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The Fight of Eternal Darkness

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Buffy Lovers since June 9th, 2001

Welcome to my home page.  Here you will find various things about my favorite show.... Buffy the Vampire Slayer!  You will discover on my page lots of pictures of the different cast members, addresses to the stars of Buffy, episode guide list, links, polls, fanfic, info on the cast members and upcoming episodes, news on the show, real names, awards, banners, spoilers, and even more!!!!  So, feel free to look around! Also, I couldn't have made this page without some other pages letting me use their pictures, and etc. They are
Buffy Cross and Stake, Sarah Michelle Gellar : Eternal Flame,

  Write to one of the Scoobies 

To write to one of the stars on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, just place their name in the blank, and include the rest of the information. It really works, believe me. I have mailed a lot of the stars and gotten autographed pictures back, it's really worth it!

Place the actor/actress' real name here
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