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the green lantern coffeehouse

The Green Lantern Coffeehouse | Entertainment Schedule

Wow we did a lot of shows , any musicians who played here gets my undying gratitude (Psst! got that five bucks?)

OLD SHOWS (from 2005 & 2006) BELOW...

Tuesday Night Trivia and Game Night--free, all-ages, starts around 9pm. Test your wits as an individual or a team. Earn prizes as well as pride. Fun for idiots too. Learn a new game like PoopieCat or refine your chess skills afterwards.
Weird Winonan Wednesday--free, all-ages, at dusk. Paranormal discussion and film night. Share an unbelievable story, get exposed to new ideas, or heckle a movie Mystery Science Theater style.
Free Speech Night--free, all-ages, 8pm. Like an open mic/talent show...where music (or talent) isn't necessarily required. Rant or ramble, sing or speak, whatever.
Love Learn Teach. Personal and political discussion along with random propaganda and films.
*All month--Tsunami relief/aid--art auction and book sale (all the books you can physically carry for $10). Sponsored by Food Not Bombs and the Everland Collective .
Sat. 8th--Kreg Viesselman (Taj Mahal loves this baritone bluesman)
Fri. 14th--"I Have A Dream" puppet show (MLK-love)
Sat. 15th--Invisible Republic (is it jazz? electronica? hip-hop? ragtime? it is!)
Thurs. 20th--Tsunami art-auction inauguration and book sale at 6pm (hosted by the Everland Collective) + "Not One Dime Day"--free coffee and hot cocoa by Food Not Bombs
Fri. 21st-- Chris Koza (indie-folk) {postponed due to blizzard}
Sat. 22nd--Kreg Viesselman (again, rootsy folk-blues)
Sun. 23rd--Winona County Green Party meeting at 6pm.
Fri. 28th--Richard Lee Armstrong (elder half of the father/son "picnic")
Sat. 29th--Robert Lee Armstrong (strong-arm offspring, take your father to work weekend)
*All month--EXTENDED! Tsunami relief/aid--art auction and book sale (all the books you can physically carry for $10). Sponsored by Food Not Bombs and the Everland Collective .
*All month--ART SHOW DEBUT! "the Blessed Malnutritional Heart", new paintings by Dr.Bob.
Tues. 1st--Tuesday Night Trivia contest at 8pm sharp.
Wed. 2nd--Weird Winonan Wednesday discussion group w/ film at 8pm. Don't mind Punxsutawney Phil, bring your shadow out with you tonight regardless of the weather.
Thurs. 3rd--Scatmandu: open-mic/talent show at 8pm.
Fri. 4th--Art Reception for "the Blessed Malnutritional Heart" from 6-ish to whenever you leave.
Sat. 5th--live music with blues-folkster Patrick Wolfe at 9pm.
Tues. 8th--TNT
Wed. 9th--WWW
Thurs. 10th--Scatmandu
Fri. 11th--puppet show: "Love Is A Rabid Dog From Hell" at 9pm. indie-film/musical: "Love Is Stupid" by Jenny Jenkins. DJ Rumpshaker to follow.
Sat. 12th--puppet show: "Love Is A Rabid Dog From Hell" at 9pm. indie-film/musical: "Love Is Stupid" by Jenny Jenkins. With Chocolate Lovers Buffet (a banquet for jilted lovers or the perfect couple).
sunday feb.13th--we're closed of course, but we'll all be jammed into polly gower's, for a winona-style house-concert with Chris Chandler & Anne Feeney. We LOVED them at the Lantern, and will LOVE them this V-Day Eve.
Tues. 15th--TNT, compete against your current/ex-/soon-to-be lover(s).
Wed. 16th--WWW. Share your joy, or misery, with your fellow weirdos.
Thurs. 17th--Scatmandu. Win back your former g-friend with a love poem, or sever all ties with that a-hole with a scathing a capella number. It's "make-up or break-up" time.
Fri. 18th--now that you're feeling great, recharge your batteries with the freeflowing turntable-jazz of Invisible Republic.
Sat. 19th--live music with a bit of emo-piano and indie-punk: The Conversation from El Paso Texas and Mike Midwestern from St.Paul.
Tues. 22nd--TNT
