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Steve Burke's Salmon and Steelhead Fly-Tying Guide
Leons Dead Egg Sperm
Originated and Tied By Leon Guthrie

Leons Dead Egg Sperm

So here you have it ! Leons "Dead Egg Sperm" This should be damned interesting to fish this one. Thought I'd make my own pattern with the "Dead Egg" in it as that's bound to give the fish an extra trigger to catch thier eye's on. Hope ya like it. It's really quite easy to make. When making the pouches I'm tying them with 4lb Monofilament nylon instead of using thread. This really does look remarkable when submerged underwater. It should be a really good fly. I will reacon but as yet never tried it out here. Just finished making it. Took me longer to make up all the photos than it did making the wee pattern itself.


For another variation of this fly see also Leons Dead Egg Sperm Treble.

Leon's Instructions for Tying
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Note: Also see Using Overhead Projector Permanent Markers .

This pattern was originated and tied by Leon Guthrie of Galashiels, Scotland. You can see more of his originals at The Flies of Leon Guthrie.