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What I learned from watching Star Wars

1. Never gamble with guys who wave their hands around a lot.
2. Look in your rear view mirror, there could be a bounty hunter behind you.
3. Make sure your planet has an army.
4. If someone says they don't like you, believe them, and run like Hell.
5. You can be a guardian of peace and still have to fight a lot.
6. Don't be overly rude to little green men with big ears who act like they know your father. You might want to ask them a favor.
7. Beware fear, anger, and agression, the dark side are they.
8. Sometimes the carpenter is the best actor.
9. Shooting at Sith Lords is a waste of fire power.
10. Shooting at Jedi is a waste of fire power.
11. Just because someone is on full life support, that doesn't mean they can't kill you.
12. If you want to be truly cool, you need a cool helmet.
13. There's usually a switch to jam the comm link. Use it.
14. Don't save a gungan's life unless you want him hanging around with you for the rest of your life.
15. Don't let Jedi trainees hold you up using the Force, they'll drop you.
16. Concentrate.
17. Let the wookiee win.
18. "Are you are angel" works better as a pick-up line than "I just think you can't bear to let a gorgeous guy like me out of your site."
19. If you have a choice between saving the gungan's life and saving the wookiee's life, save the wookiee.
20. Even if the guy can't see very well, he can still run into your jet pack and make you fall into the sarlacc pit.
21. Over confidence is not good.
22. Droids can be sneaky. Especially Artoo units.
23. The worst insult is "scruffy-looking."
24. Don't get cocky.
25. Don't pick fights with boys who hang out with grandfatherly-types wearing Jedi robes.
26. The best pilots are Corellians.
27. Don't stand on anything that might be a trap-door.
28. If you know where the trap-door is, stay away from it. Don't assume that just because you've been Jabba's loyal guard he will warn you before opening it.
29. Don't piss off fat, slug-like creatures who keep rancors in their basements.
30. If someone offers to pay you triple, take it. That's a good deal.
31. Never assume you don't need the little, old green guy's help.
32. You won't get very far in life if you don't know what the center switch on a speeder bike does.
33. You won't get very far in life if you can't hum the Star Wars theme song.
34. If you don't like the way a phone conversation is going, shoot the phone.
35. If the guy can choke people from several feet away, just go along with his religion.
36. Pay off your debts quickly.
37. It's okay to suck up to Vader.
38. If he's ugly, chances are he's a bad guy.
39. When someone tells you "don't it's a trap," don't.
40. Don't hit a kid with dark side lightning when their father is watching.
41. The life reading sensors are pieces of crap (figuratively speaking).
42. Tell the wookiee there's still a chance to save Han before you let him go.
43. If your ship isn't working, hit it.
44. If you want the guy to stay a finish the training, don't get his X-wing out of the swamp for him.
45. Astro droids come in handy.
46. Never enter a cantina unarmed.
47. Everyone was young once.
48. Hard to see the dark side is.
49. A fight will usually end at a bottomless pit.
50. Yoda is always right, don't argue with him.
51. Saying "I'm sorry," works, with Leia.
52. If you say you're in it for the money, everyone will think you're a jerk.
53. Saying "I'm sorry," doesn't work with Darth Vader.
54. Don't tell Vader "we have them," until we actually have them.
55. Don't trust the targeting computer, trust the voices in your head.
56. Men don't appreciated it when you dis their star ships.
57. Try not! Do or do not. There is no try.
58. There is no why, either.
59. If someone blasts your droid, there's a chance that the droid knows something that could save you. Put the droid back together as soon as possible.
60. Even if they can't hit the broad side of a Star Destroyer with a blaster rifle, someone will still say that stormtroopers are precise.
61. Don't be following the sound of an artoo unit into a strange room.
62. Learn the art of keeping your distance without looking like you're trying to keep your distance.
63. Know the difference between a space slug and a cave well enough to tell them apart even in very tense situations.
64. Bury your feelings deep down.
65. Sometimes you need bounty hunter scum.
66. Don't dilly dally.
67. Trust your feelings.
68. Taun tauns smell bad, but at least they have warm bodies.
69. Never utter the words, "it's too big to be a space station." A space station can be any size.
70. If a door conveniently opens for you, it's probably a trap.
71. Stupidity is annoying.
72. Shut your protocal droid down until you need it.
73. If you're going to make powerful enemies, be sure to make powerful friends too.
74. Millitary vehicles should be low to the ground.
75. Stupid people make good warriors.
76. Your chances of survival are best if you are a young main character on the side fighting for the most worthy cause, (i.e. peace and freedom, not world domination).
