainbow Brow". is pronounced Tal(as in talc)i(as in indian)ed(well,as in ed...) Tal-i-ed

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In Memory of Talied, now known as Judy

May this website live strong and strive to help more people as they come across our paths.  This would not have been possible without the help of you all.   Thank you very much

Love and Light - Judy...

 For those who were not aware, Judy passed over 27 January 2001 after a very short illness with cancer.  She may be found in rainbows :-)  and continues her work from afar.


A promise was made to Talied that these pages will never be forgotten or taken away. This website is still being monitored and any requests/questions are answered.

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Talied's Devas (NEW!!!) Talied's Sight
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Ralad's Words! See My Real World!
Talied's Essences The Healing Page -receive a FREE! healing
Poems and more!! Reality-excerpts from the Book(see for FREE!copy)
Talied's Oracle Animals as Guidance
Talied's Dragons Memories of the Past
Memories 2 Oracles-just for fun!
Yule and its traditions URGENT!!!email from God
Visit other Realms Rings-Join the Circle and make it happen!
Talied's Zodiac!!! Prayer List
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Service Page includes ICQ message centre, cards etc...
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I am indebted to DRAAC for the sound and gifs on many of these pages...May he live on!!

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