Wed. 23rd--(WWW will be cut short due to...)OPENING NIGHT OF THE WANDERING MINSTRELS TOUR with live music by Teague Alexy(Duluth, MN) and the Rev. Eddie Danger(Stevens Point, WI). *popsoulrootsrock, funk-lite/diet-jazz, worldbeat, reggae-raps, a one-man/scatman band w/ a big band sound.
Thurs. 24th--Tsunami benefit with multiple musical acts (Himes, Froseph, Alexander Supertramp, Mike Bird, Betsy Neil, Chris Kendall and Mark Gunderson) book sale, art auction. Followed by Scatmandu, if time allows.
Fri. 25th--welcome back, alt-country from the north country, Sterling Waters.
Sat. 26th--Norouis (pronounced Nor-WEE). male/female piano/drum duo from Mankato MN.
That's it, Feb. is over! We're hoping it was short & sweet for you.
MARCH '05:
Wed. 2nd--Weird Winonan Wednesday, with special locally made Dr.Seuss Tribute films for the Dr.'s Birthday
Thurs. 3rd--open poetry'd be Alan Ginsberg's Birthday
Fri. 4th--March Forth! to the Lacuna Beach show (free-form jazz, featuring members of New X and Endtime Quartet)
Sat. 5th--DJ Rumpshaker (spinning the black circle){celebrate the death of Stalin)
Sun. 6th--Froseph recording session (eavesdrop at the window)
Tues. 8th--The Conversation (indie piano f/ El Paso, TX){International Women's Day}
Thurs. 10th--Vigilance (open mic w/ turntables)
Fri. 11th--Billy X the X Art Ensemble (performance rants){formation of independent Oglala Sioux Nation at Wounded Knee, 1973}
Sat. 12th--the Beef Slough Boys (rags n hollers){Jack Kerouac's B-Day}
Tues. 15th--TNT/Trivia {Watts Riots in LA, 1965 F.Y.I.}
Thurs. 17th--St.Paddy's Day, tons of Irish drink and food, with Leprechaun Lunacy puppet show, and music by "The Boys From County Hell"
Fri 18th--Lacuna Beach {postponed due to blizzard} Tonight's musical guest will be Robbie from Norway "the heavy metal dude"
Sat. 19th--Tom Robinson (Brazilian rhythms)
Sun. 20th--Green Party meeting
Tues. 22nd--WSU's Grub Street presents: Poetry & Prose/Anything Goes at 6pm, followed by TNT {take a nap here, celebrate the 1967 San Francisco sleeping ban enforced on hippies}
Wed. 23rd--WWW {ok, this was the 1918 Trial of 101 Wobblies--why not sit on one of our wobbly stools? hah--get it?}
Thurs. 24th--Open mic with option of playing 15 minutes of your records/tapes/CD's. {the Big Wu show is sold out...we'll play their cd if you bring it}
Fri. 25th--Riverway Art Reception, and live music by Chris Koza, John Bernadot, Ed Lagace', and Megan & Jodi. {Good Friday, Full Moon, Critical Mass is in the air tonight to boot!}
Sat. 26th--Charlie Parr (Duluth's finest bluesman certainly, our favorite in the entire world!) Slide in with a $5 ticket.
SUNDAY MARCH 27th--EASTerSIDE ROBOTS and Southerly {a show of local robots and a road-weary indie humanoid}. *this is a "secret" show, in an undisclosed location, attendees must be (or dress as) robots. Stop in and ask Dr.Bob for details.
Tues. 29th--TNT--(nothing historical happened today, ever)
Wed. 30th--BPDistro tour kickoff! With Mike Bird, Froseph, and BP Propaganda. (Anarcho-Folk/Acoustic-Punk)
Thurs. 31st--NVSBLRePBLK (experimental hip-hop and jazz--which you are invited to "join", be ready)
APRIL '05:
*All-month: Riverway Community School Art Auction. Recycled materials turned into art by students and faculty of the school. All proceeds from this ongoing art auction benefit Riverway students. Show hangs until May 13th.
April 1st--1st annual Funky Formal. No foolin'. Re-live the Prom that you didn't go too. Dress up and dance (you'll receive a dance card). Don't be a wallflower.
Sat. 2nd--Colony of Watts (loud angular indie-rock f/ Madison, WI)
Wed. 6th--Beaners Central DVD/CD release (our friends in Duluth, MN) w/ Teague Alexy, Sara Softich and Jason Wussow.
Sat. 9th--Winona and Duluth combine to form the free-form jazz monster known as Lacuna Beach, feat. members of New X and Endtime Quartet.
