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Quiz: Are you obsessed with Star Wars?

1. Your Star Wars merchandise includes:
a) none
b) all four videos, a few books, a poster
c) all four videos plus the special edition trilogy, a shelf of books, t-shirts, trivial pursuit and monopoly
d) you have an entire room in your house devoted to your Star Wars stuff

2. You saw Phantom Menace __ times in the theater.
a) 0
b) 1-3
c) 4-9
d) 10+

3. When you saw Phantom Menace in the theater, did you dress as a character?
a) I just answered 'a' to the last question, I didn't even see Phantom Menace in the theater
b) I saw it in the theater, but I didn't dress as a character
c) I wore my favorite Star Wars t-shirt
d) I wore an entire Queen Amidala costume complete with hair piece

4. How often do you think about Star Wars?
a) never
b) once a day
c) most of the day
d) it's all I think about

5. How do you feel about Jar Jar Binks?
a) who's Jar Jar Binks?
b) he annoys me
c) since he's in Star Wars I tolerate him
d) I love Star Wars unconditionally so I love Jar Jar

6. Do you know what actor played the lead jawa?
a) who really gives a crap?
b) no
c) yes, of course
d) you mean it's just an actor?!!

7. Have you ever tried to use the force?
a) no, that would be stupid
b) yes, but only when no one is watching
c) yes, but it never works
d) yes, but it doesn't always work

8. Do you have your own Star Wars fan site?
a) this quiz is stupid
b) no
c) I am seriously considering it
d) yes

9. You're with a friend who doesn't particularly like Star Wars. You say that you are going to the movies. Your friend says "I'm coming with you." How do you respond?
a) what does this have to do with Star Wars?
b) you think about Star Wars but say nothing about it
c) you say "be patient, Luke, stay and watch over the droids," even though your friend's name is not Luke and there are no droids present
d) you say "be patient, Luke, stay and watch over the droids," and continue reciting A New Hope until the end, or until your 'friend' threatens to blast you if you don't shut up about Star Wars

10. That same friend sees your new car and says "What a piece of junk!" How do you respond to that?
a) have I mentioned how stupid this quiz is?
b) since your friend just recently threatened to blast you if you mentioned Star Wars again, you keep your mouth shut
c) you say "she'll make point five past light speed."
d) you say "she'll make point five past light speed," and recite the rest of A New Hope from that point to the end, even after your friend leaves

11. Give yourself 1 point for every statement that's true:
a) you have ever had a serious identity crisis, thinking you were a character in Star Wars
b) you have ever ordered onion rings at Burger King, even though you don't like them, just so you could pick one up and say, "Look sir, droids."
c) you call your car the Millennium Falcon and make your passengers call you Captain
d) you have ever played Star Wars trivial pursuit with you friends, and, knowing yourself to be far superior to them as a Star Wars fan you gave them multiple choice questions and gave yourself a three-turn limit, and you still won easily
e) you own at least two copies of every episode of Star Wars
f) you went to Episode I at midnight the day it came out in theaters
g) whenever you are outside in the snow, you pretend you're on Hoth
h) you sliced your chin so you'd have a scar just like Han Solo (do NOT try this, I do NOT take responsibility for anyone who does this and bleeds to death, I do NOT recomend it)
i) you think your computer is a droid and you call it PC-21, or some other droid name
j) whenever you go to through automatic doors, you pretend to use the Force

a = 0
b = 1
c = 2
d = 3

0-7 points: obviously not obsessed
8-17 points: you like Star Wars a lot
18-27 points: nearly obsessed
28-39 points: obsessed

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