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Well, here you go, links and affiliates for your web surfing enjoyment!

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Buffaholics Anonymous

Text Links

Buffy/Angel Links


See when Buffy's on in your area!
watcherscouncil.com-Buffy links, etc.
chosentwo.com--buffy sites!
imdb.com--Memorable Buffy Quotes
Pat's World: 'Cause One Slayer Is Not Enough
TV Tome Buffy episode guide


fanfiction.net--Buffy fanfic
fanfiction.net--Angel fanfic
thewatcherscouncil.net--a virtual Buffy spinoff
Buffy the Virtual Slayer: A Virtual Continuation of Buffy (that I happen to be on the staff of)

Awards Sites

Shades of Grey--fanfic, awards, and more
The Lie To Me Awards


Forever Friends: Willow and Buffy

Links/Resource Sites

Celebrity Exchange.com--Buffy sites, actor sites, and more!
More Buffy and Angel screencaps than you can ever hope to find elsewhere

Other Links

Angelfire Services

Homepages by Angelfire
Web Building Help

This Time, It's Personal

Vegetarians Unite--formerly Candy's and my site, now mostly mine
Link to my ff.net user profile
Smelly Cat: A Friends Fansite (operated by me)


html help by Cheenie Chococat
soupfaerie.com--html help, among other things
The JavaScript Source
Dynamic Drive--Javascript resource
Andy's Introductory Javascript Tutorials