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2nd Fallschirmjaeger Regiment of Washington                     

Book Reviews

These titles available at: , J.J. Fedorowicz Publishing, Landmark Military Books, Schiffer Books, Scholar's Boolshelf & Zenith Books / Motor Books


Fallschirmjäger A Concord book
($10.00 from J.J. Fedorowicz Publishing)

- Covers the “FJ” from their stunning early victories to their role as elite ground troops in the last years of the war. Soft cover, large format, English text, 52 pages, 121 black and white photos, 4 color plates.


GERMAN PARATROOPS: Uniforms,Insignia & Equipment of the German Fallschirmjager in World War II
(A Schiffer Military History Book) Robert Kurtz, ($59.95 at Schiffer)

- "Must buy! Fantastic color photos of some of the best FJ collections in the world--smocks, dress tunics, boots, insignia, visor caps, gloves, knee pads and more. Unpublished World War II era photos on a variety of fronts. Includes a chapter on Italian and Japanese gear." Hardcover, over 300 color and b/w photographs, 192 pages.


The German Fallschirmjager : In World War II
(A Schiffer Military History Book) Hauptmann Piehl, ($24.95 at Amazon)

- "Originally published in Germany 1943, the grand-daddy of all FJ books, lots of BW photos." Hardcover, 90 pages.


Death from Above the German Fg42 Paratroop Rifle Thomas B. Dugelby($56.00 at Amazon)

- "Covers all seven models and accessories, great BW photos and drawings."Hdbd.,147+ pages,200+ illustrations.


THE GERMAN ASSAULT RIFLE 1935 - 1945 Peter R. Sench ($60.00 at Amazon)

- "Covers the development of the revolutionary assault rifle concept, with BW photos, drawings and manual reprints. Includes all major types, prototypes, variants, cartidges and accessories plus a listing of German production marks. FANTASTIC!"Hdbd,328 pages.,305 illustrations.


FALLSCHIRMJAGER RGT.3 Klaus J. Peters ($54.95 at Amazon)

- "Excellent source of actual photographs of the FJ in action." A Pictoral History, The War Missions 1941 - 1945. Hardcover Vol.2


German Army Uniforms of World War II ..... by Krawczyk ($39.95 at Zenith)

- "Full-color photographs of various army uniforms, not on manikins, but people." From privates to generals, all major branches. Hdbd., 8 1/2" x 12" 128 pgs., 230 color ills.


Uniforms & Traditions of the Luftwaffe, Volume 1 ..... by Angolia & Schlicht ($54.95 at Zenith)

- "WOW!" Covers everything worn right down to the buttons. Hdbd., 6" x 9", 592 pgs., 1,200 b&w & color ill.


Uniforms & Traditions of the Luftwaffe, Volume 2 ... by Angolia & Schlicht ($54.95 at Zenith)

- "Ditto!" Covers Hermann Goring, Tropical, Mountain, Para & more. Hdbd.,6" x 9", 480pgs., 1,000 b&w & color ill.


AFRIKAKORPS ..... by Scipion & Bastien ($44.95 at Amazon)

"One of my favorites, many pictures showing details with quite a few FJ represented." Hdbd.,12.66" x 9.37", 144 pgs.


German Soldiers of World War Two ..... by Jean DE LAGARDE ($29.95 at Zenith)

- "The best color photographs I've seen on this subject." Hdbd.,8 5/8"x 12", 128 pgs., 348 color ill.


Green Devils! German Paratroopers ..... by Jean-Yves NASSE -- $24.95 at Scholar's Bookshelf

-" Excellent, covers the formation of the FJ corps, many BW photos."