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Star Wars Scans

A thing about JediMasterCard from Cracked Magazine's Star Wars for Dummies (158K)
Dilbert cartoon (48K)
Boba Fett cartoon: CHOOM! (101K)
Boba Fett pinup with Slave I in the background (300K)
Another Boba Fett cartoon (41K)
Boba Fett pinup with a dead guy in the background (286K)
The cover of the Boba Fett Agent of Doom comic book (319K)
Luke in a stupid hat (85K)
A fat Boba Fett, Bill Clinton, and a short wookiee waiting in line from Onion (157K)
Card of Darth Vader and his lightsabre (28K)
Cover of Boba Fett Death, Lies, and Treachery (335K)
Podracer pinup (359K)
Blaster Card (29K)
A droid starfighter card (29K)
Darth Maul card (28K)
A spiffy Obi-Wan card (35K)
Another blaster card (30K)
A pod racer sticker (50K)
Sebulba sticker (12K)
Another Dilbert Cartoon (59K)
A Get Fuzzy Cartoon (28K)
Waiting in line for Star Wars in Rutland (244K)
A Lex Cartoon (92K)

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