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It is common knowledge even among the masses that Witches practice magick.(The K is to separate real magick from stage magick).They might have been misguided ideas concerning the type of magick Witches preform,but the Witch is firmly linked with the science and art of Magick.Wicca is, as we have seen, a religion that embraces magick as one of its basic concepts. This isn't unusual. In fact it's often difficult to see in any religion where worship and magick begin.Still,magick plays a special role in Wicca.It allows us to improve our lives and return energy to our ravaged planet. Wiccans also develop special relationships with the Goddess and God through the magickal arts. This does not mean every spell is a prayer, nor are invocations differently worded spells. Through working with the powers which the Goddess and God embody, we grow close to them. Calling upon their names and visualizing their presence during spells and rites creates a bond between deity and human. Thus in Wicca Magick is a religious practice.