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2nd Fallschirmjaeger Regiment of Washington         


German Paratroopers or Fallschirmjaegers were an elite force noted for their fighting skill and were easily recognized by their unique uniforms. The unusual nature of our unit's uniforms has led to several of our members having been featured in the above period print entitled "Opposite Numbers" by noted Seattle militaria artist, James Dietz. Below is the latest work by Dietz featuring members of our unit in this commissioned painting of Lt. Colonel Cole's bayonet charge on the Carentan Causeway by the 3/502nd Airborne currently entitled "Strike-Attack". This work is not yet available to the public.

The NWHA holds battle reenactment events approximately every other month at Fort Stevens and Camp Rilea located about 10 miles west of Astoria in Oregon. These events losely depict different WWII battles from various dates and locations and we alter our impressions and unit designation accordingly to ensure historical correctness. For our main impression we have chosen to represent Fallschirmjaegers from the 2nd Regiment.

JU52 Air Transport Info

10 Commandments of the German Parachutist

1. You are the chosen ones of the German Army. you will seek combat and train yourselves to endure any manner of test. To you the battle shall be fulfilment.

2. Cultivate true comradeship, for by the aid of your comrades you will conquer or die.

3. Beware of talking. Be not curruptible. Men act while women chatter. Chatter may bring you to the grave.

4. Be calm and prudent, strong and resolute. Valor and enthusiasm of an offensive spirit will cause you to prevail in the attack.

5. The most precious thing in the presence of the foe is ammunition. He who shoots uselessly, merely to comfort himself, is a man of straw who merits not the title of Parachutist.

6. Never surrender. To you death or victory must be a point of honor.

7. You can triumph only if your weapons are good. See to it that you submit yourself to this law--first my weapon and then myself.

8. You must grasp the full purpose of every enterprise, so that if your leader be killed you can fulfil it.

9. Against an open foe fight with chivalry, but to a guerrilla extend no quarter.

10. Keep your eyes wide open. Tune yourself to the topmost pitch. Be nimble as a greyhound, as tough as leather, as hard as Krupp steel, and so you shall be the German warrior incarnate.

The Fallschirmjaegers were elite airborne troops of the German armed forces, and were under the command of the Luftwaffe. Although there were few combat drops after the airborne invasion of Crete.

Special badges are awarded to our members for maintaining attendance at events, or actually parachuting. (Note: We do not require parachuting due to its inherent risk). The metal Jump Badge is awarded for attendance, and the cloth Jump Badge is awarded for an actual jump (we do require proof to obtain the cloth badge, since it may be permanently affixed to the uniform tunic). Several of our members also wear Specialty Badges representing the unique skills they bring into the unit.