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Xtreme Triathlon Club







Membership of the Xtreme Triathlon Club costs $62 for combined XTC membership and compulsory Triathlon Victoria membership, and is valid for 12 months (renewable on 1 July each year). If you already have Triathlon Victoria membership for the coming season, the fee is $28.

Membership Benefits

Membership of XTC has many benefits. These include a 15% discount at Fitzroy Cycles, discounts of race entries, a discount on Triathlon Victoria membership, a monthly club newsletter keeping you up to date with the club, a coordinated and subsidised training program, discounted club clothing, $60 discount off the Xavier gym joining fee, and many social occasions to meet other members.

Membership Cards

Membership cards are issued to all members of the club. They are barcoded so that staff at the Stephenson Centre can scan them upon your entry to the centre.

The card can also be used to identify yourself as a member where special benefits are available (such as the discount from Fitzroy Cycles’ stores.)

Session Fees

The fees for each training session for this year are:

Swim: $60.50 per month / $70 10-Swim card / $8 Casual Swim
Windtrainer: $6 Members / $9 Non-Members
Run: $4 Members / $6 Non-Members

Social Membership

New this year is a new grade of XTC membership. As a number of members take a break from Triathlon but still wish to keep in touch socially with the club, XTC Social Membership will be available for only $10. This will keep you informed of all club activities and invited to all functions. (Note that social membership is not considered full membership under the rules of the club, and therefore benefits such as member rates at training, are not available.)


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Xtreme Triathlon Club Inc. (Reg. No. A0033693C)
PO Box 2231 Hawthorn LPO, VIC 3122.  Ph.(03) 9853 0281

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