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Quotes No One Said

But they are really quotes because the letters have quotation marks around them....

"'Chewbacca' sounds like a brand of beef jerky."

"Hats freak me out."

"Few people know this, but Jabba the Hutt was an avid bungee jumper before his tragic death."

"There's no point to this, so if you are waiting for the punch line you will be disappointed."

"What does Chewbacca smell like?"

"But luckily, there aren't many birds on Tatooine to get sucked into the pod racing engines."

"What does a taun taun smell like?"

"The bad guys have pink lightsabres."

"I wish I were a space slug."

"My God! What is that hidious monstousity?"

"Paul Revere also warned the people of Lexington that the ewoks are coming."

"It's Billy Dee Williams, not Billy D. Williams."

"Bad guys are so happy."

"As a child, Tarkin blew up plants."

"Underneath his armor, Darth Vader is completely naked."

"Now, I want you to remember that no bastard ever won a revolution by dying for the Rebellion. He won it by making the other poor bastard die for the Empire."

"How can Jabba go bungee jumping? He don't got ankles."

"Dammit Luke, would you suck it up and quit your whinning?"

"What this galaxy needs is more gun control laws."

"Han, I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship."

"Hey! Wait a second. I think I figured out why they call them 'X-wings."

"A ride to Alderaan in the street is worth two in the cantina."

"Go camping on Dagobah, but bring your bug spray."

"Is Yoda short, or is it just me?"

"If my husband was a star ship, what kind of star ship would he be?"

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