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Star Wars Dictionary

Al der aan (all-der-on) n. A peaceful planet that's been totally blown away.
bac ta (bak-tah) n. Cure-all liquid.
ban tha (ban-tha) n. A creature native to Tatooine that is bigger than a bread box and has curly horns.
Bes pin (bez-pin) n. A planet with floating cities.
blas ter (blas-ter) n. A clumsy and random weapon, and yet, the weapon of choice for most.
bon go (bon-go) n. A transport, I hope.
boun ty hun ter (bown-tee hun-ter) n. One who is looking for an easy way to make a few bucks through captures or assassinations.
can tin a (can-teen-uh) n. Where all the scruffy-looking people hang out.
car bon ite (kar-bon-ite) n. Stuff that's used only for carbon freezing, if you put a person in there it might kill him or her.
col o claw fish (kol-oh klaw fish) n. A long skinny fish with lights on it that's bigger than a bread box.
com link (kom link) n. A communication device that lets people talk to eachother over long distances.
Cor el li a (kore-il-lee-uh) n. The planet where all the cool people are from.
Cor u scant (kore-o-sant) n. The entire planet is one big, nasty city.
cred it (cred-it) n. A form of currancy.
Dag o bah (deg-o-buh) n. A slimy mud-hole planet.
Death Star (deth star) n. No moon, a spacestation.
dew back (doo-bak) n. A creature native to Tatooine with leathery skin, and it's bigger than a bread box.
droid (droyd) n. An inanimate being.
droid star fight er (droyd star fye-ter) n. A fighter ship piloted by a droid, or, a ship which is actually a droid.
dug (dug) n. A creature that walks on its hands and races pods.
e lec tro bin oc u lars (ee-lec-tro-bin-ok-u-lars) n. A device that lets you see things far away, but impairs your close-up vision.
Em pi re (em-pie-er) n. The group of people who make up the bad guys.
En dor (en dor) n. A forest moon of an unimportant planet.
e o pie (ee-oh-pee) n. A beast of burden native to Tatooine that is bigger than a bread box and has flatulence.
e wok (ee-wahk) n. A short, hairy, smelly race native to Endor.
fam baa (fam-bah) n. A creature native to Naboo which is bigger than a bread box, which carries energy shields, which are also bigger than bread boxes.
Force (force) n. An energy field created by all living things, it surrounds us and penatrates us and binds the galaxy together.
gal ax y (gal-ax-ee) n. A bunch of stars and planets in the same 100,000 light year radius.
gam or rean (gam-ore-ee-an) n. Ugly, drooling, stupid things that making crunching sounds when eaten.
gun gan (gun-gan) n. A member of a stupid amphibious race.
half-wit ted (haf-whit-ted) adj. Having but half a wit.
hol o cam (hol-oh-kam) n. A three-dimensional projector with which you don't even need 3-D glasses to get the effects.
Hoth (hoth) n. A freakin' cold planet.
hutt (hut) n. A member of a corpulent, slimy race.
hyp er drive (hye-per-drive) n. A thing that makes a ship go really really fast, and which breaks down a lot.
hyp er space (hye-per-space) n. Where you are and what you travel through when using hyperdrive.
Im per i al (im-peer-ee-al) adj. Having to do with the Empire.
Jed i (jed-eye) n. A hippie with ESP and a lightsabre.
Jed i Temp le (jed-eye tem-pole) Where the best of the Jedi hang out.
ja wa (jah-wah) n. Creatures native to Tatooine that are disgusting, and hard to abide.
Jundland Wastes (jund-land wastes) n. Where you should not travel lightly.
kaa du (ka-doo) n. A creature native to Naboo which is bigger than a bread box, and which gungans ride.
land speed er (land speed-der) n. A hovering transport that speeds across the land.
light sab re (lite-say-bur) n. The weapon of a Jedi knight, not as clumsy or random as a blaster, an elegant weapon, for a more civilized age.
