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Jabba's Inspiration

Jabba the Hutt and Santa Claus could be twins.
Obviously Jabba was inspired by Santa.

Santa: obese
Jabba: obese

Santa: Laughs, "Ho Ho Ho."
Jabba: Laughs, "Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho."

Santa: there are 5 letters in the name "Santa" and the 2nd and 5th letters are "a"
Jabba: there are 5 letters in the name "Jabba" and the 2nd and 5th letters are "a"

Santa: really old
Jabba: really old

Santa: drools
Jabba: drools

Santa: lives in the wastlands of the Arctic
Jabba: lives in the wastlands of Tatooine

Santa: has eight tiny reindeer
Jabba: has a rancor

Santa: has a beard
Jabba: has about four chins

Santa: eats milk and cookiees
Jabba: eats frogs

Santa: leaves toys in socks
Jabba: probably smells like old socks

Santa: wears red
Jabba: doesn't wear any cloths, but if he did, he'd wear red

Santa: when kids disappoint him and are naughty he gives them coal for Christmas, which is carbon
Jabba: when smugglers disappoint him and drop their shipments and don't pay him back, he hangs them on his wall, frozen in carbonite

Santa: says "merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night."
Jabba: says "Bo Shoda."

Santa: hires elves, who make toys
Jabba: hires smugglers, who ship drugs

Santa: gives kids toys when they succeed at being good
Jabba: pays bounty hunters a lot of money when they capture Han Solo

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