77. Use caution when assisting someone who says, "hey down there, could you give us a hand with this?"
78. Computers screw up.
79. If you think your taun taun might smell something, be afraid, not ammused.
80. If you're sneaking up on a guy, don't step on a stick, and if you do, don't look down at it.
81. If you're in a party of two, don't chase a party of ten down a dead-end hallway.
82. When you're sneaking around and trying to not wake anyone up, watch out for wind chimes and other hanging ornaments.
83. If you are a bad guy, don't waste any time once you decide to execute a prisoner.
84. If the Jedi Mind Trick doesn't work the first time, it won't work the second time.
85. When telling a kid what to do, be specific.
86. Ewoks can be decieving.
87. Don't try to fight a guy with a lightsabre unless you have a lightsabre and know how to use it.
88. When traveling at 150 mph through a wooded area, do not look behind you to see if your pursuer crashed. Invest in mirrors.
89. Traveling through hyperspace ain't like dusting crops.
90. Never argue with Vader, it could cost you your life.
91. When warning a friend of something as important as a trap door that leads to a rancor cage, do not stop talking just because you were interrupted.
92. If the room you are in starts to fill up with a visable gas, hold your breath.
93. Be prepared.
94. Size matters not.
95. Nothing is impossible.
96. Don't get drunk in a cantina. That may sound ridiculus but you really need to keep your wits about you while hanging out in a cantina. Get drunk in the safty of your own home.
97. If you get a bad feeling about something, chances are something bad is going to happen.
98. Trash compactors should be a last resort.
99. Trying to make friends over the Death Star commlink will not improve your situation. Chances are, the guy on the other side does not want to be your friend.
100. Many things that we hold true depend greatly on our point of view.
101. Calling to a dead guy for help is not a good idea, unless all you need is psychological help or advice.
102. Don't fight with your robe on.
103. A painful, long, elaborate death is not neccessary for your enemies. The end result of a blaster is the same as a sarlacc pit, but the sarlacc pit gives your enemies more chances to get away.
104. Don't let asteroids concern you.
105. If you're going to get lost in a frozen wasteland, make sure there's someone stubburn enough to keep looking until they find you.
106. A good guy is not neccessarily smart.
107. Sometimes it is at your best interest to team up with the cute fuzzy creatures.
108. If you don't want the door to be answered, don't knock at all. Knocking just quietly is risky.
109. Stay in the wampa cave after you kill the wampa. It may not be a sauna, but it keeps the wind out.
110. If you're going to keep a guy frozen in carbonite, make sure he has no friends who are Jedi, or direct descendents of Jedi.
111. If someone says "I'm endangering the mission, I shouldn't have come," drop 'em off.
112. A good place to commit a murder is a cantina. People might notice, but no one will care.
113. It's good to know more than one language.
114. If you're trying to kill people by filling the room up with gas, use an invisable gas.
115. Be patient when waiting for your vicitms to die from that gas. Give them at least an hour, just to be safe.
116. The skill of pushing a button by throwing something at it is useful. Practice on your television or door bell in case a rancor tries to eat you.
117. Prophesies are true, though they tend to take their sweet time.
118. If someone says, "don't put your hand there," don't go and put your face there.
119. Don't leave home without your aqua-breather.
120. No matter how delecious that hanging dead animal looks, resist the temptation to take it.
121. If something thinks you're a god, take advantage of that.
122. Carry a back-up lightsabre in case you drop or break your primary one.
123. Greed can be a powerful ally, if the other guy has it and not you.
124. Even short people with canes can be great warriors.
125. Keep lock picks handy.
126. Telling the truth from a certain point of view is a lot like lying.
127. Dead guys aren't much help when you're freezing to death.
128. Don't kick a guy off a roof if he's tied to you.
129. Climbing pillars is a useful skill.
130. Don't trust politicians.

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