Tue. 12th--WSU's poetry club, Grub Street, hosts an open poetry reading starting at 6:00 or so.
Fri. 15th--Winona's female acoustic duo, Megan & Jodi.
Sat. 16th--the return of our favorite post-modern rappin' cowboy...SANDMAN!. 2 shows: 7pm and 10pm. $5 tickets available at the Lantern, Blue Heron Coffeehouse, and Bluff Country Co-op. Tix encouraged, as these too will probably sell out.
Sun. 17th--Green Party meeting
Thur. 21st--Open Mic. feat. outta-towners Eric Sommer and Tom Robinson.
Fri. 22nd--Norouis (male/female, drum/piano duo from Mankato, MN)
Sat. 23rd--an Earth Night show with the Reverend Eddie Danger(f/ Stevens Point, WI)
Fri. 29th--Singepop Records presents: Electric Joyride & Moxie Bliss. Midwest indie-poprock.
Sat. 30th--"30/30: Anniversary of the Vietnam War's End". 8pm, free, all-ages, vets and non-vets welcome. Simulated live radio show with Dr.Bob and Billy X.(a Vietnam Veterans Against the War regional contact for MN). Concert feat. live jazz from The New X Art Ensemble, feat. the Amazing Tess Toster Tones and special guests.
MAY '05:
Sun. 1st--a rare Sunday show for MAYDAY, featuring: Trailer Records' (Iowa City label of Greg Brown, Bo Ramsey, Joe Price)The Pines. A Minneapolis duo in the vein of Dylan, Brown, Calexico...spaghetti westerns and spooky rockers.
Wed. 4th--we strongly recommend going to the ukelele festival and screening of the film, Rock That Uke, at the Winona Arts Center. Featuring: Rumble Pups, Jack Norton, Beef Slough Boys, Froseph, and more.
Thurs. 5th--shooting scene in the Lantern for "When They Fall" (a local film by Scott Thompson).
Fri. 6th--Richard Lee Armstrong (honky-tonk).
Sat. 7th--Cam Waters (smart melodic blues from Iowa City/Rochester MN)
Fri. 13th--Riverway Art Auction closing, last chance to make your bid. Ends at 11:59pm...with
Friday the 13th--"Night of the Living Vinnie" Part III. (each time this special day rolls around, we put our pal Vinnie--an ornery black house cat--on stage). "Real" entertainment provided by the jazz combo, Lacuna Beach 3.
Sat. 14th--Kreg Viesselman. another Lantern fave--folk~roots~blues.
Thur. 19th--The Conversation(indie-piano f/ El Paso, TX).
Fri. 20th--New X Art Ensemble (Zappa-esque improv-poetry-noise)
Sat. 21st--Tom Robinson(Brazilian guitar, from Minneapolis).
Wed. 25th &
Thurs. 26th--a Hobo Hootenany feat.: Kuddie, with Bob & Diana Suckiel (all members of Utah Phillips/Larry Penn/Mark Ross etc's band "The Rose Tattoo"){new news: Kuddie can't make it due to a medical issue--get well soon, friend.}
possible late show May 26th--Pennsylvania hip-hop feat. Witness w/ DJ Atarax and Unsung.{this hip-hop show has gotten married to Charlie Parr's show at Rascals later this night. Come here first, go there last.
Fri. 27th--another FUNKY FORMAL dance party. Theme: Spies & Private Eyes. (dress up and win prizes, be here in disguises.) 9pm.
Sat. 28th--all day "Spring Cleaning Circus Tent Sale" in the backyard. a "Love's Hangover Sale", if you will. the Lantern will be under the big-top, along with live music, and "Hot Lava" puppet theatre. A fundraiser--show your love.
JUNE '05:
Saturdays in June are puppet-packed.
Presenting "Hot Lava"--matinees at 3pm, evenings at 7pm & 11pm.
Fri. 3rd--Lacuna Beach Trio (live jazz} at 9pm, followed by Hot Lava Puppet show at 11pm.
Sat. 4th--Hot Lava puppet shows at 3pm & 7pm & 11pm.
Mon. 6th--we encourage your attendance at Soupstock. Food Not Bombs and Everland Collective are throwing a party in honor of the 25yr. anniversary of FnB, and the 2nd B-Day of Everland. All-ages, free, from 7-11pm at Holzinger Lodge. There'll be food, an art auction/book sale for Tsunami relief and music from 3 Duluth bands (Words to a Film Score, Fair-Weather Friend, and Crew Jones) as well as locals Froseph, Mike Bird, the Rumble Pups, Random Thoughts, and Infidel Castro.
