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AT-ST Diver

A page dedicated to my most faithful guest book signer:

AT-ST Driver (applause)

(also known as: adam, adam mcphee, AT, @, Lowbacca, Raynar Thull)

AT-ST Driver first signed my guest book as adam, back on September 17, 2000. (This is way back when this site was at He was the sixth person to sign in, and considering one was me and two were my relations, he was very prompt, signing it a mere six days after it was put up. As of today (June 2) he has signed 178 times out of the 412 entries (counting both guest books). That's 43% of the entries. Impressive, eh?

Quotes from AT-ST Driver:

"don't worship ewoks. it's bad 4 u."
*sigh* "i need to get a life."
"why can't canada afford to hear our anthem sung normally?"
"update this site or die, vermontian!!!"
"i wish i had a site of my own but, alas, i'm far to stupid."
"i need help."
"if you ever need help, i've just become a superhero!!! just shine a flashlight into the sky that makes a picture of an AT-ST and i'll show up, 'cuz i'm ATMAN!!!!"
"i've not signed this guest book for far too long."
"your guest book is named after an idiot. stupid, you are so stupid."
"it's all a conspiracy."
"the government kills people like me who know too much."
"Greetings, my name is Driver, AT-ST Driver."
"jedi annoy me."
"there 10 entries in a row."
"i'm special and paploo isn't."
"i'm a pimpley-faced 13 year old obsessed with SW."
"i think chewie is irish."

AT was recently missing from the world of Star Wars fan sites from April 6 to May 21. He didn't sign my guest book for 44 days 15 hours and 33 minutes. He returned, but I have not yet heard a decent explaination of this mysterious occurance. Here are the top ten theories:

1. Parents wouldn't let him use the computer because of bad grades
2. His computer broke
3. In a coma
4. He just didn't feel like signing guest books
5. On vacation, finally got past New Brunswick
6. Abducted by aliens
7. Kidnapped for ransom
8. Power outage
9. Some sort of bet
10. Some sort of joke

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