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Jim Casey's Vermont Guitars
313 Stevens Lane
Barton, Vermont 05822-9536
(802) 525-4909  - eFax (208) 247-2689
on-line Pager (800) 724-6644



My entire goal and philosophy is to offer you the best possible one-on-one personalized service, no impersonal shopping cart site here, just fast delivery, and my lowest prices.  It's just that simple!  If you want information, just e-mail me.  I will get right back to you not next week or next year but usually within a matter of minutes.  Of course when different time zones are involved or different countries it may not reach you until the next day.  Hey we both gotta sleep!!! :-)  

At any rate to keep prices low AND to provide the fastest service possible I only accept Postal Money Orders, Certified Bank Cashiers Check or Bank Money Orders, and if you are in a very big hurry or if the purchase is a time-sensitive gift I accept Direct Deposit Bank Wire Transfers.


I do NOT accept personal checks, credit cards (if you want to place your purchase on a credit card to take advantage of attractive prepayment terms make a cash withdrawal on your account and send me a certified check).  I DO NOT accept private, unsecured money orders of the type that can be purchased through a super market, pharmacy or mini-mart. I will not accept Domestic Bank Drafts.  They must be Certified Postal Money Orders or a BANK Cashier's, Tellers, or personal BANK ISSUED Money Order.   I will accept checks from certain institutions and organizations with prior approval.  And I do not ship COD under any circumstances! Please do not ask for exceptions to the above terms.

On international sales my terms are DIRECT BANK WIRE TRANSFER in USD (US Dollars).  I do not accept International Bank Drafts.


I do not have an 800 line except for my Internet Pager.  I do not print up fancy color catalogs that are touted as being free!  Who are they kidding.  Only a fraction of those who receive these "FREE color catalogs",  often 4-6 or more times a year, ever purchase anything.  So who pays for those FREE catalogs? It's the few who DO ACTUALLY PURCHASE from these companies and to me it's asking a lot to ask the "few" to foot the bill for all those wishful dreamers who never buy anything but have fun looking at catalogs!  I don't begrudge folks having dreams.  But my loyalty is to YOU, my customer.  And when you buy from me you are supporting someone who is in your corner and not the cost of they way I'm doing business!  I'm not a mass marketer.  I don't have a bank of order takers. And I think most of my loyal customers have come to realize the old fashioned, down to earth way that I run my business and how I treat them.  You don't become a credit card number, a dollar sign, phone number, or an invoice number to me!  You are a brother or sister musician and member of my family and I treat you that way!  

Do I have a 30-day money back guarantee...NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Any of the products that I sell are high quality name brand items that can be seen and tried most anyplace who charges full retail or may give you a token 5-10% off.  Every Guitar I carry is guaranteed by the Manufacturer, some carry Lifetime Warranties! All of my guitars are shipped to you in brand new sealed boxes direct from the warehouse!  Some instruments are drop shipped direct to you and some are special ordered direct to my shop as ordered.  Think about it for one second.  

Get past the idea of a 30-day satisfaction money back guaranty for a second.  Sounds good at first doesn't it!  If you don't like something you have to pay freight and insurance both ways.  OK that part is fair but often overlooked.  But think about this even more seriously.  The guitar you get may have been sent out once, maybe even twice to other people to "just look at and play for 30 days".  When these are returned they are resold as "new". Every time any product is shipped it is subject to damage whether internal or external.  Now if a guitar is taken out of its factory packing and "USED" and tried and shipped back are you sure it was repacked properly to protect it from damage?  Of course the dealer will repack it correctly.  The bottom line is that you may well be getting a USED product!  This is something that I personally cannot ethically condone nor will I subject my customers to.  

I've returned too many defective items to local retail stores only to be given a new one and see them replace the defective item right back on the shelves.  I always have a pen on me and when I see something like that happen I always wait until the clerk is gone and go over and write on the box, "This items is defective and was returned to the store on (date).  Now is that legal?  I don't know.  But I always feel that it's been morally correct!   


That all depends on you.  The minute I have received your order and payment your order is entered within 5 minutes!  Orders are usually shipped within 24 hours.  The rest is up to how far you live from me or the warehouse...two, three, five days?

If you are in a mild hurry I suggest that you invest $3.50 to send me your order by Priority Mail.  The Post Office says this takes two days.  But in actual fact Priority Mail carries no guarantees. Remember this $3.50 fee listed on the order form is the postage that you send your order to me with.  It has nothing what-so-ever to do with a "RUSH HANDLING FEE" that I charge.  I expedite every order.  It's part of my standard service!  During the Christmas rush I had many Priority Letters take 7-15 days to arrive!  Express Mail is "guaranteed" next day or your money back.  But it is pricey.  For the same amount you can wire your payment to me by Direct Wire Transfer and if sent early in the day I will usually get it within 2-4 hours when sent from within the US.  Overseas bank wires may take 2-4 days.  I have on-line banking and can watch my account on the computer and know immediately when your payment arrives.  If this is your choice you can request my Bank Routing Number and transfer information.  It's easy, safe, reliable, traceable from either end, and fast.


In all cases my concern is with pleasing and satisfying you.  I request that everyone drop me an e-mail before placing an order.  I like to gather all of your information and have a Purchase Order all completed before you send your order so that I can have it ready for prompt order placement.  In most cases there will be some dialogue.  Remember I am here to help you.  I want to help you select an instrument that suits your NEEDS, your DESIRES, and your POCKET BOOK!  Now sometimes that is a hard task as our dreams often tend to exceed our pocketbooks, don't they,  but there is always something that's the right choice for everyone!

If there are any questions that you have after reading this please feel free to e-mail me to ask!  REMEMBER THERE IS ONLY ONE QUESTION THAT I CONSIDER A "DUMB QUESTION"!  That is the one that truly concerns you but that you are, for some reason, afraid to ask because you think it's dumb.  If a question concerns you then please ask it for it concerns me too!!! To me there is no such thing as a dumb question.  We often perceive the simple question as being dumb in our own minds and are embarrassed thinking that we should be expected to know these things. Believe me I have asked plenty of "dumb questions" of big time experts over my life and found that all were welcomed.  So I welcome yours!

Thanks for your interest, I look forward to serving you! 


Jim Casey's Vermont Guitars