Thurs. 9th--We also HIGHLY recommend this show...join hometown hero Jack Norton with his band The Mullet River Boys along with bluegrass legends, Monroe Crossing, for an evening of bluegrass and vaudeville at the Historic Masonic Theater! 7:30 doors, 8pm show. Tickets available here: $12 adv., $15door, $10 students.
Sat. 11th--more Hot Lava puppet shows, 3, 7, 11pm.
Sun. June 12th--a very special/rare SUNDAY show, featuring Pamela Wyn Shannon (aka "Leaf"). Mesmerizing Celtic-folk from New England, a faerie-minstrel who could be the offspring of Nick Drake/Van Morrisson/Andy Goldsworthy and Buffy Ste. Marie. "World to your Mother!"
Thurs. 16th--another Funky Formal.
Fri. 17th--the MN State Green Party Convention comes to town, bringing with it Anne Feeney and Raphael, who'll be playing at the Blue Heron. We love Anne, and understand if you don't wanna come here tonight.
Sat. 18th--Hot Lava, 3, 7, 11pm.
Fri. 24th--opening of the Great River Shakespeare Festival, followed by the eclectic/electric folk-stylings of Jeff Mitchell at the Lantern. 9pm, free.
Sat. 25th--a secret puppet-performance of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" for the Shakespeare Co. cast & crew, ask Dr.Bob for location. Followed by pretty good pretty music by James Parker and his geetar and harp at the Lantern. Free, all-ages.
Thurs. 30th--Southerly vs. Northerly. an "uncivil" war between Madison and Winona. A battle royale of one-man armies from above and below the 44th parallel.
JULY '06:
Fri. 1st--Lacuna Beach Trio (free jazz) I pity the fool who doesn't catch these guys. Mind blowing!D.B.
Wed. 6th--why, it's Action Jacksen's Super-Jam!
Fri. 8th--Sterling Waters (alt-country superstar). perhaps this show will be in the backyard?! that'd be sweet, eh?
Sat. 9th--Funky Formal dance party!!! The theme is pirates! Show up early and join the "treasure" hunt.
Fri. 15th--Dr. Bob (punk rock blues)
Sat. 16th--go to an early show at Latsch Island 4-9pm featuring Uke Of Phillips & A.M.O.S. from New Orleans, Mike Bird, Froseph, Rumble Pups, Himes etc.
Then come here for A Midsummer Night's Dream puppet show! it's nearing midsummer and the shakespeare festival is in town. 9 & 11pm showtimes.
Thurs. 21nd--river hoboes will be showing some of their films! seriously, come on down. interesting stories.
Fri. 22nd--The Friends (Alt rock)
Sat. 23rd--"A Midsummer Night's Dream" + DJ Kundalini
Fri. 29th--the legendary Charlie Parr (home blues--in the backyard!)
Sat. 30th--"A Midsummer Night's Dream" Puppet Theatre by Dr. Bob @ 9pm and 11pm, interrupted and followed by a trio of DJ's (DJ Click, DJ Decibal, DJ TiHKAL, who want you to dance! $5
Tues. 2nd--Eileen Hazel--FolkDiva artist from Berkeley, CA. Free show! 8pm.
Wed. 3rd--open mic
Thurs. 4th--Weird Winonan sci-fi night
Fri. 5th--pre-Corn superjam
Sat. 6th--have you heard of Cream Corn Wrestling? hmm.
Sun. 7th--Eyedea is playing at Rascals. that's cool.
*we're gonna shut down for this week and spit-shine and remodel the'll be better than ever! stop by if you want, have a beer or soda and help us work. yeah, work party!
Aug 12th-13th--we'll be at the FeelGood Festival near Stevens Point, WI. it's a cool party thrown by our buddy the Rev.Eddie Danger...Dr.Bob's Puppetry to be performed there.
*now come here and check out our new'll be like a unofficial grand re-opening!
Fri. 19th--Artist's paintings by Menthol.
Sat. 20th--welcome back to the amazing Eric Sommer, a Bostonian in Wash.DC who stopped by an open-mic as he passed through and floored us. Eric has a guitar and will travel...shared bills with The Cars, Spider John Koerner, Dead Kennedys, Leon Redbone and more. Fans of John Fahey, Leo Kottke, Joe Jackson, and Elvis Costello take note! is this blues/jazz/rock/pop? 2 shows, 7 & 10pm, $5.
