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Xtreme Triathlon Club





The Xtreme Triathlon Club

The Xtreme Triathlon Club is a club with a strong commitment to its members, and continually looks for ways to improve the benefits provided. Our training program and coaching staff cater to all abilities - from the beginner to the budding world champion. XTC also offers a social program that we believe strengthens the club and increases the bonds between members. XTC was set up in the spirit of sportsmanship, friendship and as a training base for athletes with the common goal to be the best they can be, whether that means to improve on past performances, finish a race or represent Australia.

Please take time to look around our website about the club if you would like further details about the club or want to come along to one of our training sessions.

Or just drop us a message to let us know you have been here, and tell us what you think of our website.

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Xtreme Triathlon Club Inc. (Reg. No. A0033693C)
PO Box 2231 Hawthorn LPO, VIC 3122.  Ph.(03) 9853 0281

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