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By request Talied started a healing or prayer list which is open to all who may need help and to all who may offer help. As a Reiki master and also with the great help of her spirit guides we offer this to each and everyone of you.

If you or someone you know would like to be put on the list,email  to
with a little detail (name, location, email address, problem) and we will endeavour to put the names on the list ASAP

We would also like to hear from you with any progress news you may have so that we may continue to update and perhaps move to the "GoodNews" page.  Please email with any updates.



Love and Light to YOU all!!!


In Memory of Talied, now known as Judy

May this list live strong and strive to help more people as they come across our paths.  This would not have been possible without the help of you all.   Thank you very much

Love and Light - Judy...


For those who are not aware, Judy passed over 27 January 2001 after illness with cancer.  She may be found in rainbows :-)  and continues her work from afar.



2 February 2006

One of my cats, Dreamsicle, is very sick and the vet can't find the cause. He's lost a lot of weight, his stools are runny & contain blood, and last night he started losing his appetite and is barely eating. All of his bloodwork is normal, and the only thing the vet can find wrong is hypertension, which probably isn't the only cause of his symptoms. He's at the vet tonight getting IV fluids and nutrients, and has been referred to an internal medicine specialist vet, but the earliest she can see him is Wednesday (Feb 8). I am terrified that this will be too late, he needs all the help he can get RIGHT NOW. He needs the support now while he still has enough strength to fight off this illness. Your help is very much  appreciated.

Thank you,

Ginger Clark


18 January '06

Please pray for my mother, Dora, who suffers from chronic nerve pain on her face and around and in her left eye.  She has been in constant pain for nearly a year and can not take pain meds.
Please pray for my father, Harlan, who has lost most of his sight to diabetes.  All that remains is his peripheral vision.
Thank you so much.


12 January 06

My 3-yr-old nephew Joey was just diagnosed with cancer. It is in the advanced stages (it has entered his bones), and he needs a miracle to survive. Specifically, what is absolutely necessary within the next 3-4 weeks or so is for the chemo to destroy the cancer cells in his blood so that the doctors can harvest healthy stem cells from him (for use in a later transplant).

If that doesn't happen, there is not much else they can do for him. Would you please send him healing energy?

His full name is Joey Thompson. He lives in Omaha, Nebraska.

Thank you so much!

Peggy Thompson
Omaha, NE


2 January 06

Please pray for me, Leighton and my dog Koa, to heal all our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual problems ASAP in a benevolent manner.  Thank you and God Bless you all,  Jon


6 December '05

I am mentally, physically and emotionally drained. I have spent the last 3 months down in the hurricane disaster areas of the Gulf Coast trying to help people. I have been lied to and swindled and my finances have been drained into near bankruptcy. I guess I am asking for some Love and Light to heal from ordeals and the strength to continue my desire to help heal the wounds left from Katrina.
 Terry Jordan


13 October '05

I would like to request prayers for a friend of mine, Tom Davis, who lives in Conway, Missouri, USA. He has been diagnosed with serious prostate cancer and is scheduled for surgery the end of the month. He has given me permission to ask my friends who are willing to share healing
prayer and support with him.  Thank you.

Many Blessings,

18 Sept. '05

I would like to request healing and prayers for my mom. She was hospitalized about a week ago for cardiac arrhymia and found a mass in her lower pelvic region that is about 15cm in size. I believe that all the problems she is having stem from this mass. Now she has a bad infection and confusion as well. Pleas any help anyone can give is greatly appreciated. Spoke with mom and she is open to recieving although she has never done this before. It is all new and she is learning everyday. Our family is very concerned and have never been thru this, our family has always been in good health. Thank you. My mom is Fran Liszewski 6/12/40
Hazel eyes and brown hair (with a touch of grey). She may end up going to surgery soon and is not as stable as they would like so it is more risky. I am worried but feel like she can come thru this.

spark23 August '05

A friend of mine has recently been in a motor bike accident. He broke both his legs and an arm.
2 weeks ago he was told that his leg has been infected with the MRSA "superbug" bacteria.
Please help, in gathering our Love and healing energies and send it to him so that he may be healed..
His name is Keanan Boyd Jones.
 Many thanks, Nader


20 August '05

A request for healing for weak bone structures from Janice Chui, Canada


13 August '05

Hi my name is Brittney and i am from Greenville Mississippi. I would like to put my mother. Stacy Wells on the prayer list. There is this guy she met about a year ago online and we went to live with him . Well every since then we have been going back and forth and she cant make her mind up what she wants. He is really messing with her bad and and is a lot of trouble.  If we go back its going to be the same as always and I don't want him to hurt her.  She is also having a lot of anxiety problems. And I just want  to see her well and happy. Thank you. p.s. and to all that I seen on the list  and what so I will keep in prayer for those needs . blessings


24 June '05

Please pray and send healing to Baby Treva and her family. Treva has been in and out of hospital since she was born last year. She is such a happy little girl.


18 June 2005

This healing request is for my mother. Name: Mary Genovese. Location: Bronx, New York. Diagnosed with breast cancer. Thank you kindly.


23 May 2005

Could I please ask for help and relief from depression and anxiety.

Thank you, Judy Balcombe


23 May 2005

Please send Reiki healing.  My name is Anne.  I am 41 years old.  I am very weak and losing weight. 


13 March '05

I would like to make a Prayer and healing request for my Friend Brian, He is very ill and due to
the seriousness of his illness goes into great depression. I had not heard anything from him since New Years but heard briefly from him on Wed and then Thurday Morning. He was so frustrated and felt he had no way out that he said it would be better is he died. He needs to get out of the environment he lives in since his mother is making it worse, even his doctor told him that he felt his mom was killing him, I agree. He asked if I knew any way to get him and his family out and I put out some requests and have info for him but have not heard from him again since. I know he is weak and tired of fighting. In fact he is angry with me because he says if it weren't for me he would have quit fighting a long time ago, this is really hard for me but I understand it is his depression, I just fear that is something happens before we straighten this out what it might do to me. I do feel strongly
thought that is he can get out, he has a chance to get well. I can get him info and help him but not if he can't find the strength to stay in touch, besides he won't talk to me directly, we just leave messages back and forth
due to his current issues. His mom also tends to treat him like a prisoner in his own environment and I suspect that if she knew he contacted me she would find a way to see it doesn't happen again. And if she had any clue as to that he was looking for a way out it would be even worse. Sometimes I wonder if I should send someone in to investigate but then I fear he may never forgive me for it. I fear I have lost him again for a while and hate
this, it has been going on way to long. Confused with a heavy heart so any and all prayers greatly appreciated.


Brian is in Mount Prospect Illinois and I am in Des Plaines Illinois


28 Feb '05

Please put me on  your healing list. I am suffering from anxiety and depression. My name is Natalie and I'm located in Indianapolis, IN.
Thank you, and God bless


4 Dec '04

Please help with prayers and healing for Mary-Ellen who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Keeping the faith as always

Update: Mary-Ellen had op.  Undergoing chemo and so far so good  :-)  Jan '05


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