Tues. 23rd--Tuesday Night Trivia is back! This week is the back-to-school (groan!) edition. Prizes for all! 9pm.
Wed. 24th--open mic hosted by 3rd Street Rag. 9pm.
Thurs. 25th--Weird Winonans film night...a benefit to get a new film projector. (*help*)
Fri. 26th--Dr.Bob vs. Big Baby! Dr.Bob wants to shut that big whiner up!
Sat. 27th--Lacuna Beach Trio--free jazz! 9pm. (Kreg Viesselman, post-poned til Oct.1st)
*ART--new paintings by Menthol til September "something". From huge to pocket-sized, some in 3D, some on record sleeves, some on records, some on CD's, some get the point. Most for sale! Last part of month=new paintings by Meghan Geiger.
Fri. & Sat. Sept. 2 & 3rd--"Pillow Talk" with Dr.Bob's "Circus de Wacco" puppet show. WSU Dept. of Theatre & Dance, w/ the Wenonah Players. 7:30pm, free, 2 days. Black Box Theatre @ WSU's Performing Arts Center.
Fri. Sept. 2nd--"Meet the Puppets", marionette intro.
Sat. Sept. 3rd--Lonesome Dan Kase--genuine old-time country blues (Minneapolis)
Fri. Sept. 9th--Dr.Bob's Puppet Party...humans welcome!
Sat. Sept. 10th--Tom Robinson (Brazilian tinged singer-songwriter-guitarist)
Wed. Sept. 14th--Wheels of Justice tour presents Dave Lippman and George Shrub (the world's only known singing CIA agent). Brilliant songwriting and satirical political comedy! With locals Mike Bird & Froseph supporting. 8pm. $5 tickets at Bluff Country Co-op and the Lantern.
16th, 17th, 18th--Winona Heritage Fair weekend, all acts will be at the Heritage Fair...discounts for those with buttons (PS--you can purchase buttons here):
Fri. Sept. 16th--Dreamland Faces w/ Randall Throckmorton. Musical saw, accordion, piano, and a crooning troubadour. $5, or $3 with Heritage Fair Button.
Sat. Sept.'s a Speakeasy! special guests, musicians, secret things. mobsters and flappers welcome. expect a cover charge, unless you hear the password beforehand. Jack Norton & the Mullet River Boys will be there.
Sun. Sept. 18th--Mill City Grinders and guests. Old-tyme acoustic music. 7pm, free w/ Heritage Fair button.
Mon. Sept. 19th--Protest Hill. Smart music out of Portland (Oregon). From minimalist to huge guitar rock. Menthol's Art show closing party.
Wed. Sept. 21st--art reception and open mic. multi-media paintings by Meghan Geiger. 8pm.
Thur. Sept. 22nd--Weird Winonans and giant screen Pac-Man.
Fri. Sept. 23rd--2 shows, both free and all-ages:
Early/8pm--Lacuna Beach (free jazz) and
Late/10pmTrevor Marty (of MotMot) CD release party. Folksy-bluegrass, with special guests.
*Lacuna Beach show has been moved to 3rd St. Hi-Fi to accomodate everyone's enjoyment.
Sat. Sept. 24th--"A Midsummer Night's Dream" puppet show by Dr.Bob w/ live accordion accompaniment. 9pm.
Fri. Sept. 30th--another "Funky Formal", theme is "Jocks & Cheerleaders". Stay tuned for the details, and dig out your "Who Let The Dogs Out" and "We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions" cassingles.
ART: Meghan Geiger's multi-media paintings up til October 10th. Followed by new paintings by Dr.Bob.
Sat. Oct. 1st--Kreg Viesselman from Lanesboro returns with a gravelly rootsy folk-blues bag.
Sun. Oct. 2nd--Southerly returns. This time it's a Hurricane relief effort, bring supplies for Krist's trip to Louisiana. *check out the above website to see what you should bring. !this has been postponed until Nov.12 for strictly geographic reasons (Winona is not between South Dakota and Colorado unfortunately due to Nebraska)!
Tues. Oct. 4th--Evan Greer of the riot-folk collective, and Anne Feeney (Pittsburgh based Union Maid hellraiser). 8pm, $5. Tickets at the Lantern, Bluff Country Co-op, and the Winona Area Peacemakers.
