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In common with other religions,certain objects and tools are used in Wicca for ritual purposes.These tools invoke the Deities,banish nagativity,direct energy trough our touch and intention

The Broom:

The Broom is used to cleanse the area of the ritual before hand to cleanse it of dirt and astral buildup that occurs where humans live.This purifies the area to allow smoother ritual workings

The Wand:

The wand is one of the prime magickal tools.It is an instrument of invocation.The Goddess and God may be called to watch the ritual with the words ad an uplifted wand.It is alos sometimes used to dorect energy,to draw magickal symbols or a circle on the ground and can even be used to stir a cauldron

The Cauldron:
The Cauldron is an ancient vessel of cooking and brew making,steeped in magickal traditon and mystery.Wiccans see the cauldron a symbol of the Goddess,the menifested essence of femininity and is also of the element water,reincarnation,immortality,and inspiration.

The Censer:

The censer is an incense burner.Incense in ritual and magick is an art in itself.When there is no specific incense called for use your imagination.Wiccan ritual when preformed indoors isn't complete without incense.Outdoors fire sometime are a substitute,or a stick of incense stuck in the ground.

The Magick Knife:
The Magick knife or athame has a ancient history.It isnt used for cutting purposes in Wicca but to direct energy raised during ritual rites and spells.It is seldom used to call upon or invoke the Deities for it is an instrument if cammanding and power manipulation.We'd ratherinvoke the Goddess and God.It is usually brown or black to absorb power.

White Handled Knife:

`The white handled knife is simply a practical,working knife as opposed to the purely ritualistic magick knife.It is used to cut wands or sacred herbs,inscribe symbols onto candles,wood,clay,wax,and in cutting cords for use in magick.It is usely white handled to distinguish it from the magick knife.

The Chalice:

The chalice is simply a cauldron on a stem .It symbolizes the Goddess and fertility,and is related to the element of water.Though it can be used to hold water,it may alos contain ritual beverage imbibed during the rite.The Chalice may be of any Substance: silver,brass,gold,soapstone,glass and cyrstal.

The Pentacle
The pentacle is usually a flat piece of wood,silver,gold ,wax,or clay.The most common and indeed The only one necessary,id the pentagram,the five pointed star which has been used in magick for millenia.The pentacle was "borrowed"from ceremonial magick.In this ancient art it was often an intrument of protection,or a tool used to evioke the spirits.In Wicca,the pentacle is often represents teh element earthand is a conventional tool upon which to place items that need to be consecrated.pentacles are alos used to be hung over a door for protection.

The Book of Shadows:

The Book of Shadows is a Wiccan workbook containing,spells,peoms,invocations,ritual patterns,runes,rules governing magick,and so on.


The bell is a ritual instument of incredible antiquity.The bell is a feminine symbol and so is often used to invoke the Goddess in ritual,or symbolize the beginning or end of a spell.