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Welcome to Jim Casey's Vermont Guitars
Cort Signature Electric Guitars

At Jim Casey's Vermont Guitars I give you personalized service in the  selection of your Cort Guitar, my lowest prices, and fast, courteous, old fashioned service.  You won't find a shopping cart site here, just excellent prices and great service. 

If you have a question...just e-mail me for a prompt response. 

E-mail me for FASTEST SERVICE!

313 Stevens Lane
Barton, Vermont  05822-9536

Phone: (802) 525-4909 eFax: (603) 719-8193
(Best time to call is between 12 Noon and 1-:00 PM Eastern Time)

Another quality instrument line from my Vermont Music Shop!

I am pleased to announce 
that the Westheimer Corporation 
has honored me with the distinction of being their 



Cort Guitars from Jim Casey's Vermont Guitars
A leading producer of quality guitars for 39 years, Cort's uniqueness has attracted the legendary talents of artists of the caliber of Larry Coryell, Matt "Guitar" Murphy, and studio great Joe Beck among others.  Each Cort guitar is skillfully handcrafted and hand finished by craftsmen averaging 20 years as guitar builders. By commissioning the finest U.S. designers and coupling hand selected North American hardwoods with versatile sound enhancing electronics, Cort has produced the finest commercially available guitars & basses on the market today.  

Cort Signature Series Electric Guitars
Something Special...
 from Special People...
 for Special People!

Every Cort Instrument carries a limited LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Click on image for larger view!

Cort Guitar Hiram Bullock Special Electric Guitar

Hiram Bullock was the first guitarist on "Saturday Night Live" and "The David Letterman Show". On NBC's "Night Music" Hiram served as musical director where he played with, among others, Steve Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, and Pete Townsend. Although best known for his work with David Sanbourn, Hiram has recorded with the likes of Billy Joel, Steely Dan, and Al Jareau. Hiram has designed his first signature model with Cort.

Hiram Bullock Special Electric Guitar from Cort Guitar

HBS list price $699. 
MY PRICE $439.00

Hiram Bullock Signature Model
25 1/2" Scale / Bird's Eye Hard Maple Neck
Light Swamp Ash Body
9 1/2" Finger Board Radius
MIGHTYMITE Pickups, Chrome Hardware
Wilkinson VS50 II Tremolo Bridge
Colors: Three Tone Sunburst

Cort Guitar MGM-1 from Jim Casey's Vermont Guitars

Cort and Matt "Guitar" Murphy appearing in "BLUES BROTHERS 2000." Matt "Guitar" Murphy has been a legend in the blues community since his early days with James Cotton right up to his pivotal role as a member of the Blues Brothers Band. Matt has worked closely with Cort to create his signature model guitar.


Matt "Guitar" Murphy Special Signature Electric Guitar from Cort Guitar

   Matt "Guitar" Murphy

MGM-1 list price $750.
My price $459.00

Matt "Guitar" Murphy Signature Model
24 3/4" Scale / set-in Maple Neck
Agathis Body w/ Quilted Maple Top
12" Finger Board Radius
Tune-O-Matic Bridge, Gold Hardware
Colors: Amber Glossy, Three Tone Sunburst

Cort Guitar's Larry Coryell Signature Electric Acoustic Guitar

"Cort's Larry Coryell Signature Guitar emerged as our unanimous fave."
-Guitar player Magazine-
Larry Coryell, seminal fusion pioneer, has influenced a generation of guitarists through his solo work and associations with the likes of John McLaughlin, Miles Davis, and Jimi Hendrix. Larry has designed the LSC-1 in conjunction with Cort, integrating characteristics he has always sought in a guitar


Larry Coryell Signature Model by Cort Guitars

        Larry Coryell

LSC-1 list price $1,495. 
My Price $799.00

24 3/3" scale / Maple Neck
Spruce Top, Flamed Maple sides & back 
15 3/4" Finger Board Radius
Duncan Designed HB101N & HB102B pickups
Rosewood Bridge w/ Tailpiece, Gold Hardware
Colors: Natural, Vintage Burst

Cort Guitars Beck Alto Electric Hollow Body Guitar

Joe Beck, beyond holding the distinction as Miles Davis' first guitarist is Pop Music's reigning Studio Ace.  Joe has recorded with an array of notables from Frank Sinatra to James Brown. Joe has developed his unique alto instrument tuned A to A and incorporating a split signal allowing one to chord and play an accompanying bass line simultaneously.

BECK - ALTO list price $1,195.
My Price $669.00

24 3/4" Scale
Spruce Body Top, Flamed Maple Sides and Back
Maple Neck w/ 12" Fret Board Radius
Custom-made Treble Bass Split Pickup
Rosewood Bridge w/ JB Tailpiece, Gold Hardware
Special String Gauge
Color: Natural

Cort Guitars Beck 6 Hollow Body Electric Guitar

Joe developed the Beck 6, a standard tuned box with a patented double humbuckers.

BECK-6 list $895.
My Price $519.00

24 3/4" Scale
Spruce Body Top, Maple Sides and Back
Maple Neck w/ 12" Fret Board Radius
MIGHTYMITE covered Vintage alnico Humbuckers  Pickup
Rosewood Bridge, JB Tailpiece, Chrome Hardware
Color: Natural, Vintage Burst

Cort Billy Cox Signature Freedom Electric Bass Guitar

Billy Cox, Legendary member of Jimi Hendrix's band of Gypsys and Gypsy Suns and Rainbows has joined the Cort family. Billy has designed his Freedom Bass, a reversed "P" bass and "J" bass hybrid with active to passive control, stacked volume and tone knobs and a 24 frets fingerboard access, to his specifications.


Cort Signature Freedom Electric Bass Guitar designed by Billy Cox

Billy Cox

FREEDOM BASS list $750.
My Price $459.00

34" Scale / bolt-on Neck
Ash Body, Hard Maple Neck
12" Fret Board Radius
Custom-made Powersound pickups
Color: Three Tone Sunburst

Cort Guitar Jim Triggs TRG-2 Hollow Body Electric Guitar

Jim Triggs has been building handmade instruments for 25 years.  Triggs' players include Alan Jackson, Steve Miller, etc.

-Warm Tone
-Light Weight
-Rockabilly to blues!


Cort Guitar Signature Special Hollow Body Electric Guitars

          Jim Triggs

list $895.
My Price $539.00

24 3/4" Scale, set-in Hard Maple Neck
Maple Top, Sides, and Back
12" Fret Board Radius
MIGHTYMITE covered Vintage alnico Humbuckers
"C" Vibrato Bridge, Gold Hardware
Colors: Black, Transparent Orange

Cort Jim Triggs Signature Chamber Body Electric Guitar
TRG - Chamber
TRG - Chamber list $350.
My Price $259.00

24 3/4" Scale, bolt-on Maple Neck
Agathis Body
12" Fret Board Radius
Powersound Pickups
Tune-O-Matic Bridge, Chrome Hardware
Colors: Black, Robin's Egg Blue

As always, the Prices shown on every Cort Guitar includes Shipping to your door anywhere within the continental United States!


Last Updated on 21 July 2000

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