Sat. Oct. 8th-- Billy X. Curmano & the New X Art Ensemble feat. the Amazing Test-Toster-Tones. 8pm showtime, free.
Sun. Oct. 9th--y'all should definitely head to Rascals for the Anti-Columbus Day Concert featuring Old Time Relijun and Le Ton Mite' (both from Olympia) and Winona's Rumble Pups & Infidel Castro. 4-9pm, 18+, $4.
Mon. Oct. 10th--Art Closing Party for Meghan Geiger with special guests, Le Ton Mite'.
Fri. Oct. 14th--Lacuna Beach Trio (free jazz)
Sat. Oct. 15th--Invisible Republic (strange trombone fueled hip-hop and ragtime..!)
Sun. Oct. 16th--DJ Mumm-Ra (noise, ambience, beats). an early 7pm show.
Tues. Oct. 18th--we're posting this the day after the amazing show (stoopid compooter) to let you know that the incomparable The Wanteds from Portland, OR, played. Dang, that was great!
Fri. Oct. 21st--Old Seed (Winnipeg Manitoba) and Rachel Ries (Chicago, IL). RIYL: Nick Drake, Will Oldham, Jay Farrar.
Sat. Oct. 22nd--Rock n roll w/ Accident Waiting To Happen followed with a late night DJ set "Ghost Stories & Murder Ballads" w/ The Spectre. *this is also our first double-booking of the year (admission of guilt--but blame squarely on "technology"), so apologies to Midwest Dilemma. Peruse the contents of his website at least.
Wed. Oct. 26th--Winona State's Grub Street poetry brigade hosts an open poetry & prose night.
Thurs. Oct. 27th--"Nosferatu" a puppet show by Dr.Bob. This show is at 9pm and is kid-friendly.
Fri. Oct. 28th--Critical Mass(querade) followed by 2 "Nosferatu" puppet shows, 8pm & 11pm.
Sat. Oct. 29th--Haunted Funky Formal Dance MUST come in costume.
Mon. Oct. 31st--HALLOWEEN! we're having a "Kid Party", so be cool. Bring a cute little kid and let 'em bash the pinata. Or just come trick or treat at the door...we've got sugar packets and espresso beans to put in their bags.
*art all month by Sui Conrad from LaCrescent, MN. (a Photogravures exhibit entitled "Backwaters of the Mississippi")
Fri. Nov. 4th--the opening art reception for Sui (see above), followed by Charlie Parr (a trio this time with washboard, mouth harp etc.) at 9pm. The reception is free, the concert is $5 at the door.
Sat. Nov. 5th--Jack Norton (solo). 2 shows, 7 & 10pm. $6 at the door.
Fri. Nov. 11th--Dr. Bob's live presentation of his album Psychic Surgery.
Sat. Nov. 12th--Southerly from Madison. Rumor has it that Southerly is moving to Portland as a result of his battle with Northerly.
Sun. Nov. 13th--probably Eric Sommer from Washington DC. Probably a 7pm show. Check back.
Tues. Nov. 15th--a sneak preview of the film "Wal*Mart: the High Cost of Low Price". For boycotters and customers alike. Free movie, free snacks, 8:30pm.
Fri. Nov. 18th--Tom Waits Tribute Night. We don't think he's dead, nor is it his birthday. But we love him, and every musician oughtta know a learn one and come share it. We have a raggedy piano and guitar for you to use.
Sat. Nov. 19th--Tom Robinson will be sharing his slick licks and saucy skills. Bossa Nova, Brazilian-Portugeuse, and Americana geetar.
Fri. Nov. 25th--Lonesome Dan Kase returns, and boy is he great.
Sat. Nov. 26th--Sluthumper, solo. Bring earplugs anyway.
Sui Conrad's art show continues throughout December.
Thurs. 1st--Radio Jetstream (Indie rock)Free!
Sat. 3rd--PROM! funky formal dance party with special musical guest Sluthumper. Bring a date. $5 21+
Sun. 4th--Green Party Meeting
Wed. 7th--Sterling Waters & Charlie Parr (North Country roots n blues) 8pm $5
Fri. 9th--Trevor Marty (local acoustic folk)
Sat. 10th--X~Art X~Mess free jazz fest (Winona mayhem)
Tues. 13th-Sat. 17th--"A Christmas Carol" Puppet show 8pm (child safe)$3
Fri. 16th--Jason Downing (Blues f/ Ft. Collins, CO)
Sat. 17th--East Side Robots "destroy-what's-left-of-christmas" Party!!! with special guest The Rumblepups, 9pm, following puppet show.
