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the green lantern coffeehouse

The Green Lantern Coffeehouse & Cabaret

You have reached the former home of Dr. Bob's puppet cabaret. If you want some useful information about booking a show in winona, go to the contacts n booking link. If you want to hire one of the worlds most original entertainers in the natural universe, contact Dr. Bob on myspace.


The rest is history

Remember if you didn't come here with a friend, you have one now.

Welcome to the Green Lantern Coffeehouse in beautiful Winona, Minnesota. A restaurant and cabaret located on the city's Lower East Side, the Lantern is the heart of this town's underground. We've traced the Lantern's heritage back to at least 1896--it has been through a couple cafe's, saloons, and home to (get this) the Trubl brothers. We are primarily an entertainment venue with an emphasis on our music stage, our art gallery walls, and our assorted libraries--collectively operated with love. We are your destination for puppetry, live original music, open-mics, performance art, visual art, film, trivia contests, games, meetings and discussions; as well as assorted eats, amazing soups, one-of-a-kind smoothies, espresso drinks, wine, beer, and much more. We're also sharing a variety of free literature: local and alternative newspapers and magazines, Winona's Zine Library, and the Everland Literary & Music Library...all on the honor system. We're also adding community bicycles to the mix. We're still looking for the community.

We offer a great live music venue and an intimate setting. WE SUPPORT ORIGINAL INDEPENDENT MUSIC! We host local and national touring acts ranging from garage, blues, bluegrass, experimental, indie, pop, hokum, folk, hip-hop, spoken word, country, jazz, circus, vaudeville, cabaret, rock, and pirate tunes. As the home venue of Dr. Bob's Puppetry Company we often debut theatrical puppetry shows with live music, comedy and more. Visit Dr. Bob's puppetorium and see his past and latest marionettes. This place has got something for everyone.

We've recently REDUCED our hours but can be rented for your special events, concerts, trivia contests, game nights, films, etc. Perhaps you just want to have access to our public internet/computer, wireless internet, community bulletin board, Winona Zine Library, and live internet radio broadcasts (click here for an example). We'll soon add EVEN FEWER hours, unless you rent it. That could mean more volunteer opportunities, an enhanced menu, reverse-karaoke, esteem rap battles, 5-minute film festivals, more good times on wobbly stools, and a chance to finally implement your ideas. Come on down and raise a glass to all that's good.

"If you didn't come here with a friend, you have one now."
(*ps-you can be our friend before you even come here...join the mailing list for updates, and to share your comments-->Dr. Bob myspace)

(For directions from anywhere, visit the Contact & Booking page)

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