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Rejected Movie Titles

Think Attack of the Clones is a bad name? Look at what they could have named it.

A New Hope
The Adventures of Whiny Boy
Attack of the Evil Star of Death from Outer Space
The Androids' Quest
The Rescue of the Captive Princess
Attack of the Trash Compactor Monster
Two Guys, a Girl, and a Rebellion
A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Toshi Station To Pick Up Power Convertors (Thanks Storm)

The Empire Strikes Back
The Adventures of Whiny Boy, Part II
To the Lands of Snow and Swamps
Luke's Dad is Cool
Attack of the Space Slug from Outer Space
The Severed Hand from Outer Space
Han's Taun Taun Stinks
The Secret Love of a Smuggler and a Princess
The Rebels Get in Over Their Heads and Lose a Battle (Thanks Lau-ra)
The Emperor Screams and Runs Away (Thanks Faerin)
The Bad Guys Win (Thanks Faerin)

Return of the Jedi
Attack of the Chicken Walkers from Outer Space
The Wicked Ewoks of Death
The Fall of the Evil Emperor from Outer Space
Jabba, the Corpulent Crime Lord from Outer Space
The Ewoks Save the Day
Darth Vader Saves the Day
Darth Vader: A Traitor, or a Hero?

The Phantom Menace
The Evil Senator's Plot
Anakin is Adorable
Jar Jar, the Gungan who Saved the Naboo
The Tatooed Man from Outer Space
Attack of the Killer Battle Droids from Outer Space
The Secret Love of a Slave Boy and a Queen
Tattoo You (Thanks Storm)

Attack of the Clones
Attack of the Killer Clones from Outer Space
Attack of the People who Share the Same DNA
Anakin Becomes a Man
Whatever Happened to Anakin's Mommy?
The Adventures of the Father of Whiny Boy
The Tusken Raider Massacre
The Jedi Get In Over Their Heads
Jar Jar Makes a Bad Decision (Thanks reid san)

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