Late Dec.--???, call or stop by to see what's happening. maybe it's your turn to entertain? or if you just need to escape your family, or find your friends...we're here for you.
ART: all month, paintings by our pal Mel. if you are too conservative to view a painted nipple or two, just stare at the floor.
Mon 2--Sandman 'nuff said! (except that the Nashville Superstars will open) 7:30, $4-$7 sliding scale.
Thur 5--Artist's reception. new paintings by MEL. live music by Gary Eddy and friends 6pm
Fri 6--Froseph & Suarez The Punisher (local boys done good + a Taco Bike fun-raiser) 9pm
Sat 7--Beet Root Stew & Candyland (three dudes and some good tunes + a puppet cabaret)
Sun 8--Distro 4-8pm, take a gander at some propaganda that's never been here before
Tues 10th--a spelling bee!
FRIDAY THE 13th! Beware the Ides of January.
"VINNIE PULLUPACHAIROS INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL" live cabaret acts in between strange and outrageous independent short films. Sliding cover: $3-5. Showtime: 9pm
Sat 14--independent nothing
Fri 20--Heart Attack & Vine(Tom Waits songs & words)
Sat 21--Cosmic Space Party with live simulcast from remote location, in conjunction with a secret cafe.
Sun 22--Green Party meeting at 6pm.
Tues 24--Big Brothers Big Sisters of Winona, hanging out 5:30-7:30pm.
Fri 27--Heart Attack & Vine
Sat 28--Dr. Bob's Puppet Cabaret presents: Candyland
ART: new paintings by TRAVIS, all month.
Wed. 1st--Weird Winonan Wednesday! new day, remember it as "W.W.W."
Thu. 2nd--6pm Artist Reception for Travis, live Jazz to follow
Fri. 3rd--Paul Vance (cello-guitar folk) 9-11pm, free.
Sat. 4th--Candyland Puppet Show and Thee Blackhearts (punk) 9pm, free.
Sun. 5th--Stupor Bowl Party (come act dumb) w/ possible Love Learn Teach discussion + films, 4-ish til whenever.
Mon. 6th--Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin (this is a band, from Missouri), 6pm "After School Special", free.
Tue. 7th--Trivia Contest and Game Night w/ Spelling Bee!
Wed. 8th--Weird Winonans Sci-Fi night.
Thu. 9th--Alex Stevens Sells Out! Spoken word and zine signing...interspersed with Free Speech Night. *Late notice--Travis's art reception will really be this night...he's ready. With a short hardcore set by Oni Ki.
Fri. 10th--Heart Attack and Vine (Tom Waits tribute)
Sat. 11th--Dr.Bob and Friend (pirate songs)
Sun. 12th--Love Learn Teach discussion and Info Shop
TUESDAY 14th!!!--Saint Valentines evening at The Lantern with Lonesome Dan Kase, supreme sexy catering by Signatures, and "Scorned Woman" Puppet show. $25, 7pm, reservations recommended. Call the love-line directly at 507.459.1712 to save a table.
Wed. 15th--W.W.W.
Thu. 16th--Free Speech Night (open stage)
Fri. 17th--Tom Robinson (bossa nova and songs f/ Brazil and Minnesota)
Sat. 18th--Lacuna Beach Trio (free jazz)
Mon. 20th--East Side Robots destroy Presidents Day, 6pm
Wed. 22nd--WWW (that's Weird Winonan Wednesday if you haven't figured it out yet)
Thu. 23rd--Free Speech Night (seriously, take the mic)
Fri and Sat, 24th and 25th--jazz.
Tues. 28th--Mardi Gras Party!
MARCH '06:
If you are physically capable of making these, and don't come, you are ridiculous!
SAT 11th: Cam Waters (traditional slide blues) $5, all-ages, 9pm
SAT 18th: Nathan Gill (Aussie-celtic folk) Free, all-ages, 9pm
THUR 23rd: Charlie Parr & Big Ditch Road and Martin Devaney...part of an Eclectone Records Showcase. $5-8 sliding scale, all-ages, 9pm
SAT 25th: Trevor Marty (acoustic pickin and sliding) Free, all-ages, 9pm
APRIL 2006:
Sat. 1st--the Down 'n Dirty Bike Club party will be held in the backyard. Fools!
Our last event...April 7 & 8, 2006
Two nights, four shows!
Friday, April 7 and Saturday, April 8 2006 - 8:00 PM & 10:30 PM