Mill enn i um Fal con (mil-en-ee-um fal-kon) n. A hunk of junk that's the fastest ship in the galaxy.
mois ture farm (moys-tyor farm) n. A place where water is harvested.
Mon Cal a mar i (mon kal-a-mar-ee) n. The planet where the Mon Calamarians are from.
Mon Cal a mar i an (mon kal-a-mar-ee-an) n. Ugly, amphibious creatures that make good Admirals.
Mos Eis ley (moss iz-lee) n. Where you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. You must be cautious.
Mos Es pa (moss es-pah) n. Where all the great pod races are.
my nock (my-nok) n. A parasite about the size of a bread box, with wings.
Na boo (naw-boo) n. A pretty planet.
Na boo ro yal star ship (naw-boo roy-yal star-ship) n. A starship from Naboo used by royalty.
Neim oi di an (nee-moy-dee-an) n. A sleezy race that runs the Trade Federation.
nerf-her der (nerf-her-der) n. One who herds nerfs.
o pee sea kill er (oh-pee see kil-er) n. An ugly, roundish creature, native to the waters of Naboo which is bigger than a bread box.
O toh Gun ga (oh-toh gung-gah) n. A city under water where gungans live.
pod (pod) n. A little transport that goes really fast that you race.
pro ton tor pe do (pro-ton tore-pee-doe) n. A torpedo with which you cannot hit a target less than two meters in diameter.
ran cor (rane-core) n. A large stupid carnivorous creature, bigger than a bread box.
reb el (reb-el) n. A good guy.
Reb el Al li ance (reb-el Al-eye-ance) n. The group of people who make up the good guys.
res train ing bolt (re-strane-ing bolt) n. A thing you put on a droid if you don't want it wandering off, and you leave it on the droid if you don't want it wander off, no matter what it says to you, and no matter how big the droid is.
Rod i an (rode-ee-an) n. A green species that doesn't stand a chance against Corellians.
sar lacc (zar-lak) n. A creature native to Tatooine that lives in the ground and takes 1,000 years to digest human size bites of food.
scruff y-look ing (skruf-ee look-ing) adj. Having the look of being scruffy or unkempt.
Sith (sith) n. An evil hippie with ESP and a lightsabre.
Slave I (slave won) n. A star ship that looks like an iron.
smug gler (smug gler) n. One who ships stuff illegally.
space slug (space slug) n. A slug, bigger than a bread box, living in outer space.
speed er bike (speed-der bike) n. A one-man, speedy transport.
Star Des troy er (star des-troy-yer) n. A wicked big ship.
stuck-up (stuk-up) adj. Conceited.
TIE figh ter (tie fie-tur) n. Little imperial fighters that suffer heavy loses.
Tat oo ine (tat-oo-ween) n. The armpit of the galaxy.
taun taun (ton ton) n. A bipedel, smelly, snow creature that makes funny sounds.
therm al det on at or (therm-al det-on-ate-or) n. A device to use for threats.
Trade Fed er a tion (trade fed-er-a-shun) n. A sleezy branch of government run by Neimodians.
try (trie) v. Isn't even a word.
Tusk en Raid er (tusk-en ray-der) n. A species native to Tatooine that is easily startled but will come back, and in greater numbers.
Twi 'lek (twie-lek) n. A species with funny-looking tails growing out of its head.
wam pa (wham puh) n. A hairy carnivorous creature native to Hoth.
wook iee (wok-ee) n. A tall, hairy, smelly race native to Kashyyyk.
X-wing (ex-wing) n. A Rebel Alliance ship whose wings make the letter "x" when it's S-foils are locked in attack position.
Y-wing (why-wing) n. A Rebel Alliance ship whose wings make the letter "y."
Ya vin (yeah-vin) n. A big planet with gas.
Ya vin IV (yeah-vin for) n. The fourth moon of Yavin.

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