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Welcome to life story of two youths who in their lifes will go through trials that will make them grow stronger together and show them the true meaning of love.

Telhko Duran is a lowly pickpocketing elf who prefers to be called a "treasure hunter". Unfortunately he likes to hunt in other peoples pouches and pockets. Almost always with his hood over his eyes, he likes to keep a mysterious appearance. In truth, its better than that of a thief.

Hyancinth Ravenwing is an ordinary elvenmaiden whos lived in a peaceful backwater village all of her life but all this changes as Hya's regular errands for her mother saves the elvenmaiden. When her village is lost in flames it forces her to travel with her childhood friend Tehlko to far off lands in search of a reason for her hometown's destruction.

In this site you shall see all their story unfold as they learn to live together and even love each other through the tough times. The dragon Dar' Quiwl has witnessed the story through his own eyes and will be your guide through their adventure. The reason he has been able to keep a record of all that happens to the two elves is the fact that he has the power to shape shift, giving him the ability to watch unseen. Dar' Quiwl has recorded many lives in his life time. This is the story of Telhko Duran and Hyacinth Ravenwing, the Elven Lovers.

I am Dar' Quiwl. Keeper of Memories. I am here to tell the story concerning the two I have named, The Elven Lovers. A story that is one which I wish to share with the world. Their love passes boundries mortals cannot comprehend and even kindles envy in those who are immortal. It starts in the ashes of a once beautiful village and continues along a long road of troubles which will make these two rely on each other for help and support. Below is the list of their paths in order from the beginning to the end. I hope you will enjoy their story as I have.


The River Side

A Lesson in Magic

The Darkness...

Dark Legend

Come place your remarks on the story of these two young lovers in The Book of Memories. It is a book of mine that I have kept over the centuries recording people's thoughts and questions and my answers to them.

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