Join Winona's favorite vaudeville-bluegrass musician Jack Norton for a very special two-day event! Jack will be recording a live CD of stand-up comedy (of course he'll be sittin' down), bad jokes, stories and some songs too. This album will be released in the Spring and we need your help. Come on down to the Lantern to hoop'n'holler, make some noise and heckle Jacko. Be a part of history (and drink lots of beer)! Every member of the audience gets an autographed copy of his 2001 album, "Dance Real Slow" (which was named "Album of the Year" by the Rochester Post Bulletin and the Iowa State Journal). All four shows will be recorded and setlists will change for each...make a weekend of it, y'all!
Special guests opening the 8pm show both nights:
Friday: Trevor Marty of MotMot!
Saturday: Beet Root Stew!
Only 6 bucks at the door (to cover recording and engineer costs)!
More info? Visit:

Wed. April 19th--Southerly & Heidi Elise Wirz (of Madison/Portland/SanFrancisco/Missoula) come back to town with beautiful music and art. The East Side Robots will be there to kick their asses. Maybe Northerly too. Bring art to trade. This is a show that "isn't happening" unless you know about it.

Cinco de Mayo (May 5th, in English)--another show after the "last show":Froseph has rented the Lantern for his CD/audio-zine release party for Twinkle Pig #4. Free, all-ages, 8:52pm.

Sat. May 27th--big sale all day, indoors and out! Later (9pm), make some noise with the EAST SIDE ROBOTS

Free for 2 bucks!

Special human guests Heartattack & Vine will be on hand to add a human element to our official closing hoot down. It'll be in the basement and it will be loud

Sunday May 28th--sit on our curb and cry day.

Showtimes are @ 9pm, unless stated otherwise.

We support independent live original music!

*call Dr. Bob for details


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