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The Star Wars Test

Test your Star Wars knowledge . . . . Take a guess, then highlight between the brackets . . . . the answer will magically appear!!! (I can see you're impressed)

1. Where was Luke going to get power converters? [Toshi Station]

2. Who was the first rebel snowspeeder crewman to be killed in the battle of Hoth? [Dack]

3. Which film ends with "Ow!" as the last spoken word? [The Empire Strikes Back]

4. What type of vehicle is the XP-38? [a landspeeder]

5. What Admiral doubted that the rebels had a base in the Hoth system? [Admiral Ozzel]

6. What was the number of Leia's detention block? [AA-23]

7. Where was Obi-Wan's home on Tatooine? [the Jundland Wastes]

8. What was the race of the spies who got information about the second Death Star? [Bothan]

9. What was the first creature to attack Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, and Jar Jar in their bongo? [an opee sea killer]

10. What does the center switch on a speeder bike do? [jams the comlink]

11. What is the biggest creature in the trilogy? [the space slug]

12. Who did Darth Vader choke to death on Leia's ship in the begining of A New Hope? [Captain Antilles]

13. Who said that the transmissions from the Hoth probe droid was "the best lead we've had"? [Piett]

14. Whose last word in A New Hope was "What"? [Darth Vader's]

15. What two people did Darth Vader take orders from? [the Emperor and Tarkin]

16. What killed Luke's tauntaun? [the Wampa]

17. Where on Tatooine is the Pit of Carkoon? [the Dune sea]

18. How many engines does an X-wing fighter have? [4]

19. What did Luke fall down to escape Vader in Cloud City? [the core shaft]

20. Who was the first rebel to enter the imperial bunker on Endor? [Han Solo]

21. What pilot was red two during the first Death Star Battle? [Wedge]

22. What is the name of Senator Palpatine's alter ego? [Darth Sidious]

23. Dr. Evazan has the death sentence on how many systems? [12]

24. What actor played Lando? [Billy Dee Williams]

25. What was the name of Jabba's dancing girl who was fed to the rancor? [Oola]

26. What was Owen's profession? [moisture farming]

27. Who's the more foolish: the fool or the fool who follows him? [your guess is as good as mine]

28. What were the mynocks chewing on? [power cables]

29. What were Beru's last words? ["I think so"]

30. How did R2-D2 fix the Queen's ship? [he bypassed the main power drive]

31. Who control's Tatooine in Phantom Menace? [the Hutts]

32. What were Yoda's last words? ["There . . . is . . .an-oth-er . . . Sky . . . walkerrrrrrrr."]

33. What planet is Wedge from? [Corellia]

34. What is the name of the race Anakin entered in Phantom Menace? [the Boonta Eve race]

35. What ships bombed the astroid that the Millennium Falcon was hiding in? [TIE Bombers]

36. What kind of blaster does Han Solo use? [Blas Tech DL-44]

37. What are the last spoken words in Return of the Jedi (in basic)? ["He's my brother."]

38. What is Tarkin's first name? [Wilhuff]

39. What kind of ship does Queen Amidala escape in? [J-type 327 Nubian]

40. What is the Millennium Falcon's record for the Kessle run? [less than 12 par secs]

41. Who has a bad feeling about this in A New Hope? [Luke and Han]

42. Who refused to retreat in the second Death Star Battle? [Lando]

43. What did C-3PO have a bad feeling about? [entering Jabba's palace]

44. What animals carried the gungan's shield generator? [fambaas]

45. What is the name of the Jedi Council member with the long skinny neck? [Yarael Poof]

46. Where do the wookiees live? [Kashyyyk]

47. Why must Jabba pay 50,000? [because he's holding a thermal detonator]

48. Who has the last line in A New Hope? [Luke]

49. How long has Anakin been a pilot? [9 years (all his life)]

50. What curse word does Luke use when Artoo runs away? [Blast]

51. What kind of canon is used to disable the star destroyers so the rebel cruisers can escape from Hoth? [ion canon]

52. What are Leia's last words is Empire Strikes Back? ["It's now or never."]

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