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Jim Casey

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Welcome to Jim Casey's Vermont Guitars
Cort Standard Series Electric Guitars

At Jim Casey's Vermont Guitars I give you personalized service in the  selection of your Cort Guitar, my lowest prices, and fast, courteous, old fashioned service.  You won't find a shopping cart site here, just excellent prices and great service!

If you have a question...just e-mail me for a prompt response. 

E-mail me for FASTEST SERVICE!

313 Stevens Lane
Barton, Vermont  05822-9536

Phone: (802) 525-4909 eFax: (603) 719-8193
(Best time to call is between 12 NOON - 10:00 PM Eastern Time)

Another quality instrument line from my Vermont Music Shop!

I am pleased to announce 
that the Westheimer Corporation 
has honored me with the distinction of being their 



For 39 years, Cort's vision has been to build the best sounding acoustic guitars. The highest quality hand selected, aged woods coupled with hand finishing using mother of pearl, abalone and exotic wood inlays. Master craftsmen turn these fine materials into guitars that are among the world's finest.

Cort Standard Series Electric Guitars

All Cort guitars are backed by a limited 
A Sound Investment for years to come!

Images coming soon!

Solid G50

Solid G50 list price $250. 
MY PRICE $179.00

Finish: Black, Cherry Red, Ivory

Solid G100

Solid G100 list price $349.95
My price $259.00

Finish: Black

SP3 TAB - Fender Strat Copy SP3 TAB list price $229.95
My Price $159.00 

Solid Agathis Body
25 1/2" Scale
Rosewood Neck
Powersound Pickups
Finish:  Tobacco Tone Vintage Sunburst

SP3 - Fender Strat Copy


list price $199.95 
My Price $149.00

Body: Laminated Agathis
25 1/2"  Scale
Rosewood Neck
Powersound Pickups
Finish: Black, Ivory, Red, Foam Green

(No image available)


list price $229.95.
My Price $169.00

Left Hand Version of the above guitar
Finish: Black

As always, the Prices shown on every Cort Guitar includes Shipping to your door anywhere within the continental United States!


Last Updated on 21 July 2000

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