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Very Sad Star Wars Conversations

1. Names have been changed to Person A and Person B to protect the culturally challenged.
Person A: Do you know who the coolest character in Star Wars is?
Person B: Luke Skywalker?
Person A: No, Han Solo.
Person B: But doesn't he become Darth Vader?

2. Situation: A high school quiz bowl, the catagory is "Star Wars."
Question asker: What is the name of the female protagonist in Episode I The Phantom Menace?
Contestant: Uhhhh . . . Princess Keia?

3. In this conversation Person B is different than the above Person B. It should also be noted that this conversation took place over aol instant messenger.
Person A: Only one year and 232 more days until Star Wars Episode II.
Person B: You've got to be kidding, another one?

4. I wasn't actually present when this conversation took place, so it might not be completely acurate.
Person A: Who is Leia's biological father?
Person B: Anakin.
Person A: But isn't he just a little kid?

5. I wasn't present for this one either.
Person A: Do you know what the center switch on a speeder bike does?
Person B: Is that what "use the Force" means?

6. Nor was I present for this one.
Person A: Are there any books about Star Wars?
Person B: Yes.
Person A: Do they have four yet?
Person B: Yeah, there's about 30 or 40 or more but I've never counted them.
Person A: But there's only four movies.
Person B: Yeah.
Person A: So where do all the books come in?

7. Or this one.
Person A: Who is that?
Person B: Jabba the Hutt.
Person A: What is it?
Person B: A Hutt.

8. I actually was present for this one. Poor Person B. I laughed at her ignorance.
Person A: Have you seen the Episode II trailer?
Person B: Is that something on Comedy Central?

9. Here's what happens when you get two Star Wars-ignorant people together.
Person A: It sounds like one of those things Luke has.
Person B: A laser sword?

10. These people were looking at a picture of the Emperor, yes, the Emperor.
Person A: Isn't that Yoga?
Person B: It's Yodie.
Person C: No, it's Yoda, (looks at picture) and that's not him.

11. This is more a monologue than a converstion. One guy, talking to himself.
Person A: Liam Neeson was Obi-Wan wasn't, Ku-Kon Jinn.

12. This is rather sad. At least person B knows what he's talking about.
Person A: Is the tall guy Artoo?
Person B: No, that's C-3PO.
Person A: R4C-3PDO?
Person B: No, See Threepio.
Person C: (laughing) R4C-3DPO....?
Person A: So it's R4C-3PO?

13. That doesn't narrow it down much....
Person A: Which [Star Wars movie] do you want to watch?
Person B: The one with the tall robot and the short robot.

14. Okay, I was watching Spider-man in the theater and when the Star Wars trailer came on, the dumb kid next to me said this:
Dumb Kid: Oh, this is Superman!

15. Thank you for this one, Stelmarta. Oy vey is right.
Person A: So, what did you think of Episode I?
Person B: I really liked it, but why did they keep calling Luke Ani?

16. It's very sad that Person A had even seen Attack of the Clones
Person A: Seen any good movies lately?
Person B: Attack of the Clones.
Person A: Attack of the Clones? Really? That's an actual movie?
Person C: Star Wars.
Person A: Oh. I saw that.

17. It should be noted that this conversation was over MSN Messanger, and Person B is a Star Wars Geek, Person A knows nothing.
Person A: Are you gonna be on at 7 or 8?
Person B: Difficult to see, always in motion is the future.
Person A: Tell me, yes or no, my dad needs the phone soon!
Person B: Ah, father, powerful Jedi was he.
Person A: Stop quoting, damn you.
Person B: Powerful Jedi...*cackle*
Person B: Away put your weapon, I mean you no harm.
Person A: Well, I'm ready to go, see ya.
Person B: What know you ready? You are RECKLESS!
Person A: He's here, I have to go.
Person B: Obi-Wan Kenobi?
Person A: Yes, now by.
Person B: Hey Luke...may the Force be with you.

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