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Welcome to Glen Ey Australian Shepherds! We are located in Auburn, WA, in the beautiful Pacific NW, USA. We have owned and loved Aussies since 1984. We are a small household, with only 3 dogs at this time. This gives me the chance to devote a lot of time and training to each of our very special boys. I really enjoy the "boys", so have only male Aussies. That means that I don't have litters of puppies available for sale. However, our boys occasionally will sire a litter, and we are happy to refer you to breeders with upcoming litters.

I have been lucky to be owned by 8 Australian shepherds (and an Irish Setter and Brittany). I got my first dog in 1972 (the setter), took her to obedience classes, and was hooked on dogs and dog training! I got my Brittany in 1975. Both dogs earned their CD (Companion Dog) obedience titles through AKC. While showing the Brittany at an ASCA show in 1983, I saw my first Aussie and decided that one day I would have one. Only a few months later, a friend called me to ask if I would take a dog to train. It turned out that dog was a blue merle Aussie - my Lucky. After that, I was definitely an Aussie person, and have owned nothing but Aussies since!

I believe in having dogs that can do anything and everything their owners want to do with them. The boys and I compete regularly in Agility, Conformation, Obedience, and Rally, and we have competed in a couple stock trials. All our dogs are DNA profiled, and have their eyes checked yearly. Our boys have their hips and elbows OFA'd, and all have a CHIC number. These boys are sound both mentally and physically, and my goal is that any pups produced can also do anything their owners wish to do. Pups from the boys have been successful in agility, conformation, obedience, rally, herding, AND as loving companions.

Our kennel name - Glen Ey - is registered with ASCA and holds great meaning for me. The little town of Glen Ey in Scotland is where we believe my father's ancestors originated. I chose the name Glen Ey to honor my Scottish heritage. I don't know how how the Scottish people pronounce the last part of this name, but I pronounce the "Ey" part with a long EE sound.

Please enjoy your visit to our site